8 Chapter 8

    Kira soaked himself on the lake and felt very comfortable when he was at a water environment, his instincts told him that Godzilla was a great swimmer even though it's size is ridiculous, it will still extremely fast when on its the water.

    "Alice, wait here for a minute." He said as Alice nodded her dragon head while slowly swimming on the shallow part of the lake.

    Kira swims deeper on the lake and found a Exotic Fruit on the place where the two sea demon dragon guards it.

    He used [APPRAISAL] to checked it.

    | Name : Mystic Water Fruit

    | Type : Boost

    | Rank : Ranked S

    | Description : If a person or a any being swallows this, they will be boosted on power and gaining a new special random type of skill, this can be also used for pill making. This allows the person or being to gain 200 to 800 on Strenght, Defense, Speed. For Stamina they will gain 1.000 to 5.000 stamina.


    Kira moved closer to picked it up and directly went to his inventory.

    +1 Mystic Water Fruit

    "I should give this Alice, since she will be needing it not me." Kira turned around and started swimming back to the surface with his tail moving left and right to make his body to move. As he swims up back to the surface a notification had appeared.

    [ Quest Completed ]

    - Defeat The Two Sea Demon Dragon. [DONE]

    - Take the Treasure that they have guarding. [DONE]

    [ Rewards : 8.000 System Points and Seal Pressence, You now have a total of 15.500 System Points ]

    [New Skill!]

    [ Seal Pressence <Rank A> : Able to hide your Pressence completely regardless even your either huge or small, it doesn't matter, besides this skill can make you almost unnoticeable, even stronger opponents will found it hard to detect you. ]

    Kira just smiled and continued to swim towards the surface as he saw Alice playing on the shallow water.

    Alice was enjoying the cold water, she soak her head to the lake and saw Kira who was coming towards the surface.


    Kira have now reached the surface and saw Alice flying towards him, he noticed that she have now become twice bigger than the past few hours, but he didn't bother with her size, since dragons can easily grow up in any moment, well that's what Kira thought.

    But Unknown to him, Alice have absorbed his energy to become bigger and powerful.

    She landed on his head and start to make some cute noises, but this time it's very long, "Graaaaaaah~ (I'm hungry, husband let's eat!)"

    Kira knows what she just said, that she was hungry and he slowly swims towards at the two cooked corpse of the sea demon dragons.


    As they took a bite, the taste was also their type, but Alice found it very delicious since it was burned by using the same energy that she was absorbing and just kept munching on the body.

    Kira noticed that Alice was eating kinda too fast at her age, but he wanna compete with her, he started to munch crazily on the cooked corpse.

    After a while, they only manage to finished one cooked corpse and the other one was munched on half. They also drinker the water on the lake since it was still pure even though a slight amount of blood covered it, but it will still be pure water since this lake was a special one.

    Kira soaked himself back to the Lake to enjoy more, while Alice was riding his back, everytime Kira swims faster, she felt excitement and joy, she never thought that it will be fun such as this, even though she was a young baby dragon.

    Since she never saw her parents and just kept being alone for eight months, she only have one important in her heart and that is Kira, her husband. Even her parents comes back for her, she still still remain by Kira's side, If she was forced to be taken back, she will have to fight back even they were her parents.

    As the two keep soaking themselves on the laker, they even dive on it, but Kira didn't stay longer since Alice is on his back and she will probably drown if he stay longer on the deep part of the lake.

    "Graaaaah! ( So Fun! )"

    But she was enjoying it since she was with Kira.

    After an hour have passed, Kira have finally finished taking very first bath on his Godzilla form, He and Alice where now on the Edge of the lake. Since he will give the Flower that he had taken from the sea demon dragon.

    He bend his body on the ground facing Alice, which she is also staring happily at him.


    A Beautiful Blue Fruit appeared on Alice's Face, she picked it up using her small arms and look at Kira.

    "Graaaah?" She made a confused sound, Kira told her to eat it, and she immediately bite it happily, she also found the fruit delicious and just swallowed it whole.

    Kira smiled as he saw Alice swallowing the Fruit and used [APPRAISAL], to see the changes once she ate it.

    [ Status ]

    | Name : Alice | Sex : Female | Age : 8 Months |

    | Race : Ancient True Dragon | Lifespan : 3.300 |

    | Title : None  |

    | Power : Rank BB ( Middle ) | Height : 97 Meters | Weight : 35 Tons |

    | Defense : Rank A ( Weak ) |

    | HP : 1.250 | MP : 4.500 |

    | Relationship : Kira Koharu ( Savior )

    | Skills : Burning Flames, Blessing of a True Dragon, Blessing of Kira Koharu, Atomic Breath


    "Good." Kira blurted, he was happy that she got 400+ on her status and 4.000+ on stamina, I mean she was only a baby dragon, but now she can be called a monster Hinding on other skin.

    "Hmmmm?" Wen Kira saw [Atomic Breath] on her skills, he was confused how she got it, then he checked her body and found his energy inside her body.

    "Did she absorbed my energy?" He started to think it, and just shrugged.

    "Graaaah~" Alice fly towards Kira's face, when she landed on his face. She started licking it all over the places, it means that she was showing her gratitude towards him.

    Kira didn't got mad or angry at Alice when she started to licked him, for him it felt very comfortable and warm, but his face was now covered with Alice's saliva.


    Kira gets back to exploring the cave, as he releases some Atomic energy on his body to let Alice absorb it.

    It was true that she was absorbing his energy, and her status have been growing as well, she was now a size of a adult human.

    "I should get new attacks." Kira said.

    "Hina, can you show me the list of skills that is used for attacking." Asked Kira.

    [ Sure thing! ] Hina cheerfully said.

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