4 ~Jade Hook & Direwolf~ Draf

    Zero felt more speechless since the light which should be finished is continued though there's slightly different in its location. However, in the eyes of other its still there and the cave still colored with blinding light.

    He know that this would be really nasty situation, so he throw the cube into the air after pressing it.

    Suddenly its changed into jade hook which he find familiar, it was weapon of Sentinel's Ryan from Grand Chase. Feeling speechless that strange weapon appears, he can only use it even though he felt its better to have dagger.

    While holding Jade Hook which he find comfortable, he forced himself crawling to take the first reward.

    'Hopefully its good thing, or at least something which useful in this situation!' He thought inwardly while continuing his crawling.

    Fortunately the Jade Hook is helping him to be faster in his crawling, he reached the location of first reward which he find that strange.

    Its strange because what he hold is another cube, but there's button in each center of it side which make it unique.

    Suddenly he remembered another weapon's character which named Veigas from Grand Chase. He felt the system'c creator should be fans of Grand Chase.

    'Don't tell me that I will have more cube in the future? As far as I remember that I didn't have hobbies collecting cube!!' He felt exasperated with this.

    However, he didn't notice that someone or group of females goblin is approaching him in the cave. It was caused by another stone from the system when he focused his attention to the cube.

    [This cube was functioned as another random card factory, this item would give you one card per-day which has special function]

    [Example, you can get weapon card with dagger image in it! Later you only need to crush it to make it materialize into dagger, but there's disadvantage with this since they can only last for 1 minute to 1 hour]

    [The card would be reusable, it would take resource of energy to recharge its materialize functions!]

    'Err, then its another overpowered item then?' He asked the system while feeling hopeful.

    [No, since its random! there's possibility for you to get trash item like pebbles! As for good card would only have 1% - 10% possibilities!]

    'The **? that was too random!!!' he pulled his hair in depressed manner.


    'What was that? no, who is that? he was the most handsome goblin I ever seen within this current life! Although goblin's race is ugly but this goblin strangely sculpted perfectly mimicked human!' The female goblin who just arrived fallen into dazed state seeing Zero's appearance.

    She felt her heartbeat is quickened, but she recovered quickly and resuming her advance with her subordinate. She advanced slowly while approaching the goblin who's crawling, she only see him from the side so she didn't know if her handsome appearance is only this side or a whole.

    The goblin female was unnamed since goblin's race wouldn't have name before they evolved and getting patron from god who interested to them. She could be called reincarnator like Zero, but she only has fragment memories of her life as human.

    She felt that this goblin should be similar with her, with hopeful feeling she approached him together with her subordinate who has their face blushing.

    Although its comical scenes when being seen that this 12 ugly goblin who has green skin blushing red, its still new experience if people saw it now.



    The goblin group leader which in outside waving his hand to command his subordinate to advance into the cave. However, they stopped in track since they found out that there are group of 80 Direwolf which coming from other direction.

    This discovery creating stir within goblin's group rank, the leader shivering while his mind telling him to escape immediately.

    "Grrrrr!!!~" The biggest Direwolf which clearly is the leader of that group approaching them with arrogant manner, its glaring the goblin's group while its mouth is drooling.

    The subordinate of Direwolf growling with teasing expression, they spread out to surrounding the goblin's group. Its creating the tension between them, the leader of goblin's group depressed with this situation.
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