16 The Bishop

    After checking out the earring, Shi Won resumed his quest. After putting in some points into strength, he decided to put his sword away and fight with his fists. Encountering some more vampires, he threw out punches like a torrent of rain giving them no chance to recover being pitifully dying in his hands

    [Vampire x5 1230 xp acquired]

    [800 gold acquired]

    On the path forward, every monster that Shi Won encountered met their maker at his meteor like punches. After fighting a large army of monsters he gained two levels then advanced towards the boss room

    After a while, Shi Won made it to the door to the bossroom. The large wooden door is 10 meters in height and 5 meters in width, it had metal lining in every gap between the sturdy wood as well as a place to put his palms onto. Recovering his stamina, he placed his palms on the prints as he prepared to open the large doors as soon as he is ready to advance

    Slide* Slide*

    The large wooden door slowly opens as Shi Won gives it a light push. As he steps forward, an empty church room with rows and rows of seats as well as a giant cross in the middle of the room. As he moves away from the door, it slowly closes as it makes a noise

    Taking each step cautiously, Shi Won scans the room as he notices a single presence. As if they could feel each other, the presence appeared in front of him slowly. Shi Won looks at the formidable foe before him as he scans it

    [Holy Bishop]

    [Difficulty: Dark Red]

    The Bishop, wore a large white gown with gold lining etched into it. Not only is it's gown white and gold it's shoes, hat and staff were the same

    "My first dark red enemy huh.. It's time to push myself to my limit and fight or else I won't survive against such a foe."

    Without holding back, Shi Won disappeared from his spot as if he could teleport and appeared behind the Bishop and threw a heavy punch. Responding to Shi Won, the Bishop moved and swung it's staff in the direction of Shi Won


    His fist collides with the staff being sent flying back a few meters, Shi Won feels his entire right arm go numb from the exchange. The bishop then instantly casted a light element spell which blinded Shi Won for a few seconds. Rubbing his eyes, the bishop appeared next to him and swung its staff at his stomach


    Shi Won spat a mouthful of blood as he is sent flying threw the rows of seats. Feeling the immense pain that could've made him faint, Shi Won bites his tongue to keep himself awake otherwise he wouldn't live to see another day

    The pain he felt from just one attack made him realise just how weak he really was. Gritting his teeth, he bought a potion from the shop and drank it before standing up and taking out his sword from his inventory. Using the bind spell he tried to keep the bishop in place, however it broke as soon as it made contact with the bishop

    Shi Won got into a fighting stance with his sword in hand, waiting for even the slightest movement from the bishop before he made his move. The two stared at each other without any movements for a few minutes before the bishop finally moved

    It disappeared from its spot and swung its staff at Shi Won's head on his left side


    Shi Won calmed down and concentrated, using his great mastery of the sword parried it just in time then turned in slow motion and swung his sword without looking


    His attack managed to land a hit on the bishop. Closing his eyes, Shi Won used his other senses to tell the location of the bishop then attacked as if he were in slow motion

    Woosh* Woosh*

    The two exchanged countless blows with neither side winning, after pushing the bishop down to 30% of its hp left it used a recovery spell to heal its health back to 70%. Due to his low stamina, Shi Won couldn't use his mastery of the sword to its fullest. His hands grew numb from using the sword for so long

    Taking another potion to recover his hp, Shi Won once again exchanged blows with the bishop

    Woosh* Bang*

    Their flurry of attacks destroyed the surroundings, without slowing down the two hack and slashed with great speeds as they moved as if they were teleporting around the room. Suddenly, Shi Won had a new insight with the way of the sword as he fought. Slowing down his breathing, his movements became as smooth as water and as powerful as raging flames as he danced with a sword in hand against the bishop

    The bishops relentless attacks rained upon him as he smoothly parried them and attacked. Every time the bishop's hp reached a certain point it would disappear and heal before charging at Shi Won
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