17 The Spearman

    Seeing that his attacks were no longer effective against the bishop, Shi Won parried then swung his sword then backed off to the door. Putting away his sword, he chose to use one of his other abilities


    Woosh* Woosh*

    From Shi Won's body, a large amount of white smoke discharged from his body as his appearance changed. After a few seconds, a white haired figure holding a spear in hand appeared behind the bishop and stabbed as his long hair danced in the air

    The bishop tried to dodge it, however Shi Won's new form was too fast. He poked a large hole in the bishops stomach then continually stabbed like a raging storm endlessly then jumped onto the roof and dived down with his spear in front


    His few attacks in his new form cut the bishops hp down to less than 10%. Suddenly a red light appeared around the bishop as it goes berserk, it's movements became much faster and heavier as it slammed it's staff at Shi Won

    Shi Won parried it by using the front of the spear to direct it towards the bottom then spun his spear around and disarmed the bishop before he stabbed the bishop's head and ended its life


    [Holy Bishop 24000 xp acquired]

    [800 gold acquired]


    [Level up]

    After killing the bishop, Shi Won opened the system and looked at his new appearance. He saw a handsome face that didn't lose to his normal appearance. He had neat and long white hair that reached his butt not only is his hair white, so are his brows. His pupils are pink with a strange symbol in each of his eyes

    The change in his build were minimal however he found that his proficiency with the spear is greater than his normal form, not only that he also noticed that his senses were sharper in this form

    After checking his appearance out, Shi Won allocated a few stat points then looted the bishop

    [Holy Staff  {D}: A staff embedded with light magic making it more durable and stronger at the same time]

    [Attack: 90]

    [Holy Robe {D}: a robe embedded with light magic making it more durable and resistant to magic]

    [Defence: 130]

    [8% Magic resistance]

    [Light Heal {D}: heals 10% of maximum hp per cast]

    [Mana: 300]

    After looting the bishop, Shi Won left the boss room after changing back to his original appearance


    After leaving the dungeon, Shi Won appeared at Changdeokgung Palace. His sudden appearance scared the living daylights out of some visitors, though he ignored them as he received notifications from the system


    [Mysterious dungeon (Easy) Completed]

    [5 stat points acquired]

    [30000 gold acquired]

    [A random piece of armor is now being drawn from the lottery]


    [Congratulations host on receiving Falcon Boots {C}]

    [Falcon Boots {C}: boots that were enchanted with the spirit of a falcon]

    [Defence: 70]

    [+5 Agility]

    After receiving the Falcon Boots from the system, Shi Won equipped it on top of his God of War set. He didn't realise it the first time he read it but the set allowed other pieces of armour to be worn on top of it without losing any of its effects. This discovery made Shi Won shout which made the onlookers gave him weird looks

    After walking away and being slightly embarrassed, Shi Won checked the time before calling a cab to buy groceries at a supermarket. After buying groceries, Shi Won arrived home at 6 pm then made dinner before taking a shower. After his shower he sat on the coach and watched tv until his siblings came home and finished taking a shower to have dinner with them

    Once his siblings got home, they ran up to him and hugged him for a bit before letting go then went to their rooms and took turns to have a shower. Afterward the trio had dinner then went to their own rooms and did their own things before going to bed


    The next day, Shi Won went to the Hunter association to trade the items he received in the dungeon then asked for the association to put up the holy staff and holy robe for auction. After gaining the associations approval, Shi Won gave them the items for inspection before they put it into their auction 2 weeks later

    After that, Shi Won went home and changed into sportswear and completed his daily quest before surfing the association website for more raids. After a while, Shi Won applied for a D rank Ring and then found another solo Ring of the same rank to complete by himself

    After Shi Won cleared the rank E Ring by himself, more rings emerged that only allowed up to two people in at once. This mysterious new type of Ring popped up all over the world and is now known as 'Solo Rings'. Hunters who have cleared enough raids and have contributed enough can apply then they await for the associations approval before they are allowed in the Rings. Hunters who tried to go into them illegally were caught as soon as they got close without approval and immediately received a penalty or had lost their hunting license. Those hunters who lost their license gathered and rioted however the association and the government sent people to deal with them

    After applying for the two raids, Shi Won logged off the association website then went out to a park 30 minutes away from his house by feet. Sitting down on the bench with a sports drink in hand, Shi Won turns the cap as he chugs half of it in one go. Not far away, a young woman walking her dog walks by, the dog for some reason felt hostile towards Shi Won came up to him and pissed a few centimetres away from his shoes
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