20 Chapter 18

    "I am The Black Void Dragon Queen, you can also call me, Ophelia."

    The Dragon Queen have never told her real name to anyone, even for the other Dragon Queens from other factions doesn't even know her name and just addressed her as Black Dragon Queen.

    After Ophelia said her True name, she was scratching the ground by her huge claws and she even felt embarrassed than ever.

    "Ophelia... What a Beautiful name." Kira muttered. Of course, Ophelia will hear what he just said, since nothing have escape from her extremely good hearing.

    Her Dragon heart started to pound even more since they are actually confronting each other, her huge tail is also wagging like a dog. After hearing what he just said about her, she felt really deep inside her heart.

    "So, What have you come here for?" Kira asked while Alice is looking at Ophelia.

    "Well... I was just checking on you, since I have chosen you..." Ophelia said as she felt more shy..

    "Can you tell my why have chosen me? I'm not even from a dragon race." Kira said.

    "Huh? Then why do you have a resemblance of a True Dragon?" Ophelia asked with confusion.

    "Oh, you think so?" Kira said with a smile on his face. Then he started to check one of his memory that Godzilla really resembles a dragon, but it was only wingless. How cool would it be if Godzilla did was a Dragon.

    "Probably... If your not from the Dragon Race then what race are you from?" Ophelia asked once again.

    "I am from a race called 'Kaiju' where I think I am the only one that exist" Kira said as guess that there shouldn't be a Kaiju like him this world. Right?

    "What is a Kaiju? Can you explain it to me?" Ophelia have become curious about what this race is, Alice was also listening to their conversation.

    Kira started to deepened on his Knowledge on what he remembers and said.

    "Kaiju is a race which only belongs to Ancient Beast or Creature that have existed on the Legends, each one of them have a different Origin, Different Appearance, Different Size and Different Abilities. They also belong to many factions."

    "Then what type of Kaiju are you?" Ophelia asked with serious expression on her face.

    "I am Hybrid Kaiju that have been Mutated from Nuclear Radiation or Bomb Explosions. And I am Godzilla." Kira said as he move his body around.

    "What Factions do you belong?" Ophelia asked again, she was getting more interested with the mate she have chosen.

    "I think I belong to the Destructive Faction. But, I will not go on Rampage if no one dared to attack me or Alice." Kira said as he roled his eyes to look at Alice who is on top of his head.

    "Che, Your too much overprotective on this young dragon. She will grow to be a Dragon Queen on the future, since she had a Bloodline of a Ancient Dragon." Ophelia snorted.

    "It's my still my Job to protect her until she had fully grown." Kira said as Alice growls happily. Then Kira used [APPRAISAL] on her, since he was not able to sense her power.

    Ophelia felt her body was being scanned and just let it be. But, she can't help but to be embarrassed even more.

    [ Status ]

    | Name : Ophelia | Sex : Female | Age : 250.000 |

    | Race : Sacred Black Void Dragon | Lifespan : 350.000 |

    | Title : Black Void Dragon Queen, Unimaginable Goddess, Old Virgin |

    | Power : Rank ZZ ( Late ) | Height : 408 Meters | Weight : 200.000 Tons |

    | Defense : Rank Z ( Peak ) |

    | HP : 180.000 | MP : 200.000 |

    | Relationship : Multiple Dragon Queen ( Friend ), Kira Koharu ( Chosen Mate )

    | Skills : ??? ( Skills are all above Rank XXX ), Human Transformation |


    Kira was shocked as he saw her True Power, how could he not be shocked by her Power it was the most ridiculous power he have saw on this world.

    'I should ask her, how many ranks are there. I'll ask her Later." Kira thought.

    Her Age was also the most oldest thing he have ever seen until today, Kira never thought that she was already so old, older than his great great great grandparents.

    When Kira saw [Unimaginable Goddess], he started to think what her appearance on her human form. Then he saw something that almost made him laughed.

    'Hmmm? Old Virgin?' Kira gulped as he tried not to laughed right now.

    Then Ophelia can't hold hold her embarrassment, she covered her huge body with her huge dark wings and shouted.

    "Hey Pervert, stop staring at this Queen's beautiful body, You'll get me pregnant if you looked too much!" As she covered more part of her body with her gigantic wings.

    ( A/N : Anime Logic LOL... )

    "..." Kira eyes started twitched as he heard that. But, he smiled as he got a plan to tease her.

    "Hey Ophelia, can I call you something else more comfortable." Kira grinned evilly.

    "This Queen shall grant your request, go ahead and call me that suits me perfectly." Ophelia uncovered her body as she raised her head to the sky as she shows a royal taunt.

    'Suits you perfectly, huh. I hope you don't regret it.' Kira thoughts.

    "Then I will call you, O-L-D-V-I-R-G-I-N." Kira slowly said, then all of a sudden the atmosphere have started to change. Alice didn't Laughed, but only shivered a little.

    When Ophelia heard it, she was dumbstruck, she was indeed a pure maiden, that have never experienced such as those activities since for the passed many years.

    Then she looked at Kira with deadly penetrating eyes that could kill at any moment, then she moved her head slowly towards Kira and released Mutliples Floating Gigantic Swords that surrounded him.

    Kira Instict are now screaming to the fullest, then Ophelia's face is now near his face, when he saw those two deadly penetrating eyes staring at him, he shivered.

    "What... Did... You... Just... Call... This... Queen..." Ophelia coldly said as she release a hot breath onto Kira. She also move her Gigantic Swords closer to his body.

    "M-Majesty, we can talk about this!" Kira started to call her Majesty and trying to find a way out of this situation.

    "Go... Ahead... Talk..." The Cold Voice still remains on Ophelia since she was furious.

    "I will give you a drop of my Priceless Blood!" Kira said, since it was the only thing he can offer, he even tried to check on the [SHOP] that will make her calm down, but it was all above Million System Points.

    "What can your blood even do?" Ophelia moved her face a little and just stare with her deadly penetrating eyes.

    Kira didn't talk and just moved his right claws on his left palm and started to make his claw deepened onto his hard skin, his skin was really hard to penetrate, he concentrates all of his strength on his arm and finally made blood come out from his palm.

    Kira moved his left palm towards Ophelia who is still furious at this moment.

    Ophelia saw the blood on Kira's left Palm and move her head once more towards his left Palm, she sniffed the blood and was attracted to it.

    "Just lick it, since I am your chosen Mate." Kira said as Alice look at his blood on his left Palm.

    Ophelia didn't talk and shyly lick his blood on his left Palm, when she tasted his blood, her body was started to get aroused and her Power is increasing, even her Vitality is expanding.

    Ophelia started to suck on the opened small wound on his left Palm. When Kira saw her sucking his Palm greedily, he felt his blood on his left arm was being sucked.

    ( A/N : I remember Godzilla can recover his blood on his body in just a few days, a little help. )

    "Your sucking my blood dry!" Kira screamed as few tears are fallingon his face. He was also feeling a little happy but not too happy.

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