12 The luggage man

    The next morning, Park Shi Won got up early as per usual to make breakfast for the trio before leaving the house in his sportswear to complete the daily quest. After completing it he saved his stat points for use when he needs it

    Once he got home, he logged onto the hunter association website to look for newly emerged Rings to join. After browsing for a while, he found 3 E Rank Rings that are each missing about one or two members. Looking at the information, the date for each Ring is evenly spread out with one Ring per day consecutively

    He then sent his application request to join the party for all three Rings then logged off and changed into a black tracksuit from the brand N*ke

    "Hmm, I really should buy some new clothes later on... But these brand items sure are expensive... It took a few months of savings just for this single tracksuit."

    Looking at his shabby clothing with a few holes, Shi Won became just a bit more determined to earn money. He then made sure to bring all the necessities such as food and water along with some bandages and placed them into his inventory box. After making sure he had everything he could need, he locked the door and took a cab to the location of the first Ring


    On the way to the first Ring, Shi Won heard a notification on his phone so he took it out and checked it whilst the taxi driver isn't looking

    [Your application(s) are successful]

    [Rank E date: 6/4/xx]

    [Rank E date: 7/4/xx]

    [Rank E date: 8/4/xx]

    "Oh? All three of them accepted me into their party?"

    The application system worked by sending a hunters information such as name, age, rank, fighting style  and the number of Ring's successfully cleared. This enabled hunters to choose the most suitable party member that may be required to clear a dungeon

    After checking his phone, Park Shi Won put it away as he had arrived at his destination. After getting off the cab and paying the fare, he made his way to the rest of the hunters who were waiting for him

    Seeing that he arrived, the party leader checked his license to confirm his identity then gathered everyone around to assign their roles

    "Alright everyone is here, I'll be assigning roles now. First the tanks will be An Minsu, Hong Hee Chul and I Man Nam Il. For DPS we have hunters Hung In Su, Noe Bo Ra and Im Hye Gyo. For ranged we have Cho In Ho and Pae Nam Il. For support we have Hwan Young Ja and finally our luggage man  Park Shi Won. All together we have 2 D ranks and 8 E ranks, any complaints?"

    "No sir!"

    "Alright everyone give hunter Park Shi Won your luggage, but if it's too big carry it yourself!"

    A couple hunters walked up to Shi Won and steered as they  gave him their bags to carry then walked off next to the leader as the group prepared to step into the Ring

    "Sigh.. looks like I'll need to quickly get stronger so I can take a rank retest so that people will stop looking down on me.."

    Every hunter who awakens is measured by a specially made instrument that measures a hunter's power based on the energy it gives off then gives them a fixed rating. However this instrument may not always be accurate which had made mistakes in the past letting the association miss out on recruiting high ranking hunters into their numbers. This lead to them creating a system that enabled hunters who would like to take a retest to gain a higher rank

    "With my current strength, I wonder how I compare against D rank hunters..."


    Woosh* x10

    Stepping inside the Ring, one could instantly tell that they were inside of a castle. With large brick walls in 3 directions along with torches hanging off the side of the walls. The party proceeded to explore deeper into the dungeon

    After a couple hundred meters, the party encountered their first enemies. A few large rabbits the size of boulders with razor sharp teeth could be seen grouped up, their sinister red eyes gave a slight sense of dread as more of them gathered in the darkness once they spotted the humans in front of them

    Without receiving any orders from the leader, the tanks automatically charged at the group of rabbits whilst the dps were not far behind them, the ranged attackers stood far back and readied their spells or bow whilst Park Shi Won stood at the back and waited for some rabbits to die

    Clash* Bang*

    Once a rabbit died, Shi Won instantly used his [Model Creator] ability and replicated a rabbit then used to to fight against the real rabbits. Though he didn't fight himself this way of fighting still gave him exp and no one would notice as he got stronger

    Ding* Ding*

    [Boulder Rabbits x12 600 xp acquired]

    [480 Gold acquired]

    After wiping out the group of rabbits, the party continued to make their way to the boss room. After a while, the group encountered more monsters and made the same approach to quickly eliminate the monsters. Park Shi Won standing at the back with all the luggage gained a level which now made him level 10

    Once the fight finished, the group stopped to have a rest whilst the healer healed the injured hunters. After a brief break and everyone is back to full health, the party continued their journey. Encounter after encounter, the group finally made it to the boss room. Before entering, the party healed whilst the leader showed them a different formation

    After the briefing, the tanks opened the door whilst everyone else quickly got inside


    After everyone entered the room, the doors were closed and everyone faced the boss. A giant beast that seemed to be half rabbit and half horse sat on top of its kin whilst being fed raw meat. Noticing the intruders in its home, the boss ordered its servants to attack

    "Everyone proceed with caution and follow the plans! Stay in formation! Park Shi Won stay behind us and don't run off far away!"


    Park Shi Won nodded as the party begun their hunt. The ranged hunters instantly fired and took out the sideline monsters whilst the tanks ran in to cover the damage, the dps charged in with great speeds and attacked every monster in their path

    The tanks all carried huge shields with 2 meters in height and 1.5 meters in width. The tanks gave the hunters a sense of relief as they knew they would be safe with the tanks around. One of the ranged attackers who is a mage sent out a huge elemental attack taking out a huge portion of the monsters whilst the other shot multiple arrows with one attack

    Park Shi Won too participated in the fight, he created multiple replicas of the dead monsters and attacked the monsters near the back and kept them out of sight from the hunters. Giving him a lot of xp and gold, Park Shi Won smiled with glee
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