15 The Shop

    [Gold: 36423]

    "Hmm I don't really need any weapons.. My skills are fine so I guess I'll look at some armour and magic."


    [SSS rank]

    [SS rank]

    [S rank]

    [A rank]

    [B rank]

    [C rank]

    [D rank]

    [E rank]

    [F rank]

    "Let's look at the SSS rank items.."


    [Hero's Set {SSS}: A white set of armour worn by a mythical hero in another world. Wearer is immune to all types of magic attacks and enables user to have 30% increased stats with Holy Swords]

    [Defence: 25000]

    [100% Magic resistance]

    [Price: 100 000 000 00]

    [Dragon God set {SSS}: A set of armour made from the scales of the Dragon God. All reptiles will kneel before the aura of the set as well as immunity to all magic attacks]

    [Defence: 27000]

    [100% Magic resistance]

    [Passive: Aura of the Dragon God]

    [Price: 100 000 000 00]

    [Heavenly Sage's  set {SSS}: A set of cloth armour owned and blessed by the Heavenly Sage who had later on ascended into the heavens. Provides 300% Amplification for all magic based attacks as well as 100% immunity to magical attacks]

    [Defence: 20000]

    [+100% Mana capacity]

    [100% Magic Immunity]

    [300% Magic Amplification]

    [God of War set {SSS}: A set of armour worn by the God of War himself. Provides magic immunity. All damage taken will be reflected against the damage dealer as well as increased stats with weapons]

    [Defence: 25000]

    [100% Damage reflection]

    [+100% Stats with weapons]

    [100% Magic immunity]

    [Price: 100 000 000 00]


    "Holy hell! 100 Billion!! How many years will it take to buy even a single set! Nevermind let's go check out the D rank armour.."

    [D rank]

    [Reinforced Iron set {D}: A set of armour made of reinforced iron]

    [Defence: 200]

    [Price: 10 000]

    After searching for a while, Park Shi Won noticed a set of armour that is different to the others

    [God of Wars First Armour {D}: A set of armour that belonged to the God of War during his early years. Provides 10% Damage reduction as well as 12% resistance to all magic. Provides 10% increase stats whilst wielding a weapon]

    [Defence: 350]

    [10% Damage reflection]

    [12% resistance to magic]

    [10% stat increase with weapons]

    [Price: 30 000]

    "That's almost all my gold.. But with such stats it's all worth it, it's probably even better than some A rank sets!"

    Without any hesitation, Park Shi Won bought the set of armour and wore it straight away. Afterwards he looked at the magic section of the shop


    [F rank]

    [Fireball {F}: a regular fireball]

    [Price: 5000]

    "Just a regular fireball spell costs 5000 huh.. Magic sure is expensive..."

    After browsing for a bit, he decided to buy a spell that casts a binding around a target, though it may sound useless the binding can trap his enemies in place whilst he attacks them. It's also useful for escaping even if the binding breaks, it may delay them for even a second

    After buying the spell, he took it out from his inventory and learnt it

    [Bind {F}]

    [Learn Magic?]




    After learning the binding spell, Shi Won continued to walk deeper inside the dungeon. After walking for a while he encountered some more vampires which he killed using the uv flashlight and sword qi like the previous ones. After killing a few of them he gained another level and saved his stat points for later use

    A while later he encountered some gargoyles, though they were big they were still somewhat fast and could use fire magic. After taking a few hits to test out how much damage he takes, Shi Won became shocked after seeing that the dozen or so gargoyles that are only a bit weaker than the vampires only cut down 20% of his max hp even after a few minutes of just standing there

    Park Shi Won then tried out his bind magic on multiple monsters at once before finishing them off with sword qi. After resting for a bit and having a meal, he checked the remaining time left

    [Time remaining: 120:43:23]

    "Hmm I've already spent over fourty hrs in here even though it only felt like a few hours.."

    He then continued his way to the boss room after checking the remaining time. After a seven minute walk, Shi Won sensed a large group of vampires and gargoyles all together in one location. Hiding his presence, he used his [Model Creator] ability to create multiple gargoyle heads and used them to shoot fireballs at the group of monsters

    Woosh* Woosh*


    After killing all the monsters, received multiple notifications from the system



    [Level up]

    [Level up]

    After looting all the monsters, Shi Won discovered an accessory from a vampire

    [Vampire's Earring {D}: An accessory that can only be found by killing vampires]


    [8% lifesteal]

    [+8% healing]

    "Sweet a useful accessory, it looks pretty nice so I wonder if I can make it visible to everyone."


    [Vampire Earring {D}]





    After making the earrings visible, Shi Won changed it so that it would only appear on his left ear. He then looked at the design of the earring since he still had plenty of time left to complete the dungeon

    He saw a shining white silver colored cross that is three centimeters in length and had a blazing red gem in the middle of it that resembled blood. Not only that it had another piece that pierced the pinna and another piece that resembled a plate stuck around the outer ear
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