5 Shadows from the Past.

    "The only one willing to help me, is that a threat?" I said angered, feeling my body changing slowly into a werewolf.

    Mr. Byrne took some black powder from a leather bag, it smelled awful almost making me puck, then he made a semi-circle with it around me.

    "Mountain ash, in the old times it was used to keep the bad spirits and monsters away, and no, it was a warning not a threat". He said trying to calm me.

    "How long you've been a Werewolf?, due to your attitude and lack of control, I would bet just a few weeks"

    *I bust in laugh* "I've been a Werewolf a few hours, and I don't even know why" I mocked him.

    "That's impossible, the last pack in Oldwheat was killed 15 fifteen years ago, and the Alpha was burned, I have his ashes over there" He pointed to a dull urn made of wood, the only thing that was special was a symbol of a sun carved on it. "Unless... you had Werewolf blood on your veins, and the stress of a near death experience stimulated that blood provoking you transformation during the Full Moon"

    "What are you talking about? A few hours ago the monsters and spirits were just stories to say in a campfire" I said, remembering the meaning of my last name. "Black wolf... She said that my last name means black wolf" I whispered.

    "Jason Blakesley, the Black Wolf Clan one of the oldest, but they were eradicated or absorbed by other Clans,  you are really special, now you should go back to your home before your parents get worried, we'll talk tomorrow" he said breaking the Mountain ash semicircle and unlocking my chains.

    "What about Evan? Does he know about this?" I asked worried of losing my only friend in this crazy town.

    "No, and you better keep it that way" I don't know why but that did sound like a threat.

    I leaved the Byrne's home and walked towards mine, my bike was waiting there for me which surprised me a little but due to the recent events was too tired to give it importance.

    "JASON BLAKESLEY! Do you have any idea of how worried I was? You didn't answer your phone or my texts, if not for Mr. Byrne telling us that you were doing homework with his son, I would be dead by now" my mother said with an anger that eclipsed my Frenzy.

    I ignored her, and went upstairs knowing that it would make it worse, but the events from before passed their toll on my body and mind, and I needed a moment to regroup my self.

    I get in the bathroom, and took a shower recalling the night events, the hot water on my skin was like a blessing to my soul, washing away the dirt, blood and sweat from my body, I started to focus and willed my body to shift, just like last time the burning sensation didn't wait, it wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable, leaving the shower and taking a towel to dry my self, looked in the mirror to see my new self for first time.

    My eyes went from dark brown to a glowing warm golden color, four fangs took the place of my canines, the lower ones bigger than the upper ones, the rest were sharper but remained the same size, my sideburns grew making me look like an animal, my eyebrows and nose changed its shape reinforcing the wolf-like appearance.

    *Byrne's House*

    "Why did you let him live?, you know better than anyone the danger he represents" From the veil of darkness in a corner of the basement, a shadowy female figure came out, the green glowing eyes and the smoke body made it obvious that she wasn't human.

    "He is different, he wasn't bitten, and he isn't the son of a Werewolf, he transformed due to special circumstances, and when I found him, he was talking, I've never seen or hear a Werewolf talking during a Frenzy, not even those who are born with the curse" Mr. Byrne said in remorse, foreseeing what would come.

    "They took me away James, you promised me that you'll never let them hurt anyone else, You said you'll never let them HURT OUR SON!" the shadow scream in rage, the lights flickered, and the basement shake.

    "I KNOW WHAT I SAID MEREDITH!... I know what I said, he is just a boy, I can't kill him, he is unrelated to the things that happened fifteen years ago" Angered by the response the shadow disappeared and in her place she left three things, the first was silence in the room, the second was darkness and the last was a man crying in desperation and confusion.

    *Next morning Jason's bedroom*

    I woke up half naked, the first thing I notice is dry blood on my fingernails and chest, there are no wounds which means that their already healed and I lack of control while sleeping, closing my eyes and focusing on my hearing, I can hear my mother washing dishes, Tony brushing his teeth and my father leaving for work, the only explanation it's late and I better get my a$$ to school before my mother decides to kill me.

    Running downstairs to the kitchen I grabbed an apple for the road, said goodbye and take a race to the door before my mother get the chance to scold me, turned on the bike and hit the gas, a few minutes after I was in the school, then it hit me like a lighting Dyna was here and I almost killed her, there was no way to be unscathed from this.

    I felt her scent before seeing her, intoxicating as the first time I fought my instincts and kept my self under control thanks to my new ring, walking towards her hoping to get a chance to explain everything.

    "Hey Dyna, sorry for trying to kill you last night, you see those goblins pushed me to my limits and it seems that I had Werewolf blood so the stress stimulated it and triggered my transformation but I lost control and went in a Frenzy under the Full Moon, no hard feelings right?" I thought knowing how stupid it was.
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