16 Chapter 15

    [ "Hell Mode" Can be now used at this moment... ]

    Kira smiled as he ensure his victory, as he finally spoke two words.

    "Hell... Mode..."

    As soon he said those two words, his blue brightening body have started to changed into red as in Inferno's Flame, smokes can be seen coming out from his body and some area that was near him was starting to burn up.

    Kira felt his power have been increased by five times than his previous state, which is now his power had been ridiculously boosted, he was only at Rank SS, but now he is currently on his [Hell Mode] that made him have a power of Rank X Monster.

    His Massive Atomic Energy have also started to change into a burning one, the massive ball of atomic energy have become ball of burning energy, he can easily defeat these five powerful demons in no time.

    Since they want a battle of Massive Energy, Kira will give them the most powerful attack that he is making right now.

    But the five demon have become confused when they sense that they can no longer sense the huge dark monster power, it's like it power had disappeared but they still saw the huge monster below is also making a massive ball of burning lava.

    Around the huge monster is a burning hot field that flames started to come from the ground as the time keeps passing.

    But they still pour all of their demonic power onto their massive demon energy ball leaving their stamina drained without a single energy have been spared.

    Their ultimate attack have been finally charged as they finally released the massive demon energy ball towards the huge monster on the ground.

    Kira also released his ultimate attack towards the Massive Demonic Energy Ball which is also coming towards him.

    As the two massive ball full of destructive power have been finally released from their hands, a tremendous wind pressure was being made as the two massive ball kept getting closer to each other.

    Kira already knows that he have won and looked at the sleeping Alice who started to woke up as she stared at him.

    Alice who just woke up looked at her husband who had a body of burning flames around him, she felt scared that something happened to him, she quickly escape from his arms and crawled towards to his neck as she hold her dragon arms around it as her claws deepened again to his skin.

    "Graaaaaah? ( What happened to you? )" She made a worried expression as she made a worrying sound from her, but it was still cute and adorable. She kept rubbing her head on his neck and felt his really warm burning body.

    Kira felt bad for her since he had made her worried, he quickly move his arms onto Alice's Dragon back as he slowly caressed it showing that nothing really happened to him.

    Alice felt more relieved and comfortable as her husband huge arms is caressing her back like the most precious treasure that he would always protect and never let it go.

    Kira started walking towards west since he never went on that direction and started wondering what will he find next, but he still kept caressing Alice's back.

    The two massive ball was about hit each other on any moment, but all of a sudden a mysterious power have made it disappeared.

    The Five Demons widened their eyes as they saw their attack and their opponent attack have disappeared all of a sudden, they started to look around and found nothing but just the huge dark burning monster who destroyed their territory.

    Kira also noticed that there were no explosion and just a quiet burning place around him, he turned around and found that his ultimate attack have vanished into thin air, the five demon's attack have also vanished.


    The Black Void Dragon Queen who watched the entire scene, since from the beginning as her mate destroyed a Demon's Territory in just an instant.

    She was surprised by his weird energy that surrounded him, her heart told her that this huge dark monster was something else than a monster, but a world calamity bringer. She felt somewhat happy that she had chosen him as her mate, but Kira still haven't accept it.

    When she saw the five demon have transformed into a more powerful demon that has a power of Rank SSS, while one of them has surpassed the power of Rank SSS, it was half step away from reach the power of Rank X, but she still kept watching behind the scenes.

    As she saw the five demon have started to charged a massive demonic ball from their energy, because the destructive power of the massive ball has a total of Mid Rank X, she was worried and was about to interfere the fight.

    But she saw her mate have also formed a lot of unknown attacks and made it to a massive destructive energy ball and had a power of a weak Rank X, she really was worried that her mate would lose.

    Then all of a sudden changes, she sense that the power of the huge dark monster have started to rise from Rank SS to Peak Rank X, she look serious as it dramatically changes. The only important thing that that Massive Destructive Ball of her mate have become more powerful having a energy power of Mid Rank XX on this moment.

    Finally, The two massive destructive ball have been released and was headed towards each other making a tremendous wind pressure as the two massive ball continue moving towards each other.

    She knows that if these two massive destructive ball collided, it will cause a unimaginable amount of destruction around the land, it might it even effect thousands of kilometers of land and decided to interfere.

    The two massive ball have about to collided to each other, but she haved used one of her most powerful skill.

    "Void Devourer"

    She had made the two massive ball disappeared into thin air as she noticed that the situation have changed because the five demons have started to look around and found nothing but only the huge burning monster below the ground.

    Her Mate also started to looked around it was if he was confused on what just happened, but she saw him kept caressing the young female dragon while it was on his neck. She was a little jelous as she saw the two Ioving couple.

    She also have decided that It's time for her appear on the field, to introduce herself to her mate that she had chosen. She might also take him back by force into her dragons den.


    Kira was really sure about his Attack that nothing will be able to stop it since he is now on [Hell Mode], but someone was able to make his attack to vanish into thin air, he can't help himself to felt nervous against such a mysterious powerful opponent.

    He looked towards the five demon who is totally exhausted due to pouring all of their energy into one ultimate attack, it also vanish as his attack have vanished as well.

    It seems like they were about to pass out on any moment, but it was the truth. The five demon can't no longer hold on and started to fall from the sky leaving them unconscious for a whole day or even a month, but it won't kill them from falling, it would only restrict their demonic power about a year leaving them a power of a Rank A demon.

    !BAM 5x

    They all have crashed onto the ground making a hole made by their body.

    Then Kira felt something really dangerous behind him and when he turned around, he widened his eyes, because what he just saw is a huge black dragon flying towards him.

    It's height was about 400 meters and had a ridiculous large body and that has a huge span of black dragon wings around its back, a pair of huge claws and a scales of black and a slight a mount of purple, he can't feel it's power, he was really scared on what might happened to Alice, since it was his duty to protect her.

    Alice was also looking at the Massive Dark Dragon in front of them, she can't help herself but feel awe, since this was the biggest being she ever seen, even bigger than her husband.

    The Huge Dark Dragon was staring at him with those two glowing golden beautiful eyes.

    He gulped as he felt his body was being weakened as a true dragon is looking at him.

    He felt powerless on front of this huge dark dragon, he can't even think properly because this might be the one who caused his attack to disappear. He only said the words that he was able to think and that is.

    "Oh Shit. I am so **ed right now!"

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