13 The Change

    After a while, all the boss's minions were killed. Their corpses lying around caused a nauseous smell to flow around the room. After seeing its servants killed, the boss finally took action.

    Neigh* Neigh*


    "It's upper body is a rabbit but it still makes horse sounds..."

    The hunters all followed the strategy that the party leader had planned, after 20 minutes or so the party defeated the boss whilst Park Shi Won hit it with invisible sword qi giving him a large amount of xp and gold.Just before it died, It fell on all four knees before making a final cry then died at last

    [Half rabbit half horse beast 6000 exp acquired]

    Ding* [Level up]

    [Player: Park Shi Won (Level 11)

    [4000 Gold acquired]

    The hunters then gathered all the corpse in one place and ravaged them for loot, Park Shi Won waited for everyone to loot before checking the monsters with the system for anything he could still take. Unfortunately everything was taken by the hunters leaving nothing left for for him to take. However the boss being its size made the hunters too lazy to take all of its drops in turn benefitting Park Shi Won who barely fought

    Standing behind the boss and out of the parties sight, Park Shi Won checked the boss and discovered a few useful items

    [Half rabbit half horse tooth: the tooth of a half rabbit half horse beast, durable and can be used to make weapons]

    [Half rabbit half horse shoe: the shoe of a half rabbit half horse beast, durable and can be used to make weapons]

    [Half rabbit half horse hide: the hide of a half rabbit half horse beast, durable and can be used to make a fur coat]

    "Oh? These can get me some money, unfortunately there were no weapon drops. Anyways let's move before they start to ask me questions."

    Park Shi Won then quickly moved back to the party as they were heading back outside the dungeon. The party then walked for a while before making it to the exit then went out one by one

    Woosh* Woosh* x5

    After everyone excited, the leader gave everyone their shares including Park Shi Won's share of 100 000 Won. He then left the site and went to the association to confirm his successful raid and traded the items for money then went to the supermarket to buy groceries for the day's dinner


    After buying the ingredients, Park Shi Won immediately went home to start making dinner for the trio. Afterwards he took a shower as he waited for the twins to arrive home

    After taking a shower, Park Shi Won checked his stats


    [Strength: 3]

    [Endurance: 2]

    [Agility: 2 ]

    [Intelligence: 2]

    [Luck: 2]

    [Available points: 13]

    "Hmm.. I still have plenty of points, I don't think I'll rely too much on luck so it will be my lowest stat.."

    After deciding for a while, Park Shi Won distributed his stats like so


    [Strength: 6]

    [Endurance: 6]

    [Agility: 5]

    [Intelligence: 4]

    [Luck: 2]

    [Available points: 1]





    After confirming his stats, he checked another tab that is in the stat section which showed his total stats along with the stats he gained automatically when leveling up

    [Overall stats:]

    [Strength: 17]

    [Endurance: 17]

    [Agility: 16]

    [Intelligence: 15]

    [Luck: 12]

    After checking his stats, Park Shi Won noticed the changes to his body. Having some points in [Strength] and [Endurance] made his body gain more muscles and increased his height considerably. Previously being frail and skinny, he now has 6 abbs along with a thick chest, big biceps, triceps etc. Even his legs are no exception, however his newly gained muscles weren't exaggerated giving him a sort of skinny look but once he takes off his shirt it would be muscles galore

    His height also grew from roughly 170 cm to over 180cm, his already handsome face could only become more perfect with his sword like eyebrows that weren't too thick or too thin, a sharp but not pointy nose along with perfect lips that would make females want to kiss him with just a glance at it. His skin which had already been great became even smoother without a hint of tan making him look as flawless as jade even though he is a male, his flawless skin would even put top celebrities in Korea such as S*ng Hye Kyo or Park S*in Hye to shame

    "This.. this is quite the drastic change.. Will my siblings even recognise me? What about mother once she's had her operation?"

    After a while, the twins arrived home, when they saw their older brother the two of them froze from the shock

    "Hy.. hyung?!"


    "Hahah, I knew you guys would be surprised. I'm not sure what happened either but on the way back from a raid, I went and took a shower then noticed the changes..."

    "Hyung! You're even more handsome than L*e Min Ho and Park B* Gum who were listed in the top 100 faces in the world back before Rings appeared!"


    "Just go take a shower..."


    After staring at their older brother for a few minutes, the twins finally moved from their spot and took turns taking a shower before having dinner. After dinner, the twins went to do their homework whilst Shi Won went out to buy some new clothing for himself as his drastic change made his clothing barely fit him


    Since he had quite a bit of money, Shi Won took a cab to a large mall and went into a sports shop. His perfectly sculptured face bought the attention of the females whilst the males all looked at him with envy. The female employees fought each other to talk to Shi Won who had been trying out a few different sets of sportswear

    After choosing a few sets from big brands such as N*ke, A*didas and U*derarmour, he stood by the counter to pay for the clothes. The employee at the reception however stared at him and had some saliva dripping down from her cherry like lips, it wasn't until Shi Won had to call her a few times before she finally responded and wiped away the saliva

    After paying for the new sportswear, Shi Won then went to buy a few pairs of shoes. He bought a casual pair, one for formal occasions and a pair for doing raids. Coming out from the mall, Shi Won carried multiple bags in hand as he waited for a cab to pick him up
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