6 The Recollection

    In the midst of the examination, Park Shi Won's eyes suddenly open scaring the doctor and the nurses. "Ah!" a nurse shouted

    "He's awake!" the doctor said

    "Mr. Park Shi Won, can you speak? Do you understand what I'm saying?" the doctor continued

    Park Shi Won who had just awakened in the hospital room looks around with cloudy eyes and see his two siblings standing at the back. "Shi Min... Shi Na.." he said slowly


    "Hyung!" the two said in unison

    "Now now, let the patient get some rest. You two can stay here and wait until he's completely awake." the doctor said as he left the room with the nurses

    After clearing up his clouded eyes, Shi Won could see normally again and faced his siblings. "You two.. How long have I been asleep?" he asked

    "Hyung, it's been an entire week! Shi Na cried when she heard that you were the only survivor!" Park Shi Min said

    Whack* "Ouch!" Shi Min said whilst holding his head. "What was that for?" he asked

    "Hmph, I wasn't the only one who cried!" Park Shi Na replied with her arms crossed

    "Hahaha, you two are always like this. How's mom? Does she know what happened to me?" Shi Won asked

    "We didn't tell her, don't worry oppa." Shi Na replied

    Park Shi Won then turned and faced the ceiling before sighing. "Sigh, how will I afford to pay the hospital fees..." he said

    "Oh about that, someone paid the fees when I went to the receptiona and asked." Shi Min said. "What? Who could it be... Did you get to see them?" Shi Won asked

    "No we didn't." Park Shi Min replied

    "Right, how did I arrive here in the hospital anyway? I thought I died and lost an arm." Park Shi Won asked. "They said that they entered the hidden dungeon and found corpses of the entire party everywhere, they also said that you were lying atop a platform in the air by yourself and that besides some blood on you there were no fatal injuries." the two replied

    "Huh? That's strange.. Did they say anything else about the hidden dungeon?" Shi Won asked

    "No, that's all they told us." Shi Min replied


    A couple days later, Park Shi Won is discharged from the hospital...

    On the way home, the trio visited their mother in another ward of the same hospital. Standing beside their mother's bedside, the trio had a brief chat before leaving. The trio waited outside and took a taxi home

    "Today's a weekday, you two should go to school now." Park Shi Won said as he turned around to face the two in the backseat of the taxi. "But hyung!" Shi Min said

    "No buts!" Shi Won interrupted

    "Okay.." Shi Min said whilst making a T.T expression

    Once they arrived home, Park Shi Won paid for the taxi fare. "That's a total of 12300 Won." the taxi driver said. Shi Won took out his wallet and paid the driver before going up into his families apartment

    Upon entering the elevator, some men dressed in black suits appeared and went into the elevator along with Park Shi Won. "Mr. Park Shi Won, we would like to ask you some questions about that day in the hidden dungeon." The leader said

    "So you guys are with the association huh, go ahead and ask." he replied calmly

    "Oh? You're surprisingly calm." the leader of the men said

    "Anyways, what happened in there exactly? Why were you the only survivor? You who is called the Weakest survived whilst multiple D rank hunters had died without a full corpse."

    Park Shi Won then begun his tale as they were going up the elevator. "That day, after completing the dungeon, we discovered an entrance that wasn't there previously. We entered it and didn't even find a single monster until we entered the boss room."

    Ding* The group reached the second last floor and proceeded to enter Park Shi Won's place to continue their conversation.

    "Upon entering the boss room, we still didn't see even a single monster. I had moved the lever in the room by accident which was the beginning of the nightmare." Park Shi Won continued

    Covering his eye with one hand, Shi Won continued. "Golden words appeared in the sky and said some things."

    "Hold up, golden words? Noone reported anything like that to us." the leader said

    "Anyways, I thought I saw the eyes of one of the paintings on the wall move and moved the painting. Suddenly from behind the painting a stone figure glared at me and broke out from behind the walls. They killed anyone who tried to escape, we were backed into a corner before they finally stopped moving. The leader of the stone figures appeared to be in the form of a clown."

    "A clown?" the association man said with a raised eyebrow

    "Yes a clown, just remembering it's smile still gives me nightmares. Anyways to continue where I left off, the stone figures that had backed us up against a corner and suddenly stopped and kneeled forming a wall. I stayed behind as bait and told the remaining hunters to run up onto the platform because I thought it would be safe. However, I didn't know that I could only be so wrong, escaping up the platform didn't do a thing. It cleanly cut all of them in half on the platform, I could only watch in despair by myself as the only survivor and fainted eventually. The rest you should know what happened." Park Shi Won continued

    "When the men entered the hidden dungeon, only blood could be seen. No paintings or stone figures that you mentioned anywhere. However, they found you lying atop the platform covered in blood." the man said

    "About that, I don't know how I ended up on the platform. When I fainted I was still trapped by the stone figures in front of me..." Shi Won replied

    After a while, the men decided to leave. "Alright, we'll go back and report it to the association as you had described. Goodbye hunter Park Shi Won." the man said as he got up to leave

    "Goodbye, I'll see you off." Shi Won said

    "No need." the man said as he left with his subordinates
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