21 Chapter 19

    Ophelia have finally finished sucking a lot of blood oh left arm, she licked her lips as if she wanna have more of his blood. Then she realize that her power have dramatically increased when she suck his blood.

    Kira was crying at the moment when Ophelia have sucked a lot of his blood, this was the most Priceless Blood in the whole world, even Immortal Rank Treasure ( Rank XX ), might not even compare to his drop of blood.

    But, this greedy Dragon Queen have just not lick a drop of his blood, but almost the blood on his left arm. Then he used [APPRAISAL] to know what happened to her status, after sucking a lot of his precious blood.

    The small wound on his left Palm have already regenerate in just a few seconds.

    [ Status ]

    | Name : Ophelia | Sex : Female | Age : 250.000 |

    | Race : Sacred Black Void Dragon | Lifespan : 4.350.000.000 Years |

    | Title : Black Void Dragon Queen, Unimaginable Goddess, Old Virgin |

    | Power : Rank ZZZ ( Middle ) | Height : 408 Meters | Weight : 200.000 Tons |

    | Defense : Rank ZZ ( Weak ) |

    | HP : 230.000 | MP : 300.000 |

    | Relationship : Multiple Dragon Queen ( Friend ), Kira Koharu ( Chosen Mate )

    | Skills : ??? ( Skills are all Rank Z ), Human Transformation |


    "4.350.000.000 Years of Lifespan!?" Kira screamed as he saw the increased of her lifespan, it freaking increase resulting four billion years of living. The description of [Evil and Calamity God's Blood] was telling the truth, if another being have found/drink a drop of his blood, then it's life will increase by million of years.

    It even increase a lot of her powers, defense and all of her skills was now at Rank Z, what will now happened if she used one of her skill on this land.

    Kira promised that he won't let one his blood drop on any place, if he doesn't want other bring to suck him dry. Well, he will only let Alice or his future wives to drink one of his blood.

    Ophelia was startled when she heard Kira screamed all of a sudden, she was extremely satisfied right now, that she back to her normal mood that has a hint of joy inside her.

    "What do you mean 4.350.000.000 Years?" Ophelia asked.

    "You just freaking gained four billion years worth of lifespan just by drinking a ton of my Priceless Blood, you have to compensate for it!" Kira yelled angrily at her.

    "But, first tell me what is your Blood? It taste really good." Ophelia asked then compliment his blood.

    "My Blood Is Priceless even the Whole World Treasury won't compare to it!" Kira shouted furiously.

    "I'm not asking for its worth, I'm asking what it is." Ophelia said with a little smile of her face.

    "No, I will not tell you. Your a Greedy Dragon. You have to pay for sucking a ton of my blood!" Kira said as he wants a compensation that will satisfy him. When Ophelia heard him saying that she was a Greedy Dragon, she had become embarrassed. Since, she did suck a ton of his blood.

    "Then, I'll take you to my Treasury and you can have all of it." Ophelia said, since her Treasure that other Dragon Queen won't be able compare to, she hoped that he would accept since she drink a ton of Priceless Blood that her Treasury won't be able to compare to.

    Kira started to think if he would accept her offer, 'Her treasury must be a lot of good treasures. But, it still won't compare to my priceless blood.'

    'Well, since it was the only thing she can offer. I guess I will just accept it.' Kira thought and have finally decided to accept her offer. There are probably some treasure that will help Alice to grow stronger.

    Ophelia who had a worried expression on her face, she only hoped that he would accept her offer. She kept looking at Kira who have finally decided to do.

    "Fine, I'll accept your offer." Kira gently said.

    Hearing that he accepted her offer, Ophelia jumped in joy making the ground shake heavily due to her 200.000 tons of weight.

    "Hey stop jumping, you'll make the whole ground fall." Kira said.

    Ophelia did what he just said and sit on the ground behaving like a good dragon she was.

    "So, where is the treasury you said?" Kira asked.

    "Oh, it's on my Floating Island beside my den." Ophelia answered.

    Kira was a little surprised that he heard a Floating Island, he never see one on his previous life and only saw it some on movies/anime/manga. Kira was getting a little interested on the Floating Island.

    "Is it far from here?" Kira asked with some curiosity on his tone.

    "A little. But, it will only take me Five Hours to reached it, when I'm just flying normally." Ophelia answered his question. But, she continued.

    "If you decided to travel by yourself, you'll probably take two years to reached my Floating Island." Ophelia said.

