11 Chapter 11

    "Piece of **, if you dare attack my precious Alice, I will make sure your whole race goes extinct within a blink of an eye!"

    Neia stopped as soon as she heard this terrifying ancient voice, her back was sweating and her legs are feeling weak as she heard it.


    While Alice was making cute sounds towards the cave, Neia changes her look and stares at the cave, she saw two red glowing eyes staring at her. She felt that this Young Dragon is with her Parents, if that is true, then she would be in a dangerous situation.

    She started to wonder while shaking, 'How could I not sense it's Pressence, don't tell me that this Monster had a skill that hides its Pressence, it must be!'.

    Then finally a Huge Monster with a dark skin, showing two huge arms with sharp claws, a huge body with almost covered with muscles ( sort of, since the Godzilla anime version, it almost likes muscles ), large spikes on its back and a very long tail.

    Neia widened her eyes as soon she saw this monster, it was 50 meters tall and it doesn't to have wings like the Young Dragon has, it only has big spikes on its back.

    She tried to sense it power and as soon she found its power, she was scared **lessly. Because this monster in front of her has a power of Rank SS.

    No one have thought that such a being like this exist in this world, it's even powerful than the dragon that burned the cities. This monster in front of her could easily destroy an empire easily.

    Kira raised his head to sense other life force around the area and found a group of people gathered in one area. He told Alice to to get on his head and she quickly did it as she heard it.

    Kira looked at the woman who tried to attack his precious Alice, he noticed that the woman is shaking right now, but it doesn't matter to him, since she tried to attack Alice.

    "Human, how dare you attack my precious Alice?" He said as he stares at the woman below him. While Alice is on his head rolling due to what Kira said, she felt so happy.

    Neia scaredly look at the Huge Monster In front of her, since she have tried to attack Alice she doesn't know what to do right now and just said, "G-Great One, please spare me." As her body kept shaking due to fear.

    "Hmph. If you have injure or harm Alice, I would really make sure your whole race goes extinct." Kira said, since she didn't touch or harm Alice that's good, if she did harm Alice then she's literally doom and her race is doom.

    "I will spare you and your group for now, I will give you an hour to leave this place. Leave now, since the time had already began." As soon Neia heard that he said her group, she is now more frighten that this monster have already sense her group.

    "T-Thank you Great One!" Neia slowly turned and run back to her group with all her might, she never look back to the huge monster, since it was looking at her and her group.

    ( A/N : Guys, if you are wondering why Kira didn't make loud footstep, because he has [Seal Pressence] right now, that's why. )

    Kira have already found out that they were here for treasures, but too bad for them, since Kira have already take it and converted it to system points.

    He looked Alice who is pouting his head, "Let's go."

    Alice also replied with the same cute sound, "Graaaah~ (Yeah, new adventure!)"

    Kira started to walk around the area to get more familiar with it, it was indeed another world since the place around here are more different from earth, the energy around here is filled with extremely purified energy that can make other races to grow stronger.

    Alice was also enjoying the view on the top of Kira's head, since her body is still not even half of his Head Size.

    But Kira made a huge shelter for him and Alice and bought a Meal that cost 5.000 System Points, since his appetite have now become more huge and Alice's appetite as well.

    Both of them started eating as soon Alice made the first bite, they were munching happily on the meal.


    While on Neia's side

    She want panting heavily and her body was covered with sweat as soon she have reached her group, her members also looked at her with confused expression.

    "Leader Neia, what happened to you?" A young women spoke, she was worried why she is sweating right now.

    "We need to leave right now." Neia said as she kept breathing heavily due running with all her might.

    "What do you mean, Leader Neia?" A young man spoke, this man is Zhuo Yan.

    "I encountered... a monster that shouldn't exist in this world." Neia scaredly said.

    "Leader Neia, what do you mean monster, I mean you can beat any monster that exist." Another Young women spoke.

    "No, this is different. Because this monster spared me and also you guys." Neia remembered that the monster can easily destroy empire and that's why she is so worried about her city and what will happened if she did really attack the young dragon.

    Just thinking it makes Neia spine shivered, the monster said that it will make the human race extinct, she surely doesn't want that.

    "What is the monsters power, we know we can defeat it if we work together." Zhuo Yan said as he puff his chest.

    "The monster had a power of Rank SS." Neia slowly gained her normal state and normally said it.


    The Group went silence as soon their Leader announced how powerful that the monster she encountered, they know that if a being have a Power of Rank S and above, they can be considered as Empire Destroyers, and if it has a power of Rank SS, then it would be considered Continent Disaster.

    No one can believe such monster like Neia encountered exist, even Zhuo Yan can't believe that and just gulped.

    "Let's leave right now, since the monster told us to leave for an hour, we only got 45 minutes left!" Neia shouted.

    The Group didn't talk and just quickly pack their things up in their respective bag, as soon they have finished packing up they quickly left with haste.

    They also decided on how to report it to the City Lord, this would be the most important thing in the whole continent as soon they heard that a Rank SS Monster have appeared in this world.

    Other Powerful Empires will surely try to kill it before the Monster even grow stronger.

    While they were running back to Silvie City, it will take them 3-5 days to reached it, of course they would rest since they don't want their brother and sister to pass out due to exhaustion, they saw a huge wave of mysterious energy towards the sky.


    The Mysterious Energy Exploded making the clouds to disappeared, this explosion what the most loudest and terrifying that the Blue Edges have seen.

    Other being also saw it, they felt that the being who released this energy is declaring war against the whole race that exist right now.

    The Dragon Race was alerted as soon they heard this explosion, other races have also been alerted that such power have been released.

    Only Neia and her group knows that the explosion from the sky comes from the monster that spared them.


    While on Kira and Alice's side.

    Kira have been annoyed by a mosquito that kept bugging him and made him use [Exploding Atomic Breath] that was shotted towards the sky and making a huge explosion on it.

    ( A/N : So I changed his Plasma Cannon to this, since it's more easier to understand. )

    Alice is laughing on her mind as soon her husband have been annoyed by a mere bug, she knows how powerful her husband is, but she can't hold it anymore and just made a cute laughing sound.

    Kira looked at Alice who is laughing right now, "You little brat!"

    He move his huge head closer to her and started to lick her whole body for laughing at him.

    Alice looked at Kira with her eyes almost about to burst into tears, but she really enjoyed being locked by Kira, she just wanna enjoy being with him.

    As soon Alice wagged all of Kira's saliva on her body, she quickly flew towards Kira's face and started to get her revenge by licking him as well.

    While the whole forest was shaking due to Kira falling heavily on the ground and admit that he was defeated by Alice, but Alice didn't stop and just kept licking his whole face to make Kira bow in defeat.

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