1075 Cautious 1

    Alidor's words left no room for discussion. The most important thing to an army was order and hierarchy, if any one of those things crumbled, the results would be catastrophic. Of course, Alidor had already warned the Flaming Lily Sect disciples of the dangers of disobeying his orders, but he felt the need to remind them since they weren't hardened veterans.

    The trade off for this reminder was an expected drop in the morale of the troops. If their commander was already saying that they'd be beheaded for the deserting the army, how could the situation be good?

    In the distance, two armies were rapidly approaching from two opposite direction. Alidor had no delusions about where these armies came from. One was from Red Flame Tower, and the other was from Golden Flame Tower.

    According to Alidor's calculations, the four hours they had been fighting for wasn't enough time for them to make it here. This was especially true since Gale and Rubrum were too arrogant in the beginning and wouldn't have informed them immediately, thinking that they could take this merit for themselves first.

    However, what Alidor hadn't expected was the Rubrum was much more level headed than Gale. He had informed his junior to send a message the moment they were informed of the attack. In addition, the Flaming Lily Sect wasn't the only army with the ability to use teleportation stations to their advantage. In fact, since Purple Flame Tower was controlled by the Golden Crow Sect, it cost even less for them to send individuals here.

    The two armies charged into the purple poison without hesitation. Since they were on the side of the defending army, the energy they needed to use to ward of the poison was much less, so what fears would they have?

    In the air above the Red Flame Tower army stood their two commanders. While Purple Flame Tower was controlled by the tenth and ninth ranked disciples of both the Flame Rebirth Sect and the Fiery Rebirth Sect, the Red Flame Tower was commanded by the 3rd and 4th ranked disciples of the Fiery Lotus Sect.

    Almost their mirror, two more commanders stood about the Golden Flame Tower. They were the 3rd and 4th ranked disciples of the Flame Rebirth Sect.

    The ranked disciples of the Flame Rebirth Sect were two outstanding beauties wearing tight fitting, short, red dresses. It seemed like any movement too large taken by them would cause their ample breasts and asses to fall out for everyone's viewing pleasure.

    Judging by their similar appearances, they seemed to be a pair of sisters. They each gave off a heat that made even the poison fog uncomfortable, causing it to uncontrollably melt around them.

    Their delicate feet and calves were wrapped by transparent ribbons. At first one could ignore it as a fashion statement... Until you felt the aura of a transcendent level treasure coming from them!

    The ranked disciples of the Fiery Lotus Sect were a pair of males. They both wore armor that resembled pieces of molten lava stitched together into a domineering pattern. One had the chosen weapon of a trident while the other chose a glaive.

    The aura these four disciples gave off raised the morale of their armies, causing them to roar into the skies even as they charged.

    By this point, it was clear to everyone that the Flaming Lily Sect army was wholly outnumbered. Not only had they only taken a third of their armies with them, they were being attacked by not one sect, but three!

    'Delia, can you handle two of them?' Alidor asked.

    "No." Madeleine spoke her first words. "Leave the four of them to me."

    Madeleine's voice was soft and delicate, like a goddess of peace bestowing her orders down to her people. However, even still, it traveled through the entire battlefield, almost directly counteracting the drop in morale Alidor caused.

    Those who knew Madeleine weren't surprised. She had grown up with Delia and saw her as a little sister, so why would she allow her to take such a risk?

    However, what they didn't know was that Madeleine hadn't said this out of desperation. The truth was that if both her and Delia were occupied, then who would conquer the tower?

    The two females of the Flame Rebirth Sect frowned with discontent. But, they also saw this as an opportunity. They knew the reason their sect decided to get involved. If they could deal with Madeleine now and take her away, it would stop the Golden Crow from pulling any tricks on the back end. After all, even though Madeleine's Phoenix blood was most useful to them, how could any fire user give up an opportunity to benefit from the most legendary fire beast to ever exist?

    The two males, however, had a completely different reaction.

    The trident wielder grinned. "Madeleine! It's good to see you again. If I win, will you finally accept my offer?"

    "Shut up." The glaive wielder reprimanded. "Madeleine, forgive this brute. If I win, I'm willing to share you."

    The Demon Generals roared in anger at these words. This was their Mistress, who were these men to say such vulgar words to her.

    The male pair involuntarily took a step back, unable to handle the pressure the Demon Generals gave them. It was only now they understood that Madeleine wasn't the only one capable of fighting them here. If it wasn't for the fact they were needed to command the armies, they would have already charged into the skies.
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