18 The Story of Fuyuki

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    Story of the Queen ( Human ), Fuyuki

    [ Age : 6 | Power : Rank F ]

    Back of her younger days, Fuyuki was only a child of a single parent, which is her only parent is her Loving Mother. Her Mother is an ordinary woman with a decent living and a decent house.

    They lived near the Kingdom called "The Thross Kingdom". It was a small kingdom, but it still has a mass population of humans living on it.

    Her Mother's name is Stella, while her Father has abandoned them both since his only desire is Money and Priceless Treasures. Stella told Fuyuki that she should never get close to that man.

    Three Years have Later...

    [ Age : 9 ] [ Power : Rank D ]

    Fuyuki has started to train herself with a wooden sword near their house, She and her mother still have an ordinary life, but Fuyuki never argues about their life. Since she was with her loving mother.

    Even though her mother was only able to celebrate her birthday once in the past three years, she never bothers with it since she had already got the best gift and that is being with her mother.

    She always listens to her Mother and no one else, some kids even tried to bullied/harm her, but they were the ones who got beaten by the amazing swordsmanship that she had been practicing.

    Her Mother told her that she should join the swordsman Army, but she rejected her offer and she would only stay with her, also protect her.

    But on a single night, they didn't know that a tragedy would happen to them.

    The City of Thross was being burned by Rogue Demons that has the power of Rank B. The Leader of the Rogue Demon has a power of Rank Rank A. These Group of Demons was known for Burning Small Cities, but no one would think that their next target is the Thross Kingdom.

    ( A/N: Rogue Demons are basically the ones who got exiled from their perspective Demon Empire, and it leads them to the path of Chaos/Evil )

    A few kilometers that were near the City of Thrones was also not safe, which means the Home of Fuyuki and her Mother wasn't safe.

    They have tried to escape as soon as possible, but they were too late. Since some of the Rogue Demon have already reached their house.

    Stella told Fuyuki to hide under the basement, while she will try something to get the Rogue Demons away from their house. But, before Stella could do something the Rogue Demons have started to burn the house and immediately found Stella.

    Only two Rogue Demon have reached their Houses, while the other Rogue Demons are also doing their Jobs to burn all that they see.

    One of the Rogue Demon has fired a small fireball towards Stella and immediately fell on the ground trying to make the fire off from her body. But, the Rogue Demon have started to fire multiple fireballs towards her.

    Stella screamed so loud that she wanna die instantly than being burned slowly alive. She just keeps screaming and screaming until she was finally burned to alive by the Rogue Demon.

    While Fuyuki was hiding under the basement heard the scream of her mother, she was crying while feeling fear and despair. She felt powerless against this Rogue Demon.

    The Two Rogue Demon laughed evilly as they burned a woman alive and just continues to burn the whole house and also the surrounding area. And they finally left.

    A few hours have passed since Fuyuki have been staying under the basement of their house. Noticing that the Rogue Demons have left the area, she slowly walks out the basement and found their whole house was razed into ashes.

    She saw a burned corpse and immediately recognized this corpse because it was her mother Stella. She holds her burned body and cried for hours until she has dried all of her tears.

    Knowing what to do with her mother's body, she picked a shovel from their basement and made a grave for her mother.

    After she buried her mother on the grave she made, she knelt on the grave and cried, saying that.

    "You demons have taken my only happiness in this world. I vow to the heaven that I will kill all of you Demons! I will not stop until I have taken all of your lives!"

    Fifty Years Later...

    [ Age : 59 | Power : Rank AAA ]

    Fuyuki has become a beautiful woman than ever since her power reached Rank AAA, it also has given her a big lifespan. That's why she still looks young and beautiful.

    Fuyuki never stopped training herself and had already killed few powerful demons. Another thing that she found that torturing them is better than killing them.

    She was also able to torture one of the Rogue Demon that has burned their houses, she felt her body aroused just by hearing these pathetic demons screaming and begging for their lives.

    Of course, Fuyuki didn't spare him and just kept torturing him until they slowly die.

    One Hundred and Fifty Years Later...

    [ Age : 209 | Power : Rank SSS ]

    Fuyuki was now announced as A Empress of the Human Race since the humans have found her the most powerful woman exist in the human.

    She had also become more beautiful and young for the past hundred years, she never stopped fighting demons and also destroyed a lot of the Demon Lord's Land.

    But she didn't change and just kept torturing demons that she was able to capture.

    Also, she was able to fight the Demon King of the Demon Race and was able to injure it, while she was also given huge damage by the Demon King. But, she was able to recover in less than a week.

    While she was bored, she had a secret room on the castle, where she kept her captured demon to be tortured until today.

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