1077 Cautious 3

    Even as their imagination ran wild, Madeleine's long, purple hair began to flow in the wind as her violet pupils sharpened.

    The charge of the two armies had stalled because of the conversation between the top geniuses of the sects. By now, they couldn't help but tremble when they thought of who Madeleine's husband was.

    The worst part was that the smarter individuals were sure that the Golden Crow Sect knew all of this information already, yet they decided to act anyway. Even though the Golden Crow Sect had a God of their own, he wasn't among the eleven most outstanding ones. How could he be a match for an angered Dyon when he fully matured?!

    What was the Golden Crow Sect trying to do here?!

    Before they could continue, Madeleine's beautiful crystal embroidered Lyre appeared in the skies.

    At that moment, she gave off a brilliant radiance. A halo of light enveloped her as her delicate, long and slender fingers reached for the strings.

    Seeing Madeleine so resolutely prepare to attack them, the four geniuses had no choice but to push forward. If they allowed her to pick them off one by one, they wouldn't stand a chance at all. It had to be said that even though all five of them were Emperors, Madeleine was on a completely different level.

    If the Flaming Lily Sect conquered the Epistemic Tower, their God level character would lose key wielding responsibilities. No one had any doubt in their minds that if Madeleine became a key wielder, it wouldn't belong before they had to call her God too!

    Four resolute attacks pierced forward. A trident, a glaive and two ribbons ripped through the air, displaying the full power of Peak Level Saints. As 3rd and 4th ranked disciples of their respective sects, they had long since entered the 9th saint stage.

    Unfortunately for them, Madeleine had already entered the 12th.

    The moment the fight between the five ranked geniuses exploded, the war below began. The Flaming Lily Sect army was outnumbered, being short about five million troops compared to their opponents. But, they had a cohesion that the Fiery Lotus and the Flame Rebirth Sects didn't have.

    Alidor frowned as he scanned the battlefield. In a little less than two hours, the pills handed out by them and refined by Clara would start failing. As much as they wanted to simply hand out more pills, there were ten million of them in this branch of the army. Each one of them needed a saint level detoxification pill, which were much more expensive than their anti-poison pill counterparts. That materials used for each pill had already reached an astronomical price.

    The amount of capital Dyon had spent on this war had eaten up 20% of his savings. Just thinking about that made even Alidor hurt. But, Dyon would never let something like money get in the way of him helping his wife. He could always make more.

    'There's 50min until the planned retreat... Maybe we should retreat earlier.'

    "Alidor, Dyon wanted me to tell you something." Delia suddenly spoke although he eyes never left Madeleine's battle.

    "What's that?"

    "He said that you lost to him because you're too cautious. You'll never win unless you take some risks."

    Alidor's eyes lost their luster. Just 16 years ago, he had nearly killed Dyon. Even before that, he had spent almost 15 years alone in the Gate world, protecting his sister and meticulously planning out his revenge.

    Yet, all of that planning had fallen apart in a few months because of one man. If that hadn't happened, he would be the key wielder of the Celestial Deer Quadrant, and maybe others would call him God Gautama by now instead of calling his rival God Sacharro.

    When he thought back to it, after all those years of meticulous planning, what did it amount to? All of that caution, all of the scheming, what was the result?

    Alidor could still remember the picture of Dyon diving head first into an abyssal core of death.

    'Would I have done that?' Alidor couldn't help but think to himself.

    If it was for his little sister, he would be willing to do anything. However, Dyon hadn't jumped into that abyss for the sake of Ri. If he had wanted to save Ri, he could have just taken her and run. With the Demon Sage Tower, who could have caught them in the danger of the gate?

    But Dyon didn't do that. He stood in front of an army of millions and used the Tree of Life and Death to pierce into the ground and wipe out large portions of their people, all for the sake of protecting everyone who saw him as a leader.

    Dyon's risk, in the end, almost cost him Ri's life. He might have never seen his wife again. But, what had he gained?

    He ended up involuntarily stumbling upon Madeleine's plight and helping her break through in her celestial will, thus saving her. He ended up learned what was still his strongest will to this date: Death will. And he ended up becoming the key wielder of their quadrant, all because he took that one risk, that one leap of faith.

    What if Alidor had taken a risk too? What if he had attacked the Epistemic Tower when the gates were closed, taking the greater danger on his shoulder? He wouldn't have even needed to fight Dyon in the end...

    Suddenly, Alidor's eyes sharpened.

    "Good. We'll fight until the only possibility is retreat then." His voice was firm. In that moment, his Ethereal Permeation, a supreme law only capable of being mastered by those with Uidah and Gautama blood, finally broke through to the intent level.

    The momentum of his newfound power rocked the battle field, causing the Demon Generals to grin wildly and roar into the skies.

    "Darkness prevails over all

    The blood seeps into the ground

    The strong slay the weak and stand tall

    While the unfortunate are silenced without a sound

    The sage of the demon empire is supreme

    Unmatched and unprecedented

    Unchallenged and without flaw

    Immortal and esteemed

    He leaves his legacy for only those as evil as he

    Only those as ruthless and heartless

    Cast away your humanity for strength

    Drench the soil in the blood of your enemies

    Plant the seed of your life within it

    Become the next Sage of the Demon Empire "

    The chant of the Demon Generals blanketed the battlefield. Their eyes blinded with pride, they charged forward, slaughtering all those before them.
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