9 Rank E Ring


    [Strength: 2]

    [Endurance: 2]

    [Agility: 2]

    [Intelligence: 1]

    [Luck: 1]

    [Available points: 3]

    'Hmm, for now I won't put too many into any certain stat and keep a balanced build. Also my skills also require certain stats to improve."

    [Confirm selection?]





    [Strength: 3]

    [Endurance: 2]

    [Agility: 2]

    [Intelligence: 2]

    [Luck: 2]

    "Hmm not bad.. I'll go do some research and look for any open Rings."

    Shi Won then went on his computer and surfed the web for any news. After a while he found an article that piqued his interest

    "Let's see now.."

    [Appearance of a strange Ring]

    [Just last night, the sightings of a newly formed Ring appeared. It's color is completely different to the average Ring. This has brought the attention of the large guilds and the Hunter Association who will possibly be sending in their best teams.........]

    After reading the article and looking at a picture of the new Ring, Park Shi Won went onto the Hunter Association website and logged in to sign up for some newly opened E rank Rings

    "Let's see now, there are about 5 newly opened ones and apparently one of them has far weaker energy than the average E rank Ring.."

    Taking an interest in the Ring, Park Shi Won clicked the link and read the details...

    "What?! The Ring has such low energy that the Association is letting hunters take it on by themselves? Sign me up right now!"

    Click* Click*

    [E rank Ring application success]

    "Sweet, I'll go after changing.."


    After changing into a comfortable set of clothing, Park Shi Won left the house and took a taxi to the location of the newly formed Ring. Once he arrived, he paid the fare of 10000 Won then stepped out and stood in front of the Ring. He took a deep breath as he thought about the recent Ring he had been in which could've been his grave

    "Huff.. Let's do this! Since they allowed even I, who is known as the weakest to enter the Ring it should be fine. Besides I have the system now, with enough training and levels I can surpass even SS rank hunters.."

    After taking a deep breath, Shi Won entered the Ring and took out the [Sword of Will] from his inventory. Walking down the corridor of the Ring, he looked around at the castle like walls and candles hanging off them

    After a while, he noticed the faint presence of a hound. grr* grr* The hound growled and bared its fangs as it set its crimson red eyes upon Park Shi Won. It took action first and pounced on all fours at him

    Seeing the hound jump at him suddenly, Park Shi Won dodged by turning his body to one side and swung his sword down at the hound

    Splat* Splat* Awooooo*

    Ding* [Grey hound 50 exp acquired]

    With just one swing, the hound is cut in half by the sword. Suddenly a pack of hounds appeared slowly after smelling their companions spilt blood

    "Damn! With just one swing the hound died!"

    Noticing it's companions, Park Shi Won took the initiative to charge at the pack and swung the sword around as if he were a peerless swordsman with years of experience

    Awoo* Awoo*

    Thanks to the skill [God of War], Shi Won's mastery of the sword became maxed giving him great skill and precision with every cut

    Ding* Ding* [Grey hound x13 650 exp acquired]

    Ding* [Level up]

    [Player: Park Shi Won (Level 2)]

    [Stat point available: 2]

    After killing off a dozen or so hounds in a few seconds, the rest of the hounds ran as if they had seen a ghost

    "Oh no you don't."

    As if he could always do it, Park Shi Won took a few swings in the air which became physical attacks and flew towards the escaping hounds

    [Ability: Beginner Sword Qi {F} acquired (Upgradable)]

    Awoo* Awoo*

    Ding* [Grey hound x6 350 exp acquired]

    "What the heck? Sword qi? Did I just gain an eastern fantasy novel move? I don't even have an ounce of qi in my body how is it possible?"

    "What was that natural feeling I felt when holding the sword? It must be thanks to [God of War]."

    Park Shi Won then gathered up the drops from the grey hounds

    [Grey hound fang x19 acquired ] {F}

    [Grey hound hide x19 acquired] {F}

    [900 Gold acquired]

    After looting the hounds, Park Shi Won continued going deeper inside the dungeon


    After a while, he encountered some more hounds and killed them to gain a level. He then invested some points into his stats before continuing

    A while later, he encountered a different monster. He stood behind the corner of a wall in the corridor and peeked at his new foe

    [Goblin grunt]

    Park Shi Won quickly killed it with his [Sword Qi] skill and cut it cleanly in half without even giving it a chance to react or squeal. He then walked up to it and looted it before keeping watch for more goblins

    "Hmm, its name is white just like the hounds so I think it's safe to assume that I can easily kill them. I have yet to see a different colour name for any of the monsters so I guess I'm relatively safe in here."

    After pondering for a bit, Park Shi Won walked around killing everything in site. The dungeon reeked in the smell of fresh blood with almost every step he took. Though they were weak, the goblins he encountered were high in quantity providing him with a lot of loot and exp

    Ding* [Level Up]

    [Player: Park Shi Won (Level 5)]

    [Stat points available: 4]

    After a while, Shi Won sat down and had a drink of water from a bottle he took out of his inventory

    Glug* Glug*

    Drinking half of the water at once, Park Shi Won felt better instantly then got up and walked for a bit before discovering the door to the boss room

    Push* Whoom*

    The sound of a squeaky  wooden door opens, inside the boss room, dozens of goblins of different types along with a huge goblin all turned and stared at Park Shi Won

    Closing the door behind him, Shi Won took a deep breath before charging at the crowd of goblins
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