8 The Mysterious tile

    That night, whilst Park Shi Won lied in bed sleeping...

    "Shi Won..."


    "You must..."


    At 7 in the morning, Park Shi Won woke up as if he never heard the voice in his dream. He changed out of his pajamas and proceeded to brush his teeth. During the time he brushed his teeth, he checked the quest log to see the new quest

    Click* Click*

    [Quest Log:  Daily quest: 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and 10km running]

    [Reward: 1 stat point]

    [Accept quest?]



    "Hmm, the quest log changed slightly, even the reward is different. I guess the first time will be the only time I get good rewards for a daily quest."


    [Daily quest: Accepted]

    [Progress: 0%]

    Brushing* Brushing*

    Gaggle* Gaggle*

    After brushing his teeth and fixing up his bed hair, Shi Won went downstairs to make breakfast

    Sizzle* Sizzle*

    Shi Won fried 6 eggs and some bacon and sausages and put them on a plate before adding some lettuce and tomato. After making breakfast, he took off the apron and woke up the twins and called them for breakfast

    Taking off the apron, he left the kitchen and walked into Shi Na's room and got her up before going to Shi Min's room to turn off the alarm

    "Ugh, 5 more minutes!"

    "No can do Shi Min, today's a weekday you guys need to go to school."

    "Arg! If only school started later in the day."

    "You wish.. now get up, breakfast is ready. Shi Na is already up and is probably brushing her teeth by now."


    Shi Min then got up and made the bed as Shi Won left his room and went back into the kitchen. He then set up breakfast on the dinner table as he listened to the morning news

    After a while, the twins came out for breakfast. The trio had a short chat before the two left for school and Shi Won cleared the table and did the dishes. Once he finished, he went to his room and changed into sportswear and begun doing the daily quest




    "One Hundred."

    "huff... huff.."

    After completing 100 push ups, he continued with the other exercises before locking the door and went on a morning run. On the way home, Shi Won received a notification from the system


    [Random quest received]

    [Go to the shopping district and arrive at .... by 8:30 am]

    [Reward: ???]

    "Huh? By 8:30... ! I need to get there fast!!"

    Seeing that he only had a bit of time left to complete the sudden quest, Shi Won mustered all of his remaining energy to sprint to the shopping district

    "Huff.. huff.. I made it..."

    He then checked the time using his watch

    [Time: 8:29 am]

    "Phew.. I barely made it..."


    [Random quest: Part 1 completed]

    [Part 2: Go to .... alley and walk 30 meters south then turn at ....]

    "Hmm a multiple part quest? Let's see what reward I get for this."

    Shi Won then followed the instructions and arrived by a road where many ppl sold things on the side of the street


    [Random quest: Part 2 Complete]

    [Random quest: Part 3: Look for an old man by ... next to ... and look at his items]

    "Strange, is the system giving me a quest to buy a mysterious object?"

    He then walked around for a bit and finally found the old man the system had recognised

    "Welcome young man, please take a look at my humble wares."

    "My pleasure." Shi Won nodded as he looked around for a while being he stumbled upon a strange object

    Suddenly within his body as if it had called for him, Shi Won felt a strange sensation as if he resonated with the object. The object seemed like a regular roof tile at first glance, however if one were to look at it closely they would see strange inscriptions carved onto the tile, if Shi Won had not paid attention to it he too would've missed it

    "This tile..."

    "Young man, you indeed have good eyes. This must be destiny, you may take away this tile without paying a single cent."

    "What? I can't do that.. you must be selling items here because you need the money.."

    "Please accept it, I can tell that there is a special fate between the two of us. I wouldn't feel happy even if someone paid a million won for the tile!"


    "Alright then, thank you!"

    Shi Won then picked up the tile and received a notification


    [Random quest: Complete]

    [Reward: 3 stat points and 3000 gold]

    "Sweet! 3 stat points for me to invest. I'll allocate them later, first I need to go home and have a shower."

    Shi Won then turned around to face the old man only to see that he is gone as if he had never existed in the first place

    "What the.."

    He turned and asked the lady next to where the old man had been

    "Excuse me, did you happen to see where the old man over there went off too?"

    "What old man? There was noone there the entire time, you looked like a lunatic doing some roleplay by yourself,  Haha"

    "What? I was clearly talking to an old man the entire time, look I even got this from him just now!"

    "That stinkin old tile? It was lying there for ages, until you came along and picked it up as if it were a treasure. Crazy kid."

    "Ah! Thanks for your time."

    Park Shi Won then put the tile into his inventory

    Woosh* It instantly disappeared and appeared in his inventory interface. Afterward he ran home as quickly as he could to have a shower then allocated his newly gained stat points
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