3 The Room

    Stepping inside the door of the Boss room, the party of Hunters drew their weapons and slowly approached the inner depths of the room. Seeing that no monsters were around, the party stood still in the center of the room for a while and held their breath before sighing with relief and putting down their weapons

    "Strange... Why isn't the Boss here? In fact, there's nothing but creepy paintings decorated around the room. The lights are also weirdly dark..." Hak Jeong Mun said has he toured the room

    Crank!* Crank!* Hak Jeong Mun's actions lead to the floor beneath them slowly raise up. "What the!" some Hunters cried before jumping off the raised ground

    Suddenly, golden silk-like words floated out of the ground beneath Park Shi Won and appeared in the skies above them. The words read-

    "You who are here...

    Since you're already here...

    Why not stay....


    Seeing the words floating in the sky, Hak Jeong Mun and the Hunters all drew their weapons and faced the golden words. The ground beneath them shook, Park Shi Won fell off the platform and accidentally moved a hidden switch

    Clank* Clank* The floor raised itself even higher than before. The female Hunters including Park Yoo Ri screamed, Park Shi Won who fell off felt a slight chill down his spine. He turned around to look at one of the paintings for a few seconds, thinking that he was imagining things, he swiped the sweat off his head

    ! Park Shi Won once again felt the presence he felt outside the Boss Room, he looked back at the painting he was looking at previously only to see that its eyes started moving and gave him a soul piercing glare

    "Ah!!!" He screamed, the Hunters all turned around and shouted "What is it?!"

    "The painting!.... it.. it..." Park Shi Won said whilst pointing

    "The painting? What about it?" they said as they faced it

    "The eyes moved!" Shi Won shouted

    "What?!" they replied as they stared at the painting for a while only to see that nothing's changed. One of the Hunters turned around and glared furiously at Shi Won and said "Hey! Nothing's wrong with the painting! You really were just imagining things!"

    Seeing that the Hunters didn't believe him, Shi Won turned to look at Park Yoo Ri who looked at him briefly before turning away. Park Shi Won then stood up and read the Golden words again before looking back at the painting

    ! Once again the eyes of the same painting moved and stared at him. Knowing that no one would believe him, Shi Won walked up to the painting and tried to remove it off the wall. After using the strength he could muster, Shi Won finally moved the painting off the wall

    From behind the wall that the painting was hung on, a head made of stone facing the other way slowly turned around to stare at him. Park Shi Won stood frozen on the spot, the stone head that fully turned around to face him had red lights coming out from its eyes

    Slowly the mouth of the head slowly enlarged and gave him a creepy smile. "That smile! It's the same as before!" Shi Won thought as he threw the painting away and ran away

    The Hunters seeing him run away looked at the direction of the wall and saw the stone head giving them a fierce stare. The walls around the head suddenly started breaking slowly. Crack* Crack* ROAR* The Stone head became a full body and broke out from the walls

    As if the leader called them, from behind all the other paintings, more stone figures appeared from within the walls and broke free. Suddenly, the lights in the room changed and became brighter, strange music started to play out of nowhere giving everyone a chill

    "Everyone quick! Gather around in a single spot!" Hak Jeong Mun shouted as he ran towards the group

    The stone figures slowly moved towards the group, the first stone figure stood still and slowly changed its form into that of a clown. Once it had fully transformed it smiled at the group causing great fear to spread amongst them

    "Arg! I'm outta here!" said one of the Hunters. Slish* Before he could even reach the door, the Clown threw a chakram and sliced his body in half

    "AHHHHHH!!!" the female Hunters screamed. "Nobody move!" Park Shi Won standing at the back of the party yelled

    "SHUT UP! THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU BASTARD!" a male D Rank Hunter screamed at Shi Won before lifting his body up and throwing him at the Stone figures

    From amidst the crowd "NOOO!" Park Yoo Ri screamed

    Park Shi Won lying on the ground looked up only to see every stone figure staring at him, his ever so pale face became even paler as if his skin was made of pure white paper. Hak Jeong Mun shouted "It's just a few moving rocks! Don't be scared, everyone attack!" as he charged at a stone figure with a sword in hand and a shield in the other

    Bang!* As if he was an ant, the stone figure being charged at raised its arm and punched out at Hak Jeong Mun. Splash!* With just one punch, Hunter Hak Jeong Mun turned into a pool of blood. "Ahhh! Jeong Mun nim!!" some of the hunters screamed

    "No! I still have a family! I shouldn't have come here in the first place! It's all Hak Jeong Mun's fault!" a D Rank Hunter shouted as he ran towards the exit along with a couple more Hunters. Splash!* Splash!* The Hunters could only meet the same fate as Hak Jeong Mun in face of the Stone figures in front of them

    Park Shi Won lying on the floor saw a chance and quickly moved his body and ran back towards the party. "Quick! Let him in!" some hunters at the back yelled
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