14 Chapter 13

    [ You have now gained the Tittle called 'Mate of the Black Void Dragon Queen' ]

    Kira stopped swimming and said three words that came out from his mind.

    "What the **?"

    As soon as he heard it on his mind, he stopped swimming on the huge lake and didn't know that Alice was about reached him.

    "Graaaah! ( Got you! )" She have finally touched him and immediately run away since she have touched him, this time he would be the one chasing her.

    While Kira is being in dazed for a moment and already know that Alice have touched him, he shake his head for a few times making a lot of bubbles while doing it on the lake.

    'Let's just ignore what tittle I just got and I'll just figure it out later on.'

    He turned his huge body around and saw Alice is already far from him and was on the surface of the lake, seeing that she is on the surface while he was below it, he made smiling victory.



    He went deeper and stomped the Sea Floor making a loud almost like exploding sounds below the lake. He circulated his Atomic Energy onto his legs and to his tails making it glow underwater.

    Since he have been practicing on how to control his massive atomic energy inside him, he can now easily control it and put onto his limbs for more destructive power.

    When he puts Atomic Energy onto his legs, his speed was be faster than a speed of sound making a lot of explosion where ever he goes. It's totally freaking faster than flash, probably he won't even see Godzilla's speed only a blurry shadow.

    "Graaaah! ( You can't chase me, I'm a better swimmer! )

    Kira bended his body on the sea floor and look at Alice who is making victory sounds, he smirked as soon he saw that Alice thinks she have won the game.

    "Too bad for you little precious..." He said as he put more atomic energy onto his legs and to his tails, just a few seconds later he have finally done his preparations and have jumped on the sea floor.


    A huge exploding sound was made on the sea floor making a huge crater on it, even there is unbelievable amount of crack was made by a unknown force, while a blurry huge dark shadow is reaching the surface within not even a second, it was Kira .

    Alice on the other hand look below her and saw Kira disappeared from an instant on the sea floor leaving a huge explosion making her startled, she quickly tried to move since she know that Kira have done something ridiculous again.

    When she was about to move her petite dragon body, she heard Kira's voice near her.

    "Hey little precious, where do you think are you going~" Alice's spine shivered as soon she heard it, but it's too late.

    Kira have put a ridiculous amount of atomic energy onto his legs and tails leaving him on a massive leg force that can make him travelled into thousands of kilometers on an instant.

    For Kira this would be fun and dangerous since his speed is too much ridiculous for a moment until he reached his destination, he already caught Alice onto his huge arms.


    A huge splashing sound was made by Kira who was now flying towards the sky, while Alice on his arms making a scream for losing at the moment, when she looked below her and found that they were already above the sky.

    She hold onto Kira's body by her claws, she made it more deeper to his skin, but it's not enough to make him bleed.

    -10 Damage

    Since Kira allowed her to attack him and not to let her attack his Energy Shield it might break her claws or something and just allowed her to deepened her claws to his skin.

    Alice giggled and still enjoyed this, while Kira is panicking for now since he put too much atomic energy onto his legs and tails, they were not even stopping flying towards the sky.

    Seeing that they were not stopping made him use to roll his huge body while holding Alice carefully onto his embrace.

    They were rolling on the sky for now and waiting for the moment they stopped flying to slowly lands on the ground.

    Kira doesn't even know where they were going and just let it be, he look at Alice who was also looking at him, since he have rolled his body like ball his face will be onto his chest, he and Alice were basically near each other while his body was rolling on the sky.

    They were having a staring a contest for a moment when Alice made an angry sound.

    "Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ( You stupid husband! You have taken this to seriously! )"

    Kira just laughed at her for taking a game too seriously, since they had also played when they were on the huge cave, remembering the scenes that he have basically destroyed almost part of the cave by accidentally using one of his destructive skill called [Destructive Charge].

    He have broken an unbelievable amount of walls on the huge cave, it even leaves huge body marks on each wall that he have passed, he can't help but to laughed.

    "I will give you another meal, if you stopped being angry at me." He said as he stared at her, when Alice heard it her eyes sparkled.

    "Graaaah~ ( Ok, I forgive you! )" Seeing that Alice have change to good mood from to bad mood, Kira can't help but be surprised that she can easily be tricked by using meals on a awkward situation.

    After 30 minutes have passed, they are still rolling on the sky and have slowly descending on the ground, while they were rolling, Kira and Alice felt sleepy.

    "Hey Hina, how much time do we have to wait to finally get back on the ground?" Kira yawned after he said, he felt sleepy but not tired.

    [ Maybe for 15 Minutes before you and Alice finally get back on the ground. ]

    "That's good, I thought it would take longer than that." Kira felt relieved, he looked at Alice who is sleeping comfortably on his arms and felt bad for taking the game too seriously, well it already happened it's too late.

    "Hina, buy me a teleportation talisman just in case when I landed on a dangerous situation." He said since he cared for Alice more than himself since her status as a [Wife] have already happened and he should protect her.

    [ Sure thing! ]

    -10.000 System Points Reduced...

    You have bought a Teleportation Talisman...

    It has been placed onto your inventory and waiting to be used...

    You have 385.000 System Points Remaining...

    Now Kira have to wait for a few minutes before finally descending on the ground again, but unknown to him that a Huge Black Dragon is watching him while he was rolling on the sky.

    This Huge Black Dragon was the Black Void Dragon Queen, she have been checking her mate for a few times now, when she saw him flying on the sky and rolled into a ball, she said.

    "What the hell are they doing?"

    It was a beautiful and soft voice when people hears it, it was really nice to the ears, even though she was on her dragon form, she has already a human form, but she was more comfortable on her dragon form, since she has only used her human form for one times and found it hard to move and just didn't used it again.

    She was following the huge rolling ball just because she was curious about her mate.


    On Devilas Territory, One of the Demon Lord's Land

    The demons are currently panicking right now since they have detected a power of Rank SS right now, it was a really bad situations since they have engage war on the humans leaving a lot of huge amount of injured powerful demons.

    Currently the Ruler of Devilas is a powerful Succubus with a power of Rank SS, she just recovered from her injuries from the war and now they were facing an unknown being that has a power of Rank SS.

    The Devilas Territory has five powerful demons that has also a power or Rank SS, but the strongest is still the Ruler of the Territory and that is the succubus.

    The other four powerful demon have also gathered around one area and looking at the sky, since the power of Rank SS Being is descending on the sky.

    If this four powerful demons and the Ruler is also included, they would be able to defeat a Rank SSS if they would work together, but the other four powerful demons argue since they think that they can be able to surpass the current Ruler.

    The Ruler can't help but sighed, but she still hoped that there is a chance that they would work together with her in this dangerous situation.

    Of course the Ruler of Devilas is with them with serious on their eyes, they will be now engaging or facing a foe that has an unknown abilities and has a power of Rank SS.

    All of a sudden, they saw a huge black ball rolling from the sky and they noticed that it was heading towards their direction and quickly moved away from their current location.

    But unknown for the five powerful demon that this huge black ball have covered its whole body with Atomic Energy to prevent itself from falling damage, if the huge ball landed on their territory, then it would be a massive explosion.

    The Ruler of Devilas tried to senses it weird energy and quickly told the four other powerful demon.

    "Quickly get the hell out as far you can!" She yelled as she also quickly moved far away, the four other powerful demon quickly made a huge distance.

    Then the huge black ball have finally touched the ground and accidentally destroyed the main building of the Devilas Territory, but it wasn't over yet since the party have just began.


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