1 The Weakes

    Year 20XX

    On the streets of Seoul, a thin and short but handsome young man wearing an oversized pink hoodie and denim jeans is sitting on a nearby rock. Around him, many people dressed in casual clothing or armor and wearing equipment are gathering in small groups to chat. The young man sitting by himself takes out his phone and starts reading his favorite Manwha 'S*lo L*veling', suddenly a beautiful young lady walks up beside him to have a chat. Though she wouldn't be described as perfect, never the less her beauty attracted the attention of many men in the surrounding area

    "Hello there, What are you reading?" She asked. As if he had seen a ghost, the young man fell off the rock with his phone in hand and squeaks. "Sorry! Are you alright?" The beautiful lady says as she extends her arm to help the young man up. Taking the ladies hand, to help himself up, the young man puts his phone in his pocket and clears the dust off before saying "Thanks, you scared me before. I was reading the manwha S*lo L*veling." the young man  replied as he sat back on the rock

    "!? S*lo L*veling! I love that too! Even though it was written decades ago, it's somewhat like the situation the entire world is in now." the lady said. The young man nodded his head as he took out his phone to continue reading. "Right, my name is Park Yoo Ri, what's yours?" Park Yoo Ri asked. Suddenly a hand grabs onto her left shoulder, from behind her a masculine middle aged man laughs and says "Don't bother with him, haven't you heard about the man known as the Weakest Hunter? That's him there, Hunter Park Shi Won Rank E. I heard his awakaned ability is trash that lets him slightly increase his strength and endurance and creates tiny models of whatever he can imagine. How about joining us?" the masculine man said as he pointed behind him and several other Hunters laughed

    Park Yoo Ri grabbed the man's arm and threw him away as if he weighed nothing and clapped her hands before glaring at them causing them to run away. Park Shi Won looked up at her and said "You didn't have to, I'm used to it. They aren't wrong though."

    "You shouldn't belittle yourself like that, anyways do you want to add me on WeChat and talk about Manwha or Web Novels?" Park Yoo Ri asked. Park Shi Won looked up and nodded before opening WeChat and adding her as a friend. After a while, a strong looking hunter dressed in heavy armour and carrying a huge sword shouted "Alright! Since this is just a D rank Gate, it won't take longer than 3 hours to clear. For this gate, I Hunter Hak Jeong Mun Rank C will be the leader of the party."

    "Everyone gather around! Hunter Park Shi Won! I suggest you leave so as to not be dead weight for the rest of us!" Hak Jeong Mun continued. Shi Won sitting on the rock, put away his phone and shook his head before replying "I must go no matter what! Besides we have a couple healers."

    Shaking his head, Hak Jeong Mun said "Alright fine, if you die don't hold it against us." before continuing his brief on the Gate

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    It was common knowledge that after a Gate is cleared, it would automatically disappear as if it never existed in the first place,everytime a Gate is cleared, a new one will pop out somewhere. Each Gate is classified in the same Ranks as Hunters. A Rank E Gate would normally be cleared by 10 or so Hunters of the same rank. The Rank of Gates are determined by the Hunter's Guild based right in the middle of Seoul, using advanced technology that measures the energy of the Gate

    The same could be said for Hunters, at the beginning a bright light would shine upon those who have awakened. Now that decades have passed, anyone wanting to be a Hunter can awaken once they reach the age of 5. In some rare cases, children could awaken the day they are born. The Ranks of Hunters are determined by the same technology used to measure the energy within a Gate and also takes into account the type of power gained from the awakening

    After the brief, the group of 12 or so members prepared to enter the Gate. Stepping inside the Gate, the Hunters prepared their weapons. After walking around for 10 or so minutes, a single wolf was spotted. Running into the group of Hunters, the wolf  howled and called for its pack to attack

    Within seconds, tens of wolves appeared from every direction and prepared to pounce on the closest person. The Hunters charged at the wolves and fought a bloddy battle, Park Shi Won using his feeble powers tried to take on a wolf by himself in hand to hand combat. However the wolf pounched on him giving him a grave wound with just one attack before being beheaded by another Hunter

    "Hey! Park Shi Won! You shouldn't have come with us! You're just dragging us down and wasting our energy on you!" One of the Hunters said. From the side, another wolf attacked the Hunter giving him some slight wounds before being cut down by him. A healer from the group came and healed Shi Won's wounds before covering up his wounds and looking at him with disdain

    Park Shi Won thought to himself as he stared at the beheaded wolf and bit his lips "No matter how weak I am, I must do it for mother and my siblings! Mother is in urgent need of surgery and my siblings need their school fees paid."

    "I must clear this Gate, even though I can't help. Just by being here, they are providing 500 000 Won. I'm nowhere close to being able to pay off mothers fees let alone my siblings....." he continued

    After defeating all the wolves, the Hunters along with Park Shi Won moved on ahead to clear the Gate.

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