7 The Training begins

    After the men from the association left, Park Shi Won sat in his room and had a more thorough look at his 'system'

    "Let's see now."



    [Quest Log]

    "Hmm.. I didn't see the inventory or quest section last time."


    [Inventory: Empty]

    "... What was I expecting."

    Click* Click*

    [Quests: 1. Begin training]

    [Reward: Beginner's package and 3 stat points]

    "Oh? Let's have a look."

    [Quest 1: Begin training- start by doing 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and 10km running every single day]

    "That seems familiar..."

    "Well let's start."

    [Begin Quest?]




    [Quest Log: 1. Begin training: Progress (0%)]

    [Abandon (Warning! Abandoning this quest will make the system cease to exist, the user will also lose their life)]






    "Well let's begin training after I change into some sportswear."


    After changing into sportswear, Park Shi Won started doing push ups in his room.




    "Twenty three."

    "Huff.. Huff.."

    "Ninety eight."

    "Ninety nine."

    "One hundred!"

    Slupp* After successfully doing 100 push ups in his room, Shi Won rested for 2 minutes before doing 100 sit ups and 100 squats


    "Alright.. Time to start the 10km run."

    After running for 20 minutes or so, Park Shi Won paused and sat down on a bench at a nearby park. "I've been running for a while, let's check my progress"

    [Quest Log: 1. Begin training: Progress (63%)]

    [100 Push ups (100%)]

    [100 Sit ups (100%)]

    [100 Squats (100%)]

    [10km run (13%)]


    "I've been running for 20 minutes and I've only run 1.3km... The rest of the way is gonna be hell.."

    After resting for 3 minutes, Park Shi Won continued his run until he finally completed the quest. Once he made it back home, he went up into his room and had a shower

    Tsss* Tss* Pliss* Plitss* Running the water in the shower, Park Shi Won opened the quest log and claimed the prize

    Click* Click*

    [Claim prize: Beginner's package?]



    Ding* [Congratulations on obtaining Beginner's package]

    [Do you want to open: Beginner's package?]




    [Item: Sword of Will obtained]

    [Item: Spear of Will obtained]

    [Item: Flute of Will obtained]

    [Item: Crest of Will obtained]

    [5000 gold obtained]

    "Oh? 3 weapons and a crest??"

    [Item: Crest of Will: ????????]

    "Huh? I can't access it.. Maybe I need to get stronger first. For now let's invest in my stats."

    Click* Click*

    [Level: 1]


    [Strength: 1]

    [Endurance: 1]

    [Agility: 1]

    [Intelligence: 1]


    [Avaliable stat points: 3]

    "Hmm.. Since I received 2 melee weapons... Let's increase strength, agility and endurance for now."

    Click* Click*

    [Confirm allocation?]

    [Strength: 2]

    [Endurance: 1]

    [Agility: 2]

    [Intelligence: 1]

    [Luck: 1]




    After allocating his stats, Park Shi Won felt a slight change deep within his body. He then continued his shower for a while before coming out and changing into casual wear

    "My body feels slightly stronger and lighter than before! I wonder how often I can do this quest."

    Park Shi Won then waved his arms around and did some stretching in his room before going to the kitchen to make the days dinner


    Woosh* Park Shi Won tied the strings of an apron on his back before washing his hands. He then took out the ingredients before neatly laying them down on the kitchen island

    "Hmm what should I make today..."

    "Let's see now eggs, ham, Chinese sausage and some snow peas. Alright, today's dinner will be fried rice."

    Shhh* Shh* After frying the rice together with the ingredients, Park Shi Won left it in the pan and covered it with a pink plastic mesh cover. He then watched some TV to kill time until his siblings arrived home for dinner

    "Reporting live this morning at 10:38 am, a young man was found lying in an alleyway with all the moisture in his body gone. We believe this may have been the work of criminal hunters or a monster that had made its way out from a ring"

    "Oh it's quite dangerous these days.. Better tell Shi Na and Shi Min to be careful."

    After watching TV for a bit, the twins arrived home at 6 pm. Shrk* Shrk* one of the twins attempted to unlock the door

    "Hey! Give it to me!"

    "I got this sis!"

    Shrk* Shrk*


    "Welcome back, you two!"

    Seeing the door open with their brother in front of them the siblings said,

    "Hyung! Oppa! We're back!"

    "Come in, I made fried rice for dinner"

    "Alright! My favorite!"

    "Geez Shi Min, you always think about food don't you!"

    "You're wrong!"

    Park Shi Won laughed before bringing the two siblings in and waited for them to shower before the trio had dinner

    After warning the two about what he saw on the news, Shi Won cleaned up the table and did the dishes before going to his room


    Inside his room

    Plack* Lying on his bed, Park Shi Won takes another look at the quest log

    [Quest Log: 0 quests]

    [Next quest in: 12 hours 43 minutes 2 seconds]


    "That's pretty precise."

    "Let's have a look at the new equipment I got."


    [Sword of Will]

    [Spear of Will]

    [Flute of Will]

    [Crest of Will]


    [Sword of Will: A single will to soar, a single will to reach the skies, a single will to cut apart the heavens! Grade: F (Upgradeable) 16 Damage +1 Strength +1 Agility]

    [Spear of Will: A single will to soar, a single will to reach the skies, a single will to pierce the heavens! Grade: F (Upgradeable) 16 Damage +1 Agility +1 Luck]

    [Flute of Will: A single will to sleep, a single will to cry, a single will to blight the heavens! Grade: F (Upgradeable) 12 Damage +2 Intelligence]

    "These weapons all seem to come from the same guy... wait is 'Will' even a person? These weapons are amazing though, giving extra stat points!"

    After looking through the system for a while, he then got up and went on his laptop to do some research for a while before brushing his teeth and going to bed
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