3 ~Blinding Light That Inviting~ Draf

    Closing his eyes, the goblin named Zero was speechless with this. He has little resentment since usually protagonist who has system should has inventory.

    However, it seemed that he was anomaly since the reward is appeared outside. Then he remember earlier cube which he found outside, with that he know that his system is inferior since it has no inventory.

    Although its fact said it to him, he still hoped that it wouldn't permanent. Though even if its permanent, he can't complaint when he was given system already.

    He didn't think too much about who did give it to him, because for him the current life and the past life is still same. His fate wasn't in his hand, but hearing the system talk about world's law earlier. Its make him think that as long as he live within this world, his life and fate would be his to control.

    Suddenly there's growl and messed up foot sound which startles him, he turned around only to see goblin group of 50 approaching the cave.

    Seeing this, he know that the system should be idiot or lazy since he can be born from female goblin. Not born from egg which yesterday happened to him, but there's strange difference which he can see from them and him.

    Its intelligence in eyes, he can see the goblin outside seem like barbarian while he has wisdom and handsome. Though if some human know his thought, they would be surprised since this ugly goblin is narcissistic.

    He stared at the group while the group can't discover him because of the light, he proceeded to hide while binding the cube unwillingly.

    [Binding process initiated...1%...40%....70%....100% Congratulations for finished another hidden quest!]


    'What the **? is this easy mode? why do I get to finish two hidden quest in one day?' Zero's thought inwardly while feeling speechless.

    Its not that he didn't feel thankful about it, but usually it would lead into unlucky event whenever he get lucky too much like this. Because of that, he asked the system while feeling hopeful.


    However, the system seem to confused with the question. Unfortunately, its making him feel something unlucky will happen later.

    Of course he has countermeasure which is shutting his mouth, since it was what usually triggering the jinx or flag for unluckiness.




    The male goblin which seemed the leader from its gear shouted at his subordinate, but the female which in the back seem to have its own leader.

    The leader of female goblin seem to have her own agenda, her eyes seem to scheming something that no one detect. There's slyness in it, but on the surface she only ordered her subordinate to make a distance with 25 male goblin in front of them.

    There's only 25 females goblin which including the leader, the female goblin which is their leader have strange armor which could be seen mimicked human's leather armor.

    She seemed in deep thought while glancing at the other side, her nose sniffed slightly since she can detect some monster group coming from that direction.

    'Its because relocating that I can get away while keeping my purity from that bastard! However, if I help them to find good location for our settlements...I can't guarantee they would say thanks and help me to get rid of that bastard which clearly our leader!' The female goblin thought inwardly.

    Waving her hand, she ordered her loyal subordinate which is only 11 to follow her, they choose to go into cave from other direction which is different from male goblin and that newcomer. She activated her hidden trait unwillingly, since she felt its waste that other 13 females didn't want to follow her.

    Although she know that in their back there's still elderly and children of goblin race, she didn't bother to try taking them into her rank. Fortunately, her traits which is stealth could be used for covering 12 people maximum.

    With this ability she can go to the cave first to take the treasure, but she didn't have much expectation aside from hiding inside while waiting the monster that come would go back to their area.
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