1054 Master 1

    Even in this fog, it wasn't hard for Dyon to get directions from Clara. Considering they were close enough now, Dyon could feel her general position. All Clara needed to do was explain which direction his master's statue was in relation to herself, and Dyon would understand.

    It wasn't long before Dyon heard the sounds of battle, only a few hours.

    "Gigolo, obediently leave and allow your father to claim this inheritance." A booming voice called out, shaking the very air itself.

    "Fatso, why would such a beautiful lady pick you to inherit her legacy? She would definitely pick a suave gentleman like myself."

    Near the clearing around the 25th White Mother's statue, Amory Clyanne laughed loudly with his massive three-meter-tall frame, watching Cullen and another well known genius duke it out.

    The fatso in question was yet another Emperor, coming from a family of Gluttons. If this was an insult, it would be one thing. But, the truth was that this was the legitimate name of his race.

    His family's origins reached back to the ancient Seven Dark Sins clans, of which, as far as they knew, only the Gluttons had survived. For obvious reasons, this meant his fat was definitely not just for show, it gave him unbridled power. But, that didn't stop other geniuses from poking fun at him.

    That said, this clan was known for placing food over everything. There were many stories of even their most talented geniuses going on decade long escapades searching for the perfect dish. Because of their priorities, they didn't rank very highly and were only 23rd on the quadrant rankings. That said, they shouldn't be underestimated.

    This genius here was one of three notable members of their younger generation, named Chanzui Glutton.

    "Haha! Your mouth is going to get you killed one day, Cullen. When the esteemed 25th White Mother was alive, she could kill you with a wave of a finger, let alone her husband. And you dare to take advantage of her with your words? Aren't you tired of living?" A sturdily built female spoke out with contempt.

    "Don't put words in my mouth, you man-woman. I was simply complementing the 25th White Mother."

    Despite his nonchalant response, Cullen was inwardly cursing. If the 25th White Mother really took offense to was he said, it would definitely be a problem.

    Who didn't know how legendary both her and her husband were? The Demon Qilin was the only man to ever survive being taken over by the Dragon King, how could he not be a legendary figure?

    Although they both died when they were still much too young, that didn't stop others from respecting them as geniuses of their time. It could be said that the only reason Dyon's Master's achievements were less than that of the Demon Sage was all due to the interference of the entity. If not for him, both her and her husband would have shaken the martial world.

    It was hard to picture it, but Dyon's master really was young. One had to remember that the true mark of a genius of to reach the celestial realm before 100 and the dao formation realm before 1000. Not only did she do both of those things, she also had outstanding achievements in soul cultivation even as a beast, to the point where she could maintain her own soul from dissipating thousands of years after her own death.

    Dyon's master had barely entered the dao formation realms and was only about 500 years old when she died. In fact, she had only recently taken over the position of the 24th White Mother at the time. It was truly a tragedy of the martial world...

    In truth, the geniuses were just fooling around at this point, still feeling each other out to see who really wanted the legacy and who was just testing their luck. After all, they were all aware that the 25th White Mother's Legacy was definitely soul related, yet none of them were soul cultivators. It was for this reason that although there were quite a few of them there, only two were fighting. In fact, Cullen hadn't even drawn his twin moon sabers.

    Just as they were all joking around with each other, their gazes all snapped in one direction as the dense fog slightly parted. Normally, they would ignore such a thing, but anyone capable of entering this deep wasn't someone they could take lightly.

    When Dyon entered their view, those who had seen his confrontation with Anak froze, serious expressions coloring their features.

    At this point, Chanzui and the man shaped woman became curious. All of them had practically grown up with another, despite the teasing, they were decent friends and there wasn't any true animosity between them. Or, more accurately, those with true animosity weren't here. So, when they saw those geniuses they were familiar with take this unknown character so seriously, how could they not be intrigued?

    Dyon ignored their gazes. Although he was still greatly angered, he wouldn't be so stupid as to start a fight with a dozen well known geniuses with his soul and wills sealed. That would be suicide.

    Instead, he walked toward the statue, his eyes slightly reddening. It was lucky that those geniuses hadn't stepped too closely to the statue for fear of being attacked from all sides, or else they would have been able to see Dyon's eyes and make some guesses.

    "Hey!" The fatso suddenly yelled out. "I don't care who you are, there's a process here."

    Dyon ignored his words, instead, bowing deeply to the statue. 'This disciple has been unfilial.' Dyon said inwardly.

    At that moment, for the first time in the history, the statue of the 25th White Mother rippled slightly as an otherworldly beauty appeared.
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