2 Hidden Dungeon

    After being healed, the group of Hunters prepared to set off deeper inside the Dungeon. Deeper inside the dungeon, the group encountered hundreds of Giant Rats. Though weak individually, with large numbers even a B Rank Hunter might have problems dealing with them. Hiding in the back of the group, Park Shi Won watched helplessly as the others fought the rats, suddenly a Giant Rat appeared in front of him and attacked him. Park Shi Won immediately activated his Awakened ability and fought the rat

    After giving it a few solid punches, Park Shi Won barely defeated the Giant Rat. After killing a few Giant Rats with her sword, Park Yoo Ri ran towards Park Shi Won and helped him recover. After slaughtering all the Giant Rats, the Hunters were healed and gave looks of disdain at Park Shi Won before spitting on the ground just in front of his foot

    Like a ferocious tiger, Park Yoo Ri stood up to defend him. "Heh, an upper D rank Hunter like you is defending trash like him? What's so good about him? Just because he has a pretty face?" one of the hunters laughed. The angered Park Yoo Ri shouted "Hey! You!" before being grabbed on the leg by Park Shi Won

    He said to her "Stop, it's alright. I'm fine."

    "But!" Park Yoo Ri replied before looking into Park Shi Won's eyes that seemed dead. Afterward, she gave up and helped him up before the group continued their journey. After an hour, the group finally encountered the Gate Boss. Standing at the back, Park Shi Won could only watch the Hunters fight the boss and split the loot with each other

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    After clearing the dungeon, the group made their way back to the entrance of the Gate. On the way back another pathway that didn't exist before appeared. The party leader stopped the group and asked "Huh? This wasen't there before, or am I mistaken?"

    "No, you're right, it wasen't there before Jeong Mun nim." a D Rank Hunter responded

    After thinking for a while, Hak Jeong Mun shouted with excitement "We're in luck! If I'm right it should be a Hidden Dungeon! If we clear it, we'll make at least double the profits!"

    "A Hidden Dungeon? ALRIGHT!!!!" Some of the other D Rank Hunters shouted with joy. "Alright! Let's do this!" Hak Jeong Mun shouted

    A female Hunter suddenly put up her hand and said "Leader nim, I don't think we should risk it. It might be damgerous and a majority of us here are only E Rank Hunters."

    "Alright then, we'll decide through voting. For those of you who want to clear the Hidden Dungeon put your hand up!" Hak Jeong Mun said loudly before counting

    "1, 2, 3... 6. Alright now those who disagree and want to leave raise your hand!" he continued. "1,2,3...6" he counted

    "Hunter Park Shi Won you must vote now! To go or not to go!" He continued

    "We're going!" Park Shi Won said with resolution

    "Alright, the votes were 7 to 6. Don't say that I was unfair, majority rules and you all agreed to me being the party leader." Hak Jeong Mun said before starting to walk towards the Hidden Dungeon

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    After walking along the pathway for 20 minutes or so, the walls of the Dungeon suddenly changed and the air started to become chilly. "Jeong Mun nim, Am I imagining it or is it getting chillier?" a Hunter asked as he stopped the party from proceeding. "Hmm you're right, but we must move on. Think about the money we'll bring back to our families after this." Hak Jeong Mun said as the party continued

    Park Shi Won walking at the back of the group suddenly felt a strange presence above them as if they were being watched. Facing upward toward the ceiling, he saw a face with large eyes smiling at him causing him to scream "Ah!!!". The party stopped hearing Shi Won's scream, "What's wrong? Is it an enemy attack?!" a Hunter said as he ran towards Shi Won's location

    Park Shi Won's face paled as he pointed towards the roof and shivered, the Hunters all looked up towards the direction he was pointing at and saw nothing then sighed in relief before looking at him and shouting "Hey! There's nothing there, why are you screaming?!"

    "I swear! Something was there just now!" Park Shi Won replied. "You must be seeing things!" the hunters furiously shouted

    "..." Park Shi Won didn't reply and walked along with the group as they ventured deeper inside the Hidden Dungeon

    At some point, the group walked and stopped before having a rest. A hunter said to the group "We've been walking for a while now, but there hasn't even been a single monster so far... Isn't that strange?"

    The hunters then looked at each other being chattering, "Stop it, you're scaring them for no reason. It's good that we haven't run into any monsters, we will have more energy to fight with the Boss." Hak Jeong Mun said

    After a while, the group continued their journey. They then encountered a giant door that is over 30 meters tall and 5 meters wide. A hunter couldn't help but say  astounded "That's a really big door! I've never seen anything like it! How big must the Boss be for the door to be this big?"

    "Hmph, wih me here, what will stop us from clearing the Dungeon? Open the door!" Hak Jeong Mun shouted as some Hunters opened the door and the rest of the party drew their weapons
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