9 Chapter 9

    A lots of skills screen started to appeared on front of Kira, he was almost in dazed seeing so much destructive skills and their a lot of type, even different ranks. But he was dumbfounded on each prizes that interest him.

    | Destructive Body Explosion |

    •Cost : 250.000 SP

    •Type : Wide AOE

    •Rank : AAA

    •Description : Once activated, it will released a wave of destructive energy all around your body destroying everything on its path, it will disintegrate everything living things and it won't not damage your body.

    •Can be Leveled UP

    | Sphere of Embodiment |

    •Cost : 200.000 SP

    •Type : AOE

    •Rank : AA

    •Description : Generates a big ball or sphere, It will appear on front of your chest and needs to take charge for 10 Seconds and it will be able to do a huge frequency of damage and explosion around the area.

    •Can be Leveled UP

    | Final Nuclear Nightmare |

    •Cost : 10.000.000 SP

    •Type : Massive AOE and Boost

    •Rank : S+

    •Description : All things shall be destroy and nothing shall stop it, activating it will cause all the surrounding goes exploding covering it with nuclear and it will be absorb by you, making your status to be multiplied by 3x on 2 minutes.

    •Can't be leveled up

    | Raging Atomic Pillars |

    •Cost : 300.000

    •Type : One Wave

    •Rank : AAA

    •Description : It sends straight row of destructive pillars made by Atomic Energy making the ground to be opened and releases a tall exploding pillar.

    •Can be Leveled UP

    | Destructive Charge |

    •Cost : 150.000

    •Type : Charge

    •Rank : A+

    •Description : Making your body charges on the path that you wishes to destroy, also increased the speed by multiples times before hitting that target.

    •Can be Leveled UP

    ( A/N : I suck at making attacks, you can criticize me for making such lowsy and lame attack. )


    Kira was speechless on how much each it cost, he can't believe these are so expensive.

    "How the hell am I going to buy one!" Kira furiously said, making the surrounding to shake due to a loud defying sound.

    Alice was also startled by Kira who shouted all of a sudden, she crawled towards Kira Face and snuggled on it.

    'I think I can die happily'

    Seeing Alice cute and adorable actions, he can't help to be calmed down, I mean who can resist her cuteness. Alice just snuggling her head on his huge face and even licked it.

    "Sorry Alice, I just got irritated. But don't worry I will give you another meal." Kira calmly said.

    "Graaaah~ (Yeah! Another Meal!)" Alice's Eyes are sparkling hearing that she will be able to eat another meal, a glutton as Kira. She goes back on Kira's head as she lay her body down. Then Hina said something on Kira's mind.

    [ Kira, You can sell the materials on your inventory and which the materials will be sold on a total of...

    •135 Purple Profound Crystals [Rank A+ Material]

    - All Will Be Converted to 230.000 SP

    •230 Profound Crystal Ore [Rank A Material]

    - All Will Be Converted to 190.000 SP

    •5 Red Profound Diamond [Rank AA Material]

    - All Will Be Converted to 50.000 SP

    Will You Convert Them? <Yes> or <No> ]

    "Yes!" He yelled extremely loud on his thoughts, he never thought that these materials will be able to help him purchase a destructive skill.

    [ Converting All Materials... You have gained 470.000 System Points and Now You have a total of 477.500 System Points... ]

    After gaining the sufficient points of buying some skills, he will only be able to purchase two, if he purchases [Destructive Body Explosion] then he will be able to buy [Sphere of Embodiment] or [Destructive Charge] as well.

    Since [Final Nuclear Nightmare] is on another whole level of Points, he will buy it later after Kira gained that sufficient amount of system points.

    He's really trying to focus on which to purchases, since they were all powerful and can be leveled up, after focusing so much he have decided to purchase the skill that interested him the most and the other skill that also interest him a little bit.

    "Hina, I will purchase [Raging Atomic Pillars] and [Destructive Charge]." Kira said as Hina made a notifications.

    [ Kira have bought [Raging Atomic Pillars] and [Destructive Charge], both of it will cost of 450.000 SP, Since Kira has 477.500 System Points... ]

    -450.000 System Points Deducted...

    27.500 System Points Remains...

    ( A/N : That's a lot of Points )

    You have now gained [Raging Atomic Pillars] and [Destructive Charge] on your skills, and they will be ready to be use for any time you wishes.

    Kira was now back on his normal mood and kept exploring the cave where ever he goes, while Alice was resting happily on his head.

    Four Months Later, Kira and Alice have finally found the exit and didn't encounter any beast that wanna fight him, of course they have also ate a bigger meal that causes him 50.000 System Points just in case if they wanna wanna eat again and again.

    He have also gained a lot of Crystals and Ores that made gaved him a total of 850.000, his first task is to get 10.000.000 System Points, since he wants [Final Nuclear Nightmare] that really made him curious how strong and destructive it is.

    He also bought [Destructive Body Explosion] and [Sphere of Embodiment], leaving him with 400.000 System Points.

    "It's time to get out of this place and explore the new world that waits me." Kira said since he have been exploring the cave for three months straight he was able to sleep 3 times without waking up for 2 days straight.

    He also noticed that if he sleeps, he will grow taller and gain a lot of weight, but weight didn't bother him, since Godzilla was freaking a Huge Walking Destroying Machine.

    Alice have now bounded with Kira for the past four months, she was now a one he's old dragon, but still too young, Kira celebrated her Birthday giving her a Huge Meal and gave her a lot of atomic energy to be absorbed by her.

    She slept and eat for the past four months, but she always stay with Kira's back or head, even though she had become even bigger.

    She was now 4 meters tall and had a weight of 300 ton, she now has a dragon scales of scarlet and a little bit of dark, since she has a blessing of Kira Koharu, it's probably related to it.

    Her status as [Companion from now] have changed to [Wife], Kira sweated as he saw his relationship with Alice, but he pretended to not knowing it.

    He was now 50 meters tall and had a weight of 18.000 Tons, his spikes on his back have become more sharp and bigger, his face have become for terrifying, alsohis tail had become longer.

    Now Kira and Alice took a step outside the huge cave.

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