17 Chapter 16

    On the previous location, where Kira and Alice stayed for a couple of days.

    A Group wearing the same Blue Robe were walking secretly on the middle of a forest, but when unhooded themselves reveals a two animal/furry ears on their heads.

    They were a race called Beast Kin, a race which is half human and half beast, of course  they had different like Fox, Bear, Wolf, And Any animals will be half human and will still have an asset or their perspective animal raits.

    Their Races is more better than the humans, since they got better vision, extremely good hearing, greater movement and unbelievable smelling skills. Well some of them are aren't able to, since each animal traits are different.

    The group seems to consist of 10 members, most of them are males and two females, they were looking around the forest to Find the Monster who caused ruckus on this land.

    They aren't any type of ordinary beings, since each of them have surpassed the power of Rank AAA and had reached Rank SS with their own talent and skills.

    Currently these group where sended by the Beast Empire to investigate who caused such destructive energy power, if they have found the Monster they would mostly eliminate it all cost, if they wanted to make this land quiet once more.

    After looking around the forest they have finally found a big foot print of a unknown race, but they immediately use their smell to know where did it go and found a huge self-made shelter on a mountain, because it was burned by an unknown energy inside the shelter, it almost kinda look a small cave.

    But right now, they found a huge destroyed lake that was devastated because the water around the lake has been removed from the lake and have been moved deeper to the ground which was a huge hole on the bottom of the lake.

    When they saw it, they all gulped just by imagining the monster who caused this.

    "I-Is this the Monster that were assigned to investigate?" A Male Wolf Kin spoke.

    "I think so, because this Monster is not here on this Area and seemed to be have move away." Another Male Wolf Kin said.

    "Do we have any records of monster who would caused this destructive power?" A Melodious Voice spoke, it comes from a Female Cat Kin. She has white hair and her ears are also white but there is a slight amount of black around her cat ears. She also had a long white tails around her lower back. (

    "No, Miss Kiera. We have no records of monster who caused such power as this, this must be a new one that we have never seen on any type of book that shows monster categories." The Female Cat was called Kiera and the one who speak on this moment is a Male Bear Kin.

    "Then we will need to report this to the Empire and this unknown monster will be classified as a Rank SS or above." Kiera said as she keep looking on the bottom of the lake and found unbelievable amount of cracks.

    'What monster could cause this damage and disappeared at the same time.' Kiera thought.

    The Group continues to search and found nothing else, they quickly went back to their perspective beast empire to report what have they seen or what have they investigate.


    While on The Human Empire

    Neia with her group called "Blue Edges", also with the City Lord of Silvie City, Mu Fei. They decided to report this important matter to the Queen and King of the human race.

    They have talked to the royal guards of the Empire, it only took a few minutes before they were called by the Queen, since the King is not on the empire, but hunting Rank S Demon and will torture them to death.

    ( A/N : The King of Human will be a very sadistic person when it comes to the demon race )

    Neia and her group, Mu Fei is also included have entered the Royal Room of the Castle, the interiors of the castle are almost made of all very precious materials that can stand many multiple attacks of Rank SS.

    After entering they saw a Beautiful Lady sitting on the throne with her Royal Staff, she has black hair, a beautiful face that surpass Neia herself, and a wonderful curved body, her chest size is a little smaller than Neia. She was keeping her eyes closed and almost kinda sleeping.

    All of them quickly kneel in front of her since this woman is the Queen of the Human.

    Then the Queen opened her eyes slowly revealing a pair of blue beautiful eyes that can steal the life of others, when Neia and her group saw those eyes, they all gulped and they felt their soul is leaving their body, Mu Fei is no exception since his power is lower than Neia.

    "Who is the one who reported an urgent matter?" The Queen spoke, her voice is a soft and cold at the same time.

    Neia quickly stood up and said, "I-I am the who reported it."

    ( A/N : I will just call the Queen, Fuyuki )

    Fuyuki looked at the young woman in front of her and started to check her, she was surprised that this young woman has already have a power of Rank AA.

    'This girl has a potential to reach Rank SSS in the future, I should make her my Loyal Servant.' Fuyuki thoughts, since every person who thought that the Queen was a kind person, but they were wrong since she was hiding her true personality and just keep acting as a kind person.

    "So you were the one who reported an unknown being that has a power of Rank SS, where did you saw it and how did you escape?" Fuyuki smiled as she said.

    Neia quickly told her the location of the huge monster and also told that she was spared by the Monster, she also didn't leave any information and described the monster.

    Fuyuki knitted her eyebrows when she heard the size of the monster and had a the most destructive unknown energy that Neia said, she tried to read Neia's mind if she was lying and it was the truth.

    ( A/N : Neia was talking about the Exploding Atomic Breath on the sky that was accidentally used by Kira )

    "Then I will personally send my Royal Army towards the Monster's Location, I will also personally see this monster!" Fuyuki declared and all of the guards inside the castle quickly accepted the task.

    "Men! Prepare for three days preparation and we will go to the Monster's Nest!" Fuyuki continued as the Royal Guards quickly left the castle to prepare their stuffs needed to venture outside the Empire.

    Fuyuki also told Neia, her group and Mu Fei to stay on her Empire. Neia wanted to reject but it would be a disrespectful thing to the Queen and just accepted the offer.

    When the urgent matter is over. Fuyuki quickly left the throne and headed towards the secret room and crazily laughed as she took a whip from the corners. When she entered the secret room, she had a sadistic smile on her face.

    The ones who are inside the secret room are the demons who have their powers sealed, most of them comes from the Demon Empire. Seeing their Arch nemesis they can't help but feel fear and despair because their body has been whipped hundred times.

    Fuyuki gets closer and started whipping the Demons that she wanna whip to death, but she mustn't kill them, since it would not be fun at all.


    Screams can be heard on the room, since this room is secret it won't any sound outside the room, Fuyuki kept whipping them and crazily laughed.


    While back to Kira's current situation

    He was feeling nervous right now since this Huge Dark Dragon is multiple times bigger than his Size, even Earth Godzilla is smaller than her, He never thought he would saw a unimaginable existence such as her.

    Kira and The Dragon Queen have kept staring at each other for a while now, sometimes Kira would avoid her gaze and looked around, while Alice was still in awe.

    'Hina, use the Teleportation Talisman." Kira said on his mind.

    [ Ummmm... Kira-San... I think you won't be able to teleport out of this place... ]

    'What, please tell me another way to get out of this!' Kira screamed on his mind.

    [ There is no way out, since... The whole area was somehow sealed or locked by the Dark Dragon in front of you... ]

    Kira was screaming inside his mind right now, he really wanna go back to his previous location ( The Lake which is now destroyed ).

    Then Kira steeled his two hearts and wanna act brave as soon as possible.

    ( A/N : Godzilla has two hearts when I saw many movies, I think I'm 50% right )

    When Kira looked at the Huge Dark Dragon, he was dumbfounded right now, the Dragon Queen's Head is now near his face, but it doesn't matter and he just wanna act brave at this moment.

    "Umm... Hi there... Big Mama..."

    These were the only words that came out from his mind, but he added Big Mama all of a sudden, Kira thinks he is doomed than ever.

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