1041 Loyal Followers 1

    Dyon had held back a lot. In fact, he only revealed the pressure of a lower level Duke. However, that was already enough to confirm the fact that he was a King because only Kings could have such a high level of Presence.

    He knew that he couldn't reveal King level Presence, or else that would be as good as telling Virvor his identity. So, he had no choice but to temper himself.

    That said, this should have been more than enough to completely convince Virvor.

    "Let's fight!" Virvor suddenly said.

    Dyon shook his head. "Now isn't the time. If you want to fight after all of this is through, I'll happily oblige."

    The fire in Virvor's eyes slowly faded before he nodded. This really wasn't the right time.

    "This still isn't enough for me." Virvor spoke.

    Dyon laughed. "I wouldn't ask you to pick me as a person to trust purely based on my power. That's ridiculous. Those who choose to follow me see me as family. And, truth be told, if you chose to follow me purely based on my power, I wouldn't trust you to begin with."

    Dyon was a man who had even turned down the legendary Celestial Hamsters because of this very belief. What was a mere Virvor in the face of those two adorable little rodents?

    "What I want is an exchange. I want to know all of the information related to your experiences in the 98th quadrant. I can sign a contract with you swearing to never use this information to harm you. But, I do need this information."

    "What do you have to exchange for this?" Virvor asked.

    Dyon smiled. "The soul is very important to you now, no? How about a soul cultivation technique?"

    Virvor shook his head, "I already have a soul cultivation technique."

    "Of course you do, or else you wouldn't have such attainments right now. What I'm offering is an even better cultivation technique."

    Virvor laughed. "Better? If you knew that ranking of my technique, you wouldn't say that so lightly."

    "How would a peak divine level technique do for you?"

    Virvor choked on his own laughter, coughing violently. "W - What did you just say?"

    Dyon only chuckled lightly, not repeating his words.

    "That's impossible..." Virvor didn't know how to feel. The legacy he received had a peak Earth soul cultivation technique within it, and he was very confident in it. With just a bit over twenty years of cultivation, he had already reached the 4th soul stage. Such speed was unprecedented.

    Although Virvor was about 120 years old now, the first 100 years of his life was no different than any other commoner. It wasn't until he was lucky enough to stumble into a legacy world that he shot up. It was no wonder he had such confidence in it. This was the legacy that saved his life!

    Normally, with his talent and strength, it would have been impossible to gain the acknowledgement of such a high-level legacy world. However, the remnant spirit of the world gave his legacy over to Virvor in exchange for a single promise.

    In truth, the spirit hadn't left anything behind to bind him. There was no binding contract, nor was there a threat of destroying the legacy he had in hand, or death. The spirit had simply trusted Virvor and had given him the first bit of kindness and warmth that Virvor had ever felt in his life.

    In retrospect, it was likely that the spirit didn't bind Virvor to this promise because it was simply far too unlikely. The chances of Virvor having the opportunity to fulfill it were far too slim. After all, it had already been 20 years and nothing had happened. However, Virvor would always remember that act of kindness and with his way of the saber, he would never betray that spirit.

    Virvor's heavy breathing slowly calmed. When he remembered the promise he had made, he could only steal his heart to refuse Dyon.

    Soul cultivation techniques were even rarer than body and energy cultivation techniques. Virvor's Earth technique could be sold for an astronomical price, let alone Dyon's. But, he still had no choice.

    Just as Virvor was about to refuse, Dyon casually took out the technique he was talking about. Of course, the technique Dyon had been referring to was 'Soul Rend', his own personal soul cultivation technique. In truth, this was definitely worth much more than whatever Virvor received, however Dyon already saw Virvor as a subordinate of his. How could he be stingy with his own people?

    The original soul rend was destroyed long ago. Dyon had no choice but to begin the arduous process of re-writing the techniques from memory. However, what was good was that this process was impossible to fake.

    As Dyon learned long ago, even works of writing had their own wills. How could the will of a divine level cultivation technique not be fierce?

    The moment Dyon finished transcribing the technique, a large wave of heaven's blessing came down from the skies, wrapping the book up and giving it an ancient feel that was nothing like the relatively normal pieces of paper Dyon used to write.

    Without any prompting, Virvor knew that this technique was authentic. However, that wasn't the reason that he was so taken aback. There was a sense of familiarity he couldn't ignore.

    "What did you say the name of this technique was...?"

    "I didn't say, but I can tell you now." Dyon smiled. "This technique is known as [Soul Rend]. It's quite difficult to learn and use," Dyon began explaining, "But, it's very much w - "

    Dyon's words froze as his eyes widened. Before him, Virvor had actually dropped all pretenses and kneeled down on one knee.

    "This loyal follower greets successor!"
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