13 Chapter 12

    On Silvie City

    Neia and her group have finally arrived within three days, they were extremely tired and exhausted, after they arrived on the city civilians started to look at them since they were the strongest group of Silvie City, they were all respected around here.

    Especially Neia, she was known for her beauty and strength, she had slay multiple Rank A Beast and Dragons, she was also known for her rapier skills, her rapier were the most fastest and skilled that the people have seen.

    But the civilians doesn't know that they were send on exploring mission, only the City Lord and the man who reported the unexplored cave.

    The first thing that Neia and her group is to go to their headquarters to rest for a whole day, their headquarters is almost like a mansion but bigger, since it consist a total of 30 rooms on each floor.

    The headquarters have three floors, the first floor is where they eat and wait for someone to request missions for them, the second floor and the third floor is where they sleep, since they have 50 members and half of them are women and men.

    Besides the headquarters is a huge building, this building is used for meeting and for important stuff.

    Of course the men and women rooms are divided, the women's room are more better than the men's room, but the boys didn't argue since they were girls, and girls loves a luxurious room.

    Neia's room is ofcourse more better and luxurious, it was the biggest room in the headquarters, no one argue since she was the leader of the group, they only respected her.

    But they still can't forget what just happened within the past few days to them, seeing such a powerful monster exist, they can't feel at ease, even though they were spared by the Monster, seeing the explosion already have them a despair and fear.

    One Day Later

    Neia went out of her room and decides to tell the City Lord on what happened, while she walking out on her headquarters, she was greeted by her members.

    "Leader Neia, Good Morning!" One the young women bow in respect as a greeting.

    "Good Morning." Neia quickly replied.

    She was greeted by all her members when they saw him, then she started headed towards the City Lord's Mansion, the people who saw her on the area have greeted her with respect with awe.

    After walking for a few minutes, she had finally reached the City Lord's Mansion and she saw a Middle Age Man walking around the area, this middle age man is the City Lord, Mu Fei.

    He was around 100 years old, since his Power is on Rank A. Even though he was so old right now, he still has 100 years to live. His short hair was almost half white, but his body still show some muscles that show his vitality.

    He was married with a beautiful lady and had a son that will sooner succeed the Position of the City Lord, his son was 15 years old right now, he already has a Power of Rank BB, that means he was talented seed.

    His son was Zhuo Yan, why his first name wasn't his. Because he let his wife's name to take it, her wife's name is Zhuo Yin, she is still a beautiful women for today.

    He was currently relaxing on the around the area besides the Mansion, and he was called by Neia.

    "Senior Fei!" Mu Fei turn around and found Neia walking towards him.

    Seeing that Neia have returned so quickly that means they have encountered a misfortune one.

    "Lady Neia, How was the Exploration?" Mu Fei asked.

    "Bad. We encountered a monster that has a power of Rank SS." Neia gulped as she said.

    Mu Fei widened his eyes after hearing it, how could he not be shocked when he heard a monster that has power of Rank SS, this was the most dangerous ones that can cause empires to fall.

    "Then, how did you survived? And where is your group? And where is Zhuo Yan" Mu Fei shivered, if her group was killed by the monster, then that will be really bad for their city since they were a strong power houses. Ofcourse his son's life is more important matter.

    "We were spared by the monster and nothing happened to my group and to your son." When Mu Fei heard that he felt relief nothing happened to his son.

    "And also the monster had a young dragon with him, that is not even an adult had a power of Rank A." Neia nervously said.

    Mu Fei's eyes are once more widened, he almost had a heart attack after hearing it.

    Hearing that a young dragon that had already have a power of Rank A, it's not even an adult, if this young dragon grows in the future it will probably has a Power of Rank AAA or even beyond that.

    "Are they related to each other?" Mu Fei gulped.

    "No, but the young dragon was treated as his precious, also the monster told that the young dragons name was Alice, it is probably a female." Neia trembled as she remembered the scene where the monster appeared in front of her.

    Then the two have a very long conversation on how to deal with the monster, but Neia told that it's better to call the other city's strong warriors, if possible they would have to contact the most powerful human empire that exist today.

    The most Powerful Human Empire was called "Human's Last Stand" or "The Human Empire".

    Rumors told that the strongest human around there had a power of Rank SSS, it was also the Ruler of the Empire, it was the Empress of the Empire and next was the Emperor who has the power of rank SS.

    The Empress was only a given tittle since she was the strongest women alive, she was also a beautiful lady that is already lived for 200 years, but her life span is at thousands years.

    Also the Emperor Title is a given tittle since he was the strongest man alive, he is already a old man with a vitality of less than two hundred years. But it was also long for humans.

    Since they are gonna face the most biggest threat that will cause the whole continent on to war, they need the help that they all need to defeat the monster and the future threat.

    But they would need decades or even centuries to prepare the whole human to unite against the monster.

    ( A/N : A war will begin later on, probably a massacre or even Kira will be able to bleed to drop a blood of his priceless blood that is Evil and Calamity God )


    While on Kira and Alice's side

    Kira have found a huge lake by walking around the forest and found it on a few days. It was connected to the lake in the Cave when he swims deeper and found a huge hole around the lake above, it was indeed connected.

    Alice was now trying to hunt beast for herself, since she wanna adapt to this cruel world, she must be ready for the future.

    Since Alice's status as [Wife] for Kira, he tried to act that he doesn't even know what her status is, but he failed miserably, since he have been with Alice for months and decided to accept his fate as her [Husband].

    When Alice is finished hunting, she directly went to Kira's location by just using her nose to smell his Pressence, since she have sniff his body when he was sleeping for the past few days without Kira knowing it.

    Alice finally arrived on Kira's side and found him soaking himself on the lake, she directly dash towards to his head and started to punish him for not waiting for her to take a dip on the lake.

    Kira just accepted his punishment by letting Alice licking his whole face, he was crying while being licked by Alice, but inside his mind he was really enjoying it.

    While Alice have finished punishing him, they quickly soak themselves to the water and play together by chasing each other on the water, but since Kira's body was faster and comfortable on water, of course he was more faster than Alice, even though his body was huge she still can't chase or touch him.

    While they were playing together on the lake, a huge black scaled dragon is flapping its huge dazzling wings on the sky and was looking at the huge dark skinned monster on the lake.

    The Huge Black Dragon was staring at Kira's huge body with lust, because she felt that her instincts told her that she and the huge monster is some way related to the same race, but this huge dark monster is almost like a dragon, but it doesn't have wings only spikes on its back.

    This Black Dragon has a power of Rank SSS or even beyond that, if she engage battle with the huge wingless dragon she will surely win and will tried to make it as her mate.

    Seeing that the huge spiked monster playing with a young female dragon, when she tried to smell even though she so far away she can still smell other beings just by sniffing for a while.

    When she smell that young female dragon's smell was covered with the huge spike monster smell, she can't help but clenched her teeth and felt jelous.

    Knowing that the young female dragon was already the wife of the mate she wanted, she also noticed that the smell of the huge spiked monster was also the same smell of the young female dragon, she can't help but to break one of her dragon teeth.

    She slowly turned around and fly away while looking back at the huge spike monster on the lake. Then her huge figure disappeared on the sky.

    Back to the two couples playing at the lake.

    Kira was being chased by a furious Alice at this moment, when Hina announced something on his mind.

    [ You have now gained the Tittle called 'Mate of the Black Void Dragon Queen' ]

    Kira stopped swimming and said three words that came out from his mind.

    "What the **?"

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