14 The Key Ques

    Once he arrived home, Shi Won unlocked the door as he dropped the bags on the ground to take out his keys. After locking the door, he quietly went to his room and threw the bags on the floor before brushing his teeth then went to bed. The next morning, he prepared breakfast as per usual then went out to participate in the next raid. After clearing the raid, he got his rewards and exchanged his loot for money. This happened for two days in a row and he gained a couple levels and a decent amount of gold

    The day after the third raid, Shi Won went to the hospital to pay for his mother's hospital fees. With the leftover money, he saved it up and spent it scarcely. That day, he went home then suddenly a new notification popped up from the system


    [A new quest has arrived]

    [Check quest details?]





    [A limited time quest has arrived: Complete the mysterious dungeon within one week]

    [Rewards: 5 stat points, a random piece of armour and 30000 gold]

    [Quest item: Mysterious dungeon key Non-tradeable (Easy)]

    [Accept quest?]




    [Quest accepted]

    [Failure to complete within seven days will result in the host permanently losing 3 points in each stat as well as the daily quest removed for one month]

    "The penalty is really heavy!"

    "I'll need to start it as soon as possible, I don't know how long it will take to complete the dungeon after all. I'll need to go and buy some food and water in case I won't be staying home for the few days or so..."

    After receiving the notification, Park Shi Won left a note for his siblings and transferred money to their accounts so that they could eat out if he didn't return for a while. He then took a cab to the supermarket and bought an entire weeks worth of food and water and put them into his inventory

    He then checked the location to use the mysterious key used to trigger the start of the quest

    [Mysterious key (Easy) Location: Changdeokgung Palace (Seoul)]



    [Host will know where to use the key once he has arrived at the designated location]

    After checking the location, he took a cab again to arrive at Changdeokgung Palace. Once he arrived, he walked around for a while before noticing a pink light flowing out of one of the stones near the palaces entrance. After looking around to make sure that no one would look at him, he took the key out of his inventory and pointed it towards the light


    After feeling dizzy for a second or two, Shi Won arrived inside the dungeon. Looking around at the walls he noticed that it looked like an old abandoned church, with pictures of various gods and demons on the walls along with glass windows that he couldn't see the other side through. After looking around, he checked the remaining time he had left

    [Time remaining: 167 hrs 59 mins 53 secs]

    "Alright, let's do this!"

    He then walked forward and kept his guard up in preparation for any ambushes. After walking for a while, he encountered a swarm of bats who hid in the darkness of the ceiling. Since he couldn't reach them with his arms, Shi Won took out his sword from his inventory and sent out sword qi at the bats

    Shiek* Shiek*

    One wave of sword qi killed dozens of bats after killing them all, he looted them then continued his journey. As he went deeper, he noticed the presence of a living being who appeared to be a human but had small fangs hanging from its mouth as it slept upside down on the ceiling

    "A vampire? I didn't bring any garlick with me.. Jokes aside, I hope it's not too strong..."


    [Difficulty: orange]

    "It's even stronger than the Goblin King huh.."

    Taking action first, Shi Won sent out sword qi at the vampire. Sensing an enemy attack, the vampire woke up instantly and dodged just before the qi hit it by turning into bats and appeared in a different location


    The vampire flew towards Shi Won then as it closed in on him, its fangs became sharper as it bit towards him. Shi Won blocked using his sword then pushed it back using the sword handle before jumping back and sent five waves of sword qi at it. He then ran forward and hid amidst the sword qi then spun with his sword in hand

    Shi* Shi*

    The vampire dodged four waves of sword qi before being scratched by the fifth wave. Not noticing Shi Won as it had just taken damage, it couldn't dodge in time

    Bang* Slash*

    His sword cut through the vampire leaving its body split in two as it shrieked. Suddenly it's body became bats as it moved and joined its body back together

    "What the! How am I supposed to kill it!"

    He then remembered the UV flashlight he bought with him in case

    "That's right! I forgot about that."

    He then took it out and gripped it hard as he shone the light at the vampire

    Shiek* Shiek*

    Smoke started coming out from the vampire's body, taking this chance Shi Won sent sword qi at it then finally killed it


    [Vampire 10000 xp acquired]

    [5000 gold acquired]


    [Level up]

    [Player: Park Shi Won (Level: 15)]

    [Available points: 13]

    After leveling up, the system sent him a notice


    [Shop system has been unlocked]

    [Would host like to view details?]



    "A shop? I can finally use my gold now."








    "Oh? There's a lot of options... Even magic and skills are separated.."
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