5 The Awakening




    Within a hospital room...

    "Doctor, how is he?" said a childish male voice

    "His breathing is normal and so are his vital signs, the injuries weren't as bad as you'd think from looking at it." a middle-aged voice replied

    Slide* Suddenly the door to the hospital room slides open and a couple men dressed in black suits emerge. The one who seemed to be the leader says "We are with the Association, when will E Rank Hunter  Mr. Park Shi Won wake up?"

    "This is quite unpredictable, it will all depend on the patient himself. By the way, this is a hospital please be mindful of your behavior." the doctor replied

    "Huh! Who do you think you are!?" said one of the men in black

    The leader of the men from the Association puts up his right hand to stop his subordinates, "But boss!" the man said

    Spontaneously, the leader turned and gave his men an intense glare shutting them up. The leader of the men turned his body around completely and prepared to walk out the door before saying "Doctor, please call us when Mr. Park Shi Won awakens." as he left

    Just outside the hospital room, Bang* A young girl bumps into the men in black as she hurried into the room and dropped the drinks she had held in her arms. "Ah! I'm sorry!" she cried as she looked up to see the person she had bumped into

    "Watch where you're going kid!" said one of the men

    "Enough!" the leader said as he bobbed down to pick up the drinks for her. "Here you go, don't run in a hospital next time it's dangerous," he said as he handed the drinks over

    "Thank you! And sorry!" she bowed before heading inside the hospital room


    Inside the hospital room, the young girl handed one of the drinks over the young male who had a childish voice and said: "Here you go Shi Min, you're favorite grape flavored F*nta jelly soda."

    The young man who was revealed to be Park Shi Min replied "Thanks Sis!" as he opened the bottle of soda pop* the lid flew off and bubbles started spraying everywhere. "Oof, let me get a cloth to clean it." the young girl said


    Within a pitch black space, a textbox appears inside Park Shi Won's mind

    "Do you want to awaken?"

    [Yes] [No]

    "Whoa!" Park Shi Won thought as he wakes up and looks around inside a dark space

    "Where am I? Did I die?" he asked himself

    He then looks above him to see the floating textbox and reads it. "Awaken? Does that mean I'm still alive? Did I only fall asleep?" he thought

    He then looks at his body, "My arm! It's... It's back!" he shouted

    Park Shi Won then looks back up at the message above him, "Guess I'll pick yes then and see what happens." he thought as he put forward his arm and pressed yes. Beep* the message disappeared

    Whizz* Whizz* Within the vast space around him, a miniature digitalized cube appears in front of him and rotates as it expanded in size

    The cube then shrouded a huge portion of the vast space. A new message popped up and said "Congratulations, newfound powers await you"

    [Ability: Model Creator has evolved]

    [Ability: Transform has been acquired]

    [Ability: God of War has been acquired]

    [Ability: Thousand Hands has been acquired]

    [Name: Park Shi Won]

    [Age: 18]

    [Gender: Male]

    [Gold: 0]


    [Strength: 1] {F}

    [Endurance: 1] {F}

    [Agility: 1] {F}

    [Intelligence: 1] {F}

    [Luck:1] {F}

    [Abilities:  Model Creator] {SSS}

    God of War] {SSS}

    Thousand Hands] {SSS}

    Transform] {SSS}

    Seeing a bunch of text appear in front of him out of nowhere, Park Shi Won is startled. "What the! A status board? Did what happen in S*lo L*veling happen to me too?" he thought

    "All my stats are 1 there's even a grade next to them... Anyways let's read my abilities." Park Shi Won thought as he clicked on the abilities

    [Ability: Model Creator: Enables user to create models of anything they have seen or heard about that can only be used inside the field of the cube. (Power and size depends on the user's Intelligence stat)

    [Ability: God of War: Allows the user to boost all stats by 3 temporarily,  master all weapons and temporarily unable them to use skills that can only be used with certain weapons. (Duration depends on user's Endurance and Strength stat)

    [Abilty: Thousand hands: Allows the user to create up to a thousand hands and be able to control them without restrictions and capable of destroying all things with more arms. (Power and hands depend on the user's Strength stat)

    [Ability: Transform: Allows the user to transform into another form with different abilities. Can be changed at will and abilities do not transfer over. (Transformations: 1)

    After having a look at each of his new abilities, Park Shi Won exclaims with joy "Amazing! These abilities are amazing! It's like I had awakened 4 times! But wait... The abilities are rated higher than the highest SS grade? What can all this mean... And the mysterious voice that granted me these abilities.."


    The young girl who had grabbed a cloth to clean the soda on the floor saw a slight movement from Park Shi Won. As if her eyes were deceiving her, she looked again without blinking. Slides* Slides* "Ah! Shi Min! Oppa's finger moved!"

    Putting his drink aside, Park Shi Min quickly moved to the bedside and pressed the button above the bed to call for the doctor

    A few moments later, the doctor and a few nurses came running into the hospital room. "What's wrong?" the doctor said

    "He moved! I saw his finger move!" the young girl said

    "Nurse! Quickly equipment!" the doctor shouted as he prepared to examine Park Shi Won
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