10 Chapter 10

Kira flew back at Ophelia's Floating Island without being attacked by weak creatures such as wyverns that were flying around the sky, the moment they saw Kira, they immediately run away in fear just by seeing the huge monster with two crystals floating  on its back.



Kira didn't wasted his time on such low leveled creatures and just ignored them.



He first went to his own very made shelter on a beautiful spot, he decided to walk back to his den and the moment he entered his den.



Two Adorable Figure immediately jumped at his head, making him a little surprised on how Alice and Luna immediately had like treated each other like a sister.



Alice was surprised on how her husband appearance had dramatically changed, but she didn't get scared and just wanna feel his warmth once again.



Kira grabbed the two from his head and place them into his arms as he kept continuing walking to his den to get his Time Passing Pearl inside.



While he was busy walking towards, Alice and Luna looked at the Two Huge Crystals that was floating on his back, and Luna also had a smaller version of it.



Both of them made cute growling noise that caught Kira's attention, he understand what they meant as he put both of them onto his crystals as they roared happily.



Kira finally reached his destination and he saw the Huge White Orb floating on the ground, he putted it back into his inventory.



"I should get Ophelia to come with me, it would be more comfortable as she meet Luna since she wanna know her." Kira muttered softly as he flew towards Ophelia's den.



He arrived in just a few minutes as the two adorable creatures kept roaring happily as the crystals circled around Kira's body.



Then a huge dark dragon appeared on front of them as it stared at Kira and the two cute creatures that wanna make it hug them.



Of course it was Ophelia, then she asked, "Is that the creature from your race?"



"Yup. She is." Kira said in a cool tone.



"Your race is very weird with such weird energy residing within your body." Ophelia said as she move her head towards Luna who was riding crystals, Luna didn't get scared and just smiled at Ophelia.



Ophelia can't resist Luna's cuteness and grabbed her with care from the crystal as she rubbed her huge head on Luna.



Kira just sighed and said, "Ophelia, do you wanna come with me?"



Ophelia immediately look at Kira, "Where are you going?"



"I'm going away from this planet for five years and it will be on outer space." Kira honestly said with a normal tone.



Ophelia was surprised on his answer and raise an eyebrow, "B-But, who will protect my place?" She said as she worried her place being invaded by other dragons.



"Don't worry, you can easily take it back from the moment we got back, it will benefit you a lot. So, do you wanna go with me? Alice and Luna will come with me as well." Kira said.



"Let me think for a sec." Ophelia said as she put Luna back on the crystals and turned around as she decide to go or not.



A few moments later, Ophelia turned around and faced Kira while Luna and Alice was having fun with crystals, and she finally decided.



"Okay, I'll go with you." Ophelia said softly.



"Great! Then let's go!" After Kira said that, he immediately flew towards the sky leaving Ophelia with no chance of speaking.



Ophelia immediately followed him from behind as they quickly reach outer space within a few minutes, Kira was a little surprised on how big the planet that he was residing from the past months.



It was million times bigger than his size as well as Earth, he also enjoyed the view from the space, it was a sight that he had never experienced before.



He quickly searched for unoccupied planets as he saw a lot of them floating in space.



Alice and Luna didn't have a hard time breathing in space, Ophelia as well since she also traveled outside the planet for a quite time.



Kira saw a small green sized planet and quickly told Ophelia to check the whole surrounding if it was unoccupied.



He also searched every corner of the green sized planet, he also saw weird creatures on it, and basically turned them to dust.



Until there was nothing left on the planet, he only gained a few experience from killing the whole race of the weird creatures.



And now they were on the core of the planet that made it for Kira and the others to have a waft hibernation for five years.



Kira digged the ground using his atomic Crystal breath, Ophelia only used her claws to digged the ground.



Kira placed the Time Passing Pearl on the middle that made Ophelia curious on what type of item it was, He answered her honestly that made her shocked with also excitement.



He told Ophelia to touch the Surface of the Time Passing Pearl, the moment she touched it, she instantly disappeared from their sight and Kira knew that she was teleported inside the Orb.



He carefully pushed Alice and Luna to the Time Passing Pearl as he told them that he will also coming with them that made both of them happy.



And now he was the only one left behind, he slowly move his arm and touched the surface of the orb and he instantly disappeared.



Kira appeared floating on a white area with Ophelia, Alice, and Luna flying happily inside the orb.



He felt relieved and told the three of them that he will be taking a nap for five years straight that made Ophelia confused and just played with Alice and Luna.



She also felt her body changing and her power as well, while she was playing with the two, both of them are also growing instantly in just a few minutes.



She was more surprised that Kira's body was now a lot bigger and more majestic than ever.



She truly can't believe on such items like this exist on this world.



( A/N : 10.000 Years inside the Time Passing Pearl while outside the Pearl is 5 Years only. )






On Demon Empire



Inside the palace where thousands of blacksmith working on a huge chunk of black spikes, this wasn't an ordinary chunk of materials that can be easily found out of no where, this was the most unbelievable material they have found.



It brought them excitement and thrill as they kept forging the chunk of black spikes into a lot of armors and weapons, but it was really taking a lot of time for them to finish it.



They need a lot of time and men to take turns to finished one, but they haven't even forge a single thing,



While the Demon Empress was watching on the top of the area and beside her was a dark skinned man with Royal robe, while he was wearing a lot of bandages around his Body. This dark skinned man was the Demon Emperor who fought the Human Empress on the previous war and still currently need time to recover.



He was shocked on how the Demon Empress found such godly materials on out of no where.



The Five powerful demons who was unconscious was still laying on the their perspective bed and still no sign of waking up. That made some of their friends worried for them.






On Human Empire



Fuyuki was finally done torturing the demons that she locked on her secret room, and she walked outside of it with a satisfying smile on her face.



The moment she returned to her throne, she saw her men that returned from the scouting group for the Demon Territory.



The Group immediately report on what happened and made Fuyuki really happy that the Devilas Territory was destroyed out of no where.



"Everyone! We shall take the destroyed territory and claimed it as ours! And we shall keep moving forward until we finally erase the whole demon race!" Fuyuki seriously said.



"Yes! Your Highness!" The men inside the palace said on the same time.



Fuyuki immediately wear her war armor as her royal guards also appeared on her side as they slowly left the Human Empire and heading towards the destroyed Territory.



( A/N : Fuyuki was the Human Empress, just in case if you forgot. )






While Most Heavenly Dragon and their kin was searching for the threat with no rest.



They searched every corner of each continent and even destroyed some cities either empires that have tried to attack them.



They even tried to search for other Powerful Beings Territory that may hide the future threat, even other dragons territory was included.



Some of the Heavenly Dragons have argued each other from the moment they got back on the meeting palace of the Heavenly Dragons.



Although some of them didn't got along with each other except Pure Jade Dragon Queen and Bizzare Crystal Dragon Queen had a good relationship with each other as they also told what they did.



Pure Jade Dragon Queen ( Sylvy ) also said about a weird dark creature that she encountered on her way to Black Void Dragon Queen's Den that made Crystal Dragon Queen Interested.

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