    "Oh. Are you underestimating my own powers?" Kira said softly as if he wanna show what he can do.

    "Not really." Ophelia shyly said.

    "Just fly towards on your Place and I'll catch up to you on no time. And also take Alice with you." Kira said as he handed Alice to Ophelia, Alice growling angrily at him for handing her over to Ophelia. Alice was too much bonded with Kira.

    Ophelia hold Alice gently on her huge arms and started to flap her wings causing a lot of strong wind pressure to be made from her, the blue flames on the territory of Devilas have vanished leaving a deserted wasteland.

    Ophelia is now flying towards to her Floating Island and kept looking a Kira who made a weird stance that was kinda off.

    ( A/N : Kira is still on his Hell Mode and his destructive had still remained the same. )

    Kira circulated a lot of Destructive Atomic Energy onto his legs and lower his body over, he started running slowly towards Ophelias direction.



    Loud steps can be heard from far away and the ground was shaking every step made by Kira. He kept running as he kept gathering a lot of Atomic Energy to his Legs.


    Kira have finally jumped from the ground causing a huge explosion on it, this was even louder than his previous explosion on the lake.

    Kira was now kinda flying towards Ophelia and have passed them easily, his speed was so ridiculous right now since his status have been boost by 5x.

    Ophelia was surprised by Kira's abilities, Alice was pouting angrily for not being with him. Ophelia indeed underestimate him and made herself faster and slowly catching up to Kira.

    When Ophelia have pass Kira she turned her head around and winked at him, she boosted herself more. Even though that her size was ridiculously huge, she till had her normal speed.

    Kira who have been left behind clicked his tongue, he pour a lot of atomic energy onto his tail and swing his tail on mid air making himself have a huge boost. When Kira swings his tail it caused a loud explosion on the sky.

    The being who saw it trembled and just stared at the sky, they only saw a blurry shadow making the explosions.

    Kira and Ophelia with Alice on her arms have continued to race towards the Floating Island for hours until they reach their Destination.


    While on Devilas Territory ( Burned to Ashes )

    The Demon reinforcements have finally arrived on one of the Demon Lord's Land, they were shocked by the scene they saw.

    A beautiful dark skin woman with a magnificent dress and a golden spear on her hands, she was definitely a beauty in anyone's eyes, her assets have all of a true woman, she was the Demon Queen.

    ( A/N : The Assets I mean they were all men would desire, Huge Oppai. )

    The Demon Queen was also with this army since it was her own royal army that was used to fight the humans.

    The Devilas Territory was completely destroyed and nothing had been left untouched, they searched for survivors for hours and finally found five demon laying on a crater unconscious.

    These Five Demons where the ones who Fought Kira until they exhausted their energy to the fullest making them unconscious for days.

    Their names are Sana, Zalvo, Yuuya, Eizo and lastly the Ruler of the Destroyed Territoru, Irene.

    The Demon Queen immediately told some of her loyal female guards to bring them back to the Demon Empire and wait for them to wake up.

    She also looked around the area and only found burned area, also some of huge crater on one spot with some dragon foot print on it. She immediately recognized this huge dragon footprint and it was one of the Dragon Queen.

    She shivered just imagining why would a Dragon Queen would be here, then she started walking around the Destroyed Territory and found some big dark broken sharp things laying on the ground.

    She tried to thrust downward using with her Golden Spear and when it touches the big dark sharp things.


    The head of the Golden Spear was broken when she thrusted towards it. She was shocked how hard it is and immediately told her men to pick it up and bring it back to the army.

    She just had hit a big jackpot, she can't imagine how powerful this materials are. But, it would be really powerful and extremely durable.

    ( A/N : This was Kira's Broken Spikes when he landed, a Godly Weapon might be made )


    Back to Kira and Ophelia with Alice on her Arm

    They were now on a huge mist location, only clouds can be seen on this place and nothing else.

    Kira who is now taking the lead, since Ophelia told him that they were now almost on the Floating Island.

    He was excited to see the Floating Island and just kept pouring a lot of atomic energy to his tail to make himself even faster.

    But all of a sudden, he saw a huge green dragon on the distance, the size of this green dragon was almost like Ophelia, but it has multiples horn on its head.

    Ophelia who sense one of the Dragon Queen on her territory, she sighed and immediately tried to catch up to Kira.

    Kira who tried to stopped himself from hitting the Huge Green Dragon. But, it was no use since he was already near the Green Dragon's Body.

    "Please, let it be soft."

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