1 Chapter 1

    Kira Koharu, a young man who loved anime dearly, when he watched a Godzilla anime version, it made him amazed how overpowered Godzilla was.

    When he first saw the True Godzilla in the end of the movie of the first movie, he was dumbfounded, the size of this Godzilla was 300 meters above and more overpowered than ever.

    A few months later, the second movie was released, he watched it quickly till the end, the fight between True Godzilla and the Humans with the help of the fragments of MechaGodzilla, they almost defeated True Godzilla, but Godzilla transform into a more powerful one with its own body was surrounded with flames, making the surroundings melt immediately.

    "Damn, what a overpowered monster. Well, I can't wait for the third movie, just me waiting already made me excited on the third movie." Kira excitedly said.

    Then a few months, the trailer of the third movie was released, Kira immediately watched it was and stunned.

    "Holy Fuck, is that King Ghidorah with its head only floating with no body and holy ** it's ridiculous more bigger."

    He also saw Godzilla struggling between the grasp of King Ghidorah, but the trailer already finished.

    "I can't wait for the third movie! I hope Godzilla beat the ** out of Ghidorah." Kira crazily laughed as he imagined Godzilla beating the hell out of Ghidorah.


    But one day on a middle of a night, he went down on the stair to get some water, he was half awake, but all of a sudden he miss a step on the stairs making him fall down on the stairs.


    His head was the first one to land the impact instantly breaking his neck, making him Instanly die on the moment he landed.

    His body who have fallen from the stairs, his eyes are already lifeless when someone saw him they will pity him for dying such a cruel way.


    On a place of Infinite of Darkness.

    A young man can be seen floating naked, he was looking around the place, but only found darkness everywhere, he was none Kira Koharu who just kept looking around the place, then a old and ancient voice was heard.

    "Young one, if you are wondering why you are here, You are already dead."

    Kira immediately turned around and saw a old man with a long white beard wearing a white robe.

    "Who are you?" He asked.

    "I am what you people called God, I have been watching the whole world since the beginning of time, you humans have invent such amazing technology and architectures, I can't help myself to be surprised." God answered.

    Kira was shocked that he was meeting God at this moment, he never thought that God exist, then he started to think, 'Isn't this what I watched called Isekai, will I be be transported on another world?!"

    But Kira didn't notice that God can hear his thoughts, But God didn't bother and just wait for Kira to finished thinking.

    God also scanned his memories and can't help but smile, seeing him watching anime, God also see how much he loves anime as much as him.

    Then a few minutes laters, Kira finally finished thinking and looked at God.

    "So what will happened to me?" He said.

    "Since you really loved anime, I will send you to another world with a system." God said.

    "Woah, thank you very much Kami-sama! I never thought that I will be send to another world with also a System, I can't thank you enough!" Kira knelt on the ground to show his gratitude.

    "Young one, Rise." God said, Kira slowly stood up with tears on his face as he slowly rubbed it but his eyes are moist.

    "But this world that you be send to is harsh, will you still accept?" God gave Kira a proposal to accept it one more time.

    "Yes, I will still accept it! May it be A Cruel and Deadly World I shall still accept no matter what!" Kira said as his eyes have showed determination.

    Then God clapped his hands making Kira's body to cover with light, God smiled and wave at Kira.

    Kira knowing that he was now being send to another world, he smiled back and bow once more.

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