10 The Goblin King

    Eeek* Eeek*

    Park Shi Won charged into the crowd of goblins with a sword in hand and killed dozens with every slash as if he were a war god. The boss stayed in its seat as it watched its kinsman die by the hands of a human

    Poof* Poof*

    The mage goblins sent out different elemental attacks which were cut in half by Shi Won's sword qi. With every swing of his sword he could feel his strength getting higher

    With his peerless sword mastery, Park Shi Won pulled off moves that are thought to be impossible in real life. This could only be achieved due to his [God of War] ability passive and his few stat points he had put into agility

    After killing off a large group of goblins, four larger goblins came out from behind the boss. Park Shi Won looked at the four goblins as they approached him slowly

    Thump* Thump*

    [Goblin General]

    [Difficulty: Yellow]

    "They don't appear to be as strong as they look since they have a yellow name... Well here goes nothing."

    Before the goblin general's could react, Shi Won used his superior agility to get around behind one of the four and then cut its right leg before jumping up and slicing it in half from head down


    He then used his sword qi to attack the other three from afar and killed them within 5 moves each

    [Goblin General x4 1000 exp acquired]


    [Level up]

    [Player: Park Shi Won (level 8)

    Seeing that all of its kinsman and servants were taken out, the boss finally got up from its seat and roared


    [Goblin King]

    [Difficulty: Orange]

    Without letting it have a chance to attack him, Park Shi Won jumped back and sent sword qi at the goblin king before closing in by hiding behind the qi, he turned and appeared beside it and swung down his sword as hard as he could


    The goblin king lost one of its ears and was hit by the sword qi, taking all the damage it fell backwards nearly slamming into the walls. Park Shi Won jumped back and put his sword away to try out his awakened ability

    [Model Creator activate]

    From his right hand, a small cube pops out of his palm and rotates as it slowly expanded in size. With his current stats, the size is only about 5 cubic meters. However this is enough to create models to his liking

    Using his [Model Creator] ability, Park Shi Won visualised the hounds he had fought before entering the boss room. Using all his mana, he created as many hounds as he could

    Grr* Grr*

    8 hounds slowly came out from within the cube one by one, they look and have identical abilities and strength as the real thing. With this, Park Shi Won had a small army of grey hounds to fight the boss

    With his current [Strength] Park Shi Won could fight evenly or maybe even overpower the boss with his bare hands hence he had put his sword away. The boss seeing a small army appear out of nowhere became startled as it slowly stood back up on its two feet

    Shi Won then ordered the hounds to attack the boss and keep it occupied whilst he ran at it with full speed and punched with all his might. The boss reacted by swinging it's 10 meter long and 3 meters wide club at Shi Won

    Bang* Clash*

    Shi Won's fist made a small crack on the club as it flew back along with the bosses arm, he took the chance to jump up and punch the bosses face


    Taking Shi Won's fist, the boss flew backwards into the wall whilst the hounds pounced at it and tore  away at its skin slowly. Park Shi Won then prepared to go in for the kill and recalled the models then jumped up and rotated his body in a 45 degree angle and swung his arm down whilst spinning like a ferris wheel



    [Goblin King 3000 exp acquired]


    [Level up]

    [Player: Park Shi Won (Level 9)]

    [Available points: 8]

    After defeating the boss, Shi Won rested for a bit before looting all the goblins which gave him a few items

    [Item: Magic Cloak: +10% resistance to magic and +10% increased healing] {D}

    "Nice, a D rank item."

    [Leather Gloves: 5 Physical defence]

    [Leather Boots: 6 Physical defence]

    [Leather Chestpiece: 9 Physical defence]

    [23043 Gold acquired]

    "Hmm, I'm not sure how much damage resistance each point of physical defence gives.. I'll need to give it a try later."

    After looting all the goblins and putting his new equipment away, Park Shi Won left the boss room and prepared to leave the Ring


    Stepping out of the Ring, Shi Won felt immense joy in being able to clear a Ring by himself even if it was weak. Compared to the past when he couldn't even fight against the weakest of enemies, the progress he made is massive


    The Ring disappeared from the spot as if it had never existed in the first place. Park Shi Won then took out his phone and called a tab to the Hunter Association to report that he had cleared the Ring

    Arriving at the association, he paid the fare before entering the 10 story building. On his way in near the entrance, some hunters recognised him and gossiped loudly so that he could hear it. Ignoring them, he reported at the receptionist about his feat. At first the receptionist and the hunters around him thought he provided false information before scanning his license to confirm that he had indeed cleared the Ring on his own

    "This... Is the weakest really that weak? He just cleared a Ring all on his own even if it were weak. The rumours must of been fake afterall, how can someone be that weak as if he were just a regular person."

    After receiving his payment for clearing the Ring, Park Shi Won went to the shop just next to the reception to exchange his loot for cash

    "Hello there, what do you have for us today."

    Suddenly a stack of items appear out of nowhere on the tabletop scaring the shop owner

    "Yee! Where.. where did they come from?"

    "Nevermind that give me a price, 19 greyhound fangs and 19 greyhound hides, along with these weapons."

    Wiping his sweat, the owner stared at the items and thought for a bit before giving a price

    "Greyhound fangs are 8000 Won each and since the hide is in almost perfect condition I'm willing to pay 15000 per hide. Those weapons aren't worth much but can be recycled so about 23000 Won for all of them and that club for 30000 Won, how does that sound?"


    The two then made the exchange then Park Shi Won left the association building with a huge grin on his face

    "Just a single rank E Ring and I've already made 490 000 Won, no wonder everyone wants to be a hunter... I wonder how much SS ranks earn..."

    After leaving the association, Shi Won went to the hospital to pay for his mother's hospital bills

    "Alright, I need to get stronger and participate in more raids and earn as much as I can to pay for mom's heart operation... Right now I'm only left with 70000 Won, the operation costs 6 800 000 Won and may cost more.."

    After leaving the hospital, Shi Won went to pick up his siblings and bought them out to eat. He waited outside the school gate and sent a text to the twins who arrived shortly afterward



    "Are you really taking us to a restaurant today?!"

    "Of course, today I cleared a Ring and made some money. We can eat anywhere you guys want!"

    "Hey sis, where should we go eat?"

    "What a silly question, of course we will go eat meat! Oppa let's go have some korean beef!"

    "Sure thing."

    The trio then left to go have dinner at a korean bbq shop
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