11 The women in the alleyway

    Once the trio had a great dinner, Park Shi Won got up to pay the bill as the twins stood outside to wait. After coming out from the shop, he heard the twins shouting something

    "Wow what a pretty noona!"

    "She really is pretty!"

    "Who are you guys talking about?"

    "Ah hyung! We just saw an incredibly beautiful woman."

    "Hmm.. Since you guys have put it that way, it kinda makes me curious.. But hey, beauties and I have nothing to do with each other. Now let's go home."

    After saying that, the trio left the storefront and bought a few snacks to eat on the way home. After walking for a while, the trio walked past a dark alleyway and heard the sound of some people fighting

    "Hyung, there's people fighting should we stop it?"

    "That's the job of the police to stop people from fighting."

    "Enough, let's report it and leave."

    Taking out his phone, Park Shi Won is about to report the incident. Suddenly they hear a man shouting


    Giving his phone to Shi Min, Shi Won quickly dashed into the scene where he heard the voice. Slightly before arriving at the scene, Shi Won sensed the presence of a dozen or so people, making out that one or two of them seemed to be female whilst the rest were all men. Once he arrived, Shi Won saw the ten or so men with their heads stuck inside a brick wall in front of him

    Before he could even make out the situation, one of the females who covered her face in a mask sent a kick at his face. Park Shi Won barely dodged it by tilting his head sideways then grabbed her leg with one arm and pulled her towards him

    "Hey, why did you suddenly attack me?"

    "Shut up! You're with them, aren't you! All men are the same!"

    "The hell are you on about? I came here just now hearing a guy scream then you suddenly send a kick at my face. Have you gone to the hospital for a checkup?"

    "You! You're the one who needs a checkup! Now let go of me!"

    Suddenly, Shi Won noticed that he was abnormally close to the woman that he had pulled in without realizing. He then let go of her as she fell on the floor on her bottom

    "Hey! Is that how you treat a woman!"

    "A normal woman wouldn't just attack someone out of nowhere!"


    The woman then got up and rubbed her bottom as her comrade who also covered her face with a mask closed in on the two talking and bowed

    "Sorry about that, my friend thought you were with them. I apologize on her behalf."

    "Don't apologize! I did nothing wrong! It's his own fault!"

    The woman easing the pain of her bottom glares at Park Shi Won furiously

    "Can't you just admit you're own mistake?"

    After saying that, Park Shi Won looked at the men with their heads stuck in a brick wall then looked back at the two woman

    "So what's the story here?"

    "Hmph it's none of your business!"

    "Actually, the two of us were looking for a place. It's our first time around this area, those guys said they knew where it is so we hesitantly followed them. After coming into this alleyway I thought it was suspicious for it to be in such a place so we tried to back away only to be stopped by the men who wanted to rob us."

    "Rob you? Hang on..."

    Park Shi Won then looked at both girls and saw famous brand names on each piece of their clothing excluding their boots

    "I see how this went..."

    "Anyways you should report them, I need to go now my siblings are waiting for me."

    After saying that he turned around only to be stopped

    "You're a hunter, aren't you?"

    "That's right, I'm an E rank hunter."

    "An E rank? Even though I held back a lot, a regular D rank would have some trouble dodging my kick..."

    "Once again, I'm sorry about this."

    "Don't worry about it, I'm going now. Don't worry I won't report you guys or anything."

    After saying goodbye, Park Shi Won left and met up with his siblings who asked him a few questions as they walked home

    Once he arrived home, Park Shi Won couldn't help but to remember about the two girls, even though they were wearing a mask, he could tell that they were beautiful from their eyes and their body

    "Hang on, what am I thinking about!"

    He then slapped himself in the cheek before going to his room and wait for his siblings to take a shower before his turn
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