1024 Pseudo Celestial 1

    Absolute silence reigned over the iced lands. Many had to double and triple check whether they had heard correctly, however not a single one of them dared to laugh. Which one of them weren't geniuses? Which one of them didn't have keen senses? This wasn't the Presence of a person they could afford to offend lightly! Even if they believed Anak was untouchable, were they untouchable as well? If he decided to hold a grudge, what their power mean in the face of such a man?

    It was at that point that everyone realized just who this man was. This was Alexandria Snow's husband! The very same man who had made a mockery of Aki Void just a few months earlier! He had completely disappeared since then, but him appearing here made perfect sense. But, why would he provoke a character like Anak?

    The difference between Aki and Anak was even more exaggerated than the difference between heaven and earth. One was barely qualified to be an Emperor, coming from a 30th ranked quadrant, while the other was a God! A member of the ten most lauded geniuses of this generation before Dyon Sacharro made that number eleven!

    The meaning was clear. Even if you could easily handle Aki, you were still far from being able to do anything to Anak!

    As for the late arriving geniuses, their expressions were even more serious than the crowd. Not only was Ri a character powerful enough to stand on par with any one of them, the man she chose as her husband couldn't possibly be simple.

    What they couldn't understand were Dyon's words. Why was he angry? What did Chrysanthemum say to offend him enough to poke at such a wasp's nest?

    When they replayed the events in their heads, they remembered the Chrysanthemum had said that Anak could have any woman he wanted. Of course, that wasn't because she was magnanimous, but rather her own pride speaking. If he could conquer her, what woman couldn't he conquer?

    Could it be that this masked man had a relationship with Madeleine? Is that why he was so angry? Wait... Could he be?!

    No... No... That didn't make any sense. The fog barrier for the Celestial Deer Quadrant was still up. Could it be that this man was angry because Chrysanthemum said "any woman", which would include his own wife as well?

    Thinking to this point, their lips twitched. How fiery did your temper have to be to take such a clearly innocent statement so far out of context?! Chrysanthemum was obviously referring to Madeleine, what did that have to do with you?!

    Fuck, they had seen arrogant characters before. How could there be a shortage of them among such geniuses? However, this was the first time they had seen arrogance to this extent. He would definitely suffer for this.

    "What did you say?" Chrysanthemum's delicate features darkened. Even if Anak was her husband, it was her who had chosen him! If she didn't want him as a husband, even 1000 of him wouldn't have been enough to force another result. What right did this no-name, who even had the audacity to stand above her in the skies, have to say that he should control her?!

    Chrysanthemum had no intention of waiting for a response, nor was Anak going to stop her. He didn't choose his wives based on beauty, he chose them based on power! If they weren't strong enough, they couldn't be his dual cultivation partner, and thus what use did their beauty have to him? All that was important in this world was power!

    She pressed down on Anak's shoulder, catapulting forward with blinding speeds, brandishing her palms as she allowed the cold winter winds to accumulate along her delicate hands.

    Everyone sucked in a breath. Chrysanthemum's speed definitely exceeded the realms of a normal saint, but what was truly impressive was that Anak stood completely still, not even the ground beneath his feet moved! As though a peak saint level character didn't just push off of him with their full power. His body's strength... It made next to no sense!

    Seeing Chrysanthemum act, Ri frowned with displeasure. She was 100% on Dyon's side. Madeleine was her big sister, their souls were even linked. Aside from Dyon himself, she was likely the most aware of how much love Madeleine had for their husband. Yet someone wanted to so casually speak about taking her for themselves? How could she tolerate something like this?!

    Ri's personality had always been fiery, however after years of seclusion and constant reflection of the docile water and ice arts, she had almost forgotten that she still had this spark within her, and clearly those around her had forgotten as well. It seemed she would have to remind them!

    Dyon's arms opened up as he allowed Ri to stand up and out of his hold. The fury in his eyes hadn't lessened even a small bit, but since Ri wanted to act, he would allow her to.

    Ri's graceful figured lightly fluttered in the air. While Chrysanthemum's fury was wild and uncontrolled, hers was refined and as calm as the surface of a lake. All of her rage concentrated onto her own palm, accumulating a violent ice will.

    "Hmph, to use water-based abilities against me? Courting death!" Chrysanthemum raged.

    In the next instant, their palms collided. However, against all expectations, there wasn't a single sound.

    Chrysanthemum looked into Ri's calm silver-blue eyes, complete astonishment written all over her features. She was in the 12th stage of sainthood, but Ri was clearly still at the 11th layer! Why was the difference so large?!

    "You're not worthy." Ri spoke indifferently.

    A drop of blood trickled from Chrysanthemum's delicate lips as she was forced backward three steps.
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