18 The Retired Hunter

After taking a leak, the dog looked Shi Won in the eyes before giving him a look of disdain before walking back to its owner and acted cutely. The young woman who owned the dog quickly came up to Shi Won and apologized to him

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!"

She bowed as she kept saying sorry which made Shi Won feel embarrassed as he stopped her.

"It's fine, no need to bow that low." Shi Won replied

Park Shi Won stood up and said to her "Uh, I'll be back." as he walked off to a nearby public toilet to clean his shoes

"Okay, I'll wait for you right here," she replied


As he cleaned his shoes by taking it off then wiped it down with toilet paper and then washed it, he thought to himself "So uh... what did I do to the dog?"

After cleaning his shoes and putting them back on, he washed his hands thoroughly before drying them then walked back to the bench he was sitting at before the incident occurred

Once he arrived, the young woman and her dog turned to face him as he slowly approached

"Once again, I am very sorry about this. I'm not sure why Seo Jin behaved like that towards a stranger." the young woman said

"It's fine, you don't need to apologize so much, your back will have some problems in the future if you bow so low every time you apologize." Shi Won replied

The young woman became slightly red as she quickly straightened her back and faced Shi Won. Looking at her closely Shi Won could tell that she's quite the beauty. With clear jade like skin along with long jet black hair that's tied together on both sides, long lashes that synergize with her bright eyes. A tall and thin nose and cherry like lips, he then realised that she seemed somewhat familiar which made him stare at her intensely as he tried to recall

The young woman being stared at so intensely became even redder as she turned to face another way whilst her dog Seo Jin barked at Shi Won

Woof* Woof*

"Um... Why are you staring at me like that?" the young woman asked whilst stuttering a bit

Shi Won snapped out of it before saying "Ah sorry about that, it's not everyday one would encounter a beauty."

The young woman's ears became red along with her flustered face as she slowly made out the lines "Um.. My name is Min Jae In, can you please tell me yours?"

"Ah nice to meet you, I'm Park Shi Won." he replied as he scratched the side of his head

"So uh, what now?" he asked

"Ah! I need to go now, I wrote down my phone number here so please call me so that I can buy you a meal as an apology." she said as she bowed and handed him a piece of paper before leaving with her dog


"Ok see you!" Shi Won shouted before shaking his head then went back home


"En.. she gave me her number but... I doubt I'll ever call her." he thought as he saved her number on his phone once he arrived at home

Suddenly he heard "Hyung!" as he quickly scrunched up the paper by accident then shoved it into his pocket quickly before turning around

"Ah, whats up?" Shi Won asked

"Hyung! What was that piece of paper you just scrunched up?" Shi Min asked

"Uh its nothing!" he denied

"Suspicious... It must be a girls number isnt it!"

"Shishishi" he laughed

"No? I have no idea what you're talking about." Shi Won denied once more

"Well whatever, hyung wanna play this new game with me? Shi Min asked

"A game huh. Sure why not, let's get in some quality family time." Shi Won replied as the two brothers headed to the tv


As the brothers played the fantasy rpg game, Shi Won noticed a character who could steal the skills of monsters he had killed however the chances were pretty low

As he thought about it, suddenly a noise appeared inside his head


[Congratulations Host on unlocking a new feature]

[Skill Snatch has been acquired]

"Huh? That works too?" Shi Won thought as he read about it in more detail

[Skill Snatch: The Host is able to take the skills of anything he kills or has damaged with a fixed chance]

"Anything huh... Does that mean I can take the powers of S Rank Hunters if I manage to kill one? Though let's not do that.." he thought internally before continuing to play with Shi Min for a while


At night, Shi Won fixed dinner for the three then went to his room and did some research. After surfing around the net for a while his mouse stopped on a particular article

[Female A Rank Hunter retires due to major injuries which had left her with permanent damage]

As he read the article he saw a full frontal photo of the retired hunter as he thought to himself "I knew she looked familiar. So she was an A Ranked Hunter huh... Let's see it's been a few years already since then, I didn't see any injuries that left a scar or anything so it must be internal injuries or is hidden under her clothing."

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