19 Chapter 17

    "Umm... Hi there... Big Mama..."

    These were the only words that came out from his mind, but the word Big Mama slipped out from his mind, Kira wanna knock himself out. But, is it even possible for him to knock himself out due to his High Defense.

    The Black Void Dragon Queen narrowed her eyes and her breath was now getting heavier. Kira secretly gulped as he notice that this Dragon Queen was somewhat mad or furious at this moment, he also felt a strong wind pressure coming out from its mouth.

    The Dragon Queen stopped looking at Kira and move her huge dragon body around him making a circle, while Kira is on the middle.

    She also opened her huge wings to cover her body making some area darker and it seems to be night time. It didn't affect Kira's vision since his eyesight are more brighter on the dark.

    But, he can't help himself to think, 'What the heck is it doing.'

    Then all of a sudden, he felt his tail was being licked by this Huge Dark Dragon who surrounded him with its huge body. While Alice was thinking is it time to sleep?

    The Dark Dragon Queen who surrounded Kira with her body which also keep moving her head towards his Tail and licked it.

    Finally, she have spoke.

    "What did you just call me?" It was a cold and harsh voice coming from her.

    Kira shivers as he heard a cold voice, he really regret what he just said previously.

    "Nothing..." He nervously said, while feeling his legs shaking a little.

    The Dragon Queen smirk as she know that he was a little scared right now. But, why would she scare his precious mate?

    She move and rubbed her heads towards Kira's little body, while feeling a weird destructive power coming inside from his body.

    "Are you even ready to die just to protect that young dragon?" Dragon queen ask as she move her head away from his body and towards his face. She also look at Alice who is currently on Kira's arms.

    "If you dare touch one of her scales, I'll take you down with me!" Kira yelled making Alice looked at him with a little smile on her face.

    "Oh. Will you even manage to defeat me?" Dragon Queen's voice have become more colder than ever.

    Kira didn't said anything and just gave a furious look on the Dark Dragon. Then he remembered that he had a Title called [Mate of The Black Void Dragon Queen] seeing her huge black scales with a slight amount of purple, which kinda looks the same color as the void. Kira have an idea to know if it was really the Dragon Queen.

    ( A/N: This is a Do or Die situation, so Kira will have some suicidal attempts to scare her. )

    "See? You can't even t-" The Dragon Queen was about to continue, but she was interrupted by Kira.

    "Yes, I can easily defeat you by exploding myself!" Kira said, when Alice heard it she tried to tell him not to, by scratching his arm by her claws.

    ( A/N : BTW, Kira is still on his [Hell Mode] )

    "You think you can defeat me by exploding yourself, can it even scratch me?" The Dragon Queen laughed, but the truth is she kinda hoping he would not do that.

    "Then I'll show you!" Kira yelled as he started to cover his body by Burning Atomic Energy that is ready to explode at anytime.

    20% Input of Destructive Burning Atomic Energy...

    40% Input of Destructive Burning Atomic Energy...

    The Dragon Queen sense a huge gathering of massive destructive energy on his body, she was trying not to sweat right now.

    'Is he Insane!' She shouted on her mind. Then the gathering of massive destructive energy didn't stop and just kept growing.

    70% Input of Destructive Burning Atomic Energy...

    80% Input of Destructive Burning Atomic Energy...

    85% Input of Destructive Burning Atomic Energy...

    90% Input of Destructive Burning Atomic Energy...

    Kira is also panicking right now, if this dark dragon wasn't the Black Void Dragon Queen that he is guessing then he would die for nothing,

    Alice was crying right now and started to scratch his body anywhere she could scratch just top stop her husband from exploding herself, someone of her claw was broken due to Kira's tough skin.

    Kira tried to embraced Alice one more time, he only looked at Alice and nothing else. Before he put the remaining 10% of his destructive energy onto his body before exploding.

    The Dragon Queen who was biting her dragon lips and can no longer stand still and shouted.

    "Stop! Okay! You win! I am not here to hurt you." Dragon Queen said in a defeated way. Kira stopped putting more Destructive Energy onto his body and started to decrease it.

    If her mate did really exploded himself, then she would regret for not stopping him. She was a Dragon Queen and had never showed manners to every being but now, she can only show it right now.

    The Dragon Queen lowered her huge body and kinda crawling right now, she tried not to look at Kira right now.

    Kira have a sighed of relief, his guess was indeed true, he looked at Alice who is still crying right now and look at the Dark Dragon who had lowered her body right at this moment.

    "Are you the Black Void Dragon Queen?" Kira asked.

    "How did you know?" The Dragon Queen nervously said.

    "Well... I tried to test you by making myself explode, I was trying to guess..." Kira said as he scratch his body not trying to hurt Alice.

    "Y-You are the most insane being I have ever seen!" The Dragon Queen angrily said. He was indeed the craziest being that she has encountered in her entire life.

    "Well, Who was the one who chose me as her Mate." Kira started to tease her.

    The Dragon Queen was embarrassed right now and was avoiding to not look at him. She was the Dragon Queen who has a pride of the Queen of the Dragons, how could she so embarrassed right now.

    Kira was a little surprised that she could still be shy, even though she was a Dragon Queen and had a ridiculous size. He slowly started to walk towards her making the Dragon Queen startled by his sudden movements.

    "I am Kira Koharu and this is Alice." When Kira released Alice from his arms, she immediately crawled towards his head as Kira directly look onto his head.

    The Dragon Queen slowly face Kira with shyness and slowly spoke, her huge tail was moving left and right behind her since Kira can't see it.

    "I am The Black Void Dragon Queen, you can also call me..."

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