15 Chapter 14

    As Kira have finally landed on a place he doesn't even know, but he kept hearing loud explosion while he still had his body rolled, he already knew that the one who is caused such explosion is only him and no one else.

    You have destroyed "Devilas Territory" One of the Demon Lord's Land

    You have gained a Tittle called "True World Calamity"

    [ True World Calamity : Is a Tittle that only appears once in the Whole World, You will be the true enemy of all races even Gods and Ancient Beings will be threatened by your power, they would do anything just to make sure you dont grow into a True World Calamity Monster you are. After you gained this tittle, You will have have an Item called "Time Passing Pearl" ]

    You have gained "Time Passing Pearl [Rank X+]" and have been place onto your Inventory

    You have gained 250.000 EXP...

    You have Leveled UP 19!

    You have Leveled UP 20!

    You have Leveled UP 21!

    You have Leveled UP 22!

    You have Leveled UP 23!

    You have Leveled UP 24!

    You have Leveled UP 25!

    Kira was stunned that he gained a Tittle and a Priceless Treasure, but he also just destroyed an entire territory.

    Knowing that Kira himself have leveled seven times in just one go, he is not on a mood to be happy since he had killed ten thousandth demons or even more, well that is what Godzilla do, to bring destruction on everywhere he goes.

    Nothing shall be spared on its way, may it be God, Mythical Being, Dragon Kings, and just basically every being who stand on his way shall be burned into ashes, or even rip into shreds.

    Kira looked at Alice who is sleeping on his embrace, he can't help himself to feel bad for her, for making her join into a dangerous situation, but still no matter what he would still protect her from everything who tried to harm her.

    He slowly unrolled himself trying not to wake Alice up, he slowly stood up and saw the whole scene was being razed into ashes by his Atomic Energy, blue flames can be seen surrounding the Area.

    "Damn, I shouldn't put too much Atomic Energy on my whole body, oh well." Kira sighed as he saw some part of his spikes on his back are broken due to unbelievable impact.

    It was no matter to him since it can still be place by new spikes in just a whole day, since he got extremely high regeneration.

    He also sense five powerful beings that has a demonic aura, they seem to be from a elite demon races, but he didn't bother with the demons and just started walking towards where ever he would take himself on a unknown place.

    But it doesn't harm himself since he was the one who made this Blue Flames, the whole land was turned into nothingness almost like a wasteland, a huge fog can be seen around the Area due to the Explosion.

    It was still a middle of a day, it was rare for a huge fog to appear on a place like this, this Fog has also some Atomic Energy residing on the fog.

    Who would have thought that a being that has a Power of Rank SS that can destroy an entire territory of a Demon Lord's Land, even though it was only a land of a Demon Lord, it still consist a huge population of demons that has the power of Rank A and above living on this territory.

    But the one who lived on Devilas Territory have such a quick death by a such Massive Explosion, most of the ones inside the territory are razed into ashes. No one can tell who could survive such destruction.

    The Truth is that the one who survive this is the Ruler of this territory and the other four powerful demons that has a power of Rank SS, each one of them has a skill that can teleport themselves on a very far place, but it still needs a Cooldown of a whole day.

    The Ruler and the other four powerful demon was shock and can't believe what just happened they can't help themselves but to make their jaws dropped even the Ruler is no exception.

    She was the Ruler of this Territory, she have been assigned for this territory by the Demon Lord for the passing 150 Years, and now it was instantly destroyed also being burned by blue flames.

    She clenched her teeth and her fist as she looked at her own territory and saw a huge dark monster standing up, it's height is 50 meters tall and had aura of a true monster.

    The other four powerful demon also saw the huge dark monster who caused their territory to be destroyed in one go, they unsheathed their weapons and pointed it on the huge dark monster.

    This powerful demons are called...

    Sana, A Elite Female Demon, has a power of Rank SS,

    Zalvo, A Special Male Demon, has a power of Rank SS

    Yuuya, A Royal Female Demon, has a power of Rank SS

    Eizo, A Noble Male Demon, has a power of Rank SS

    And lastly the Ruler of the Destroyed Territory...

    Irene, A Unique Female Demon, has a power of Rank SS+

    Each one of them has different powers and skills, but all of their energy consist of Demonic Powers that can help them boost themselves when they needed to use it, but this was the time to use it.

    "True Demonic Power, Activated!" They all shouted, their skin started to change into a more demonic being, their eyes began glow as fully red, they opened their wings on their back causing them to release a powerful demonic aura.


    Their weapons was broken as they activated their demonic powers, it was too much for their weapons too handle such demonic energy.

    This Demonic Power can make them lose their self and transform themselves into a mindless killing demon that would just kill the person that they wanted, it granted them a powerful boost that can make them have the power of Rank SSS on just 30 minutes.

    While Irene has already have a power that can almost reached Rank SSS, she have just used her True Demonic Powers she is probably beyond of a normal Rank SSS, maybe she can easily thousands of Rank SS Human.


    The flapped their demon wings onto the sky and pointed one finger on the huge dark monster as they chanted the same skill.

    "Ultimate Demon Skill : Demonic Charged Ray"

    When they chanted the same skill, a dark and red energy started to pour on their pointed finger making a sphere of demon energy that was being charged by each one of them.


    They gathered each one of their [Demonic Charged Ray] on one spot making a massive dark and red demonic energy while on the sky. It didn't stop and just kept getting bigger to a more massive ball of demonic energy.

    Kira have already noticed when their powers have risen to Rank SSS, he turned around and found them using the same skill and was pointing it at him.

    "Shit, this is bad." Kira turned really serious as he saw that they gathered their demonic spheres on one spot as it grow bigger and bigger than ever.

    This was trully a bad situation for him and Alice, but he won't let them hurt her and channeled his atomic energy to the fullest, it even passed his previous time when he covered his body by his Atomic Energy, but they leave him no choice but to used his Atomic Energy to the max, he doesn't even know what will happened if he used it fully, but this was the time to test it.

    His whole body was now glowing blue it was not his previous glowing body, this time his whole body was covered in a massive blue marks on it, his eyes are also glowing brighter than ever. As he chanted his skill.

    "Raging Atomic Pillars"

    The ground started to collapsed as a Pillar of Pure Atomic Energy bursted out on the ground but it didn't end there as holes have started to appear multiple times as it burst with Atomic energy as the ground exploded.




    Kira controlled the Atomic Energy that surround the Area on front of his mouth, it started to grow as it gathers more Atomic Energy on one spot.

    "This is not enough!" He yelled as he put more Atomic Energy, he opened his mouth as he used one of his main skills.

    "Exploding Atomic Breath"

    Another massive atomic energy started to pour on the massive ball on top of his head, in just a few seconds the massive ball was now bigger than Kira's size by 10x, but it is not enough for him to make sure that Alice won't get hurt on this battle.

    "Sphere of Embodiment "

    One more massive dark atomic energy have been poured into his massive atomic ball, since he had infinite stamina he can just spam his skills forever, but it will not be fun for him, then he put all of his energy shield onto Alice just to make sure on her safety when this two massive balls collided.

    But all of a sudden, an announcement was made on his mind.

    [ "Hell Mode" Can be now used at this moment... ]

    Kira smiled as he ensure his victory, as he finally spoke two words.

    "Hell... Mode..."

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