1073 Demon Sage Tower 2

    Dyon's footsteps stopped. He had felt like the spirits of the Soul Rending Peak seniors were hiding something from him, but he didn't know that the secret was this large!

    A Mystical World is similar to a Legacy World. The only true difference between them is their function. Legacy Worlds house inheritances, while Mystical Worlds aren't constrained by that requirement, they can even be lived in normally.

    For example, Dyon's supreme level ring has a Mystical World with in. As for Soul Rending Peak, the same trial world used to test core disciples is actually the very same Mystical World the Celestial Beast Clan is in!

    After a few moments of explanation, Dyon suddenly understood. It turned out that the reason the forest was able to repair itself was because of the treasure that maintained this Mystical World. Because Celestial beasts needed special environments to grow, this treasure helped provide that.

    When Dyon had found out about the possibility of a treasure, because he had such poor impressions of the current Soul Rending Peak, he had already been plotting about how to take it away. But, now hearing his master's word, he struck that idea down. In fact, he could never touch that treasure unless he wanted to expose the Celestial Beasts to untold hardship and danger.

    Dyon wasn't surprised to find out that this treasure was one of the treasures of the 33 heavens: the Life Stone. It was among the Energy categorization and did just what its name entailed.

    Its passive ability was actually unknown, lost to time. Its active ability though, was heaven defying enough that the disappointment of this could be ignored. It had the ability to absorb energies of all forms and convert it to life essence. As long as one provided with enough energy, it was theoretically possible to live forever all while healing injuries at ungodly speeds.

    'The Celestial Beast Clans use the Life Stone as the life blood of our clans. Because of our special bloodline, it's impossible for us to not be coveted by the sects and as such, we're forced to hide.

    'Of our once robust lineage, only us Celestial Deer and the Celestial Tigers remain. As for the Celestial Rabbits, The Celestial Foxes and the Celestial Hamsters, we have not heard from them in millions of years. It's possible that they are also in hiding, but we doubt it. After all, my being the Guardian Beast of the Celestial Deer Sect was public knowledge, yet they never reached out.'

    'As far as I know, master, at least two Celestial Hamsters live today.'

    'You met Celestial Hamsters?!' The 25th White Mother beamed with joy and pride. As a Celestial beast, how could she not understand the meaning behind such an event. However, cold water was poured over her head after Dyon explained what happened.

    In the end, she could only sigh. 'You're so stubborn. The fact they were not only Celestial Hamsters, but twins, definitely meant that they were part of the royal line. Their ability to help you far exceeds normal celestial hamsters as only they have the potential to awaken the combat bloodline. If what you said is true and they relied on your Primordial Energy to hatch, the likelihood of their bloodlines returning to its origins is even more likely.'

    Dyon shrugged. 'Maybe one day they'll come back when they understand the meaning of my words.'

    The 25th White Mother giggled. 'Stop speaking like a wizened old man. I want my disciple to remain carefree for as long as possible. Have fun, spend time with your wives, bring me little grand disciples.'

    Dyon scratched the back of his head embarrassedly before changing the subject. 'What should I do about Soul Rending Peak then? I definitely want to save those I can from Soul Market, but how do I make the sect pay without endangering the Celestial Beast Clans?'

    Dyon heard a sigh from his mind. 'If the fall of Soul Rending Peak is as you've described, there's no one there who can threaten our two remaining celestial clans. Even though we've been hiding, the clans wouldn't be headed by anyone below the 9th dao formation realm. Also, the Mystical Realm is impenetrable by anyone not of the Soul Rending Peak... Even a half-step transcendent would have to leave in shame.

    'The problem is that you've just told me that Devil Path cultivators were accepted as core disciples....'

    Dyon's brow furrowed. 'It doesn't seem like the celestial beasts are common knowledge among the disciples that have passed the trials, though.'

    The 25th Mother shook her head. 'The Mystical Realm is separating into 18 tiers, each more difficult to reach than the last. Technically, you only have to pass the first tier to earn a spot as a core disciple, but our two clans are located on the 18th tier as a sort of final reward.'


    'Yes. Remember I said our species are highly coveted. One of the reasons why is because our celestial blood allows cultivators to remove impurities from their cultivation and undergo the legendary waste expulsion.

    'This reward is reserved for the best of disciples. But, if it's as you've described it, these disciples don't seem worthy enough to pass even the first tier, let alone make it the 18th. This is likely why they've been forgotten. This is a good thing. However...'

    'The Devil Path cultivators are easily the most talented disciples to enter in thousands of years...'

    'Exactly. We can't let them reach that level, no matter what.'

    Dyon nodded seriously. It seemed he couldn't cause havoc the moment he returned to Soul Rending Peak, or else he would have let his master down.

    By now, Dyon had reached the first locked floor of the tower. When he entered, he immediately noticed an addition seal on his wills and soul cultivation. But, this made him smile. He already had them sealed, so this didn't make these trials harder on him, this, in fact, made it easier.
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