22 Chapter 20

    "Please, Let it be soft."

    Kira closed his eyes and brace himself for the impact, he hope that the Green Dragon's body will be somewhat soft, so he can easily be relax when he hits the Green Dragon.

    The Green Dragon didn't move and just kept flapping her gigantic wings and let this little guy hits her body.


    Kira have finally hit the Green Dragon's Body and it was not softness that he was hoping for, it was a very hard scales on her body. Kira was about to slide down, but he immediately used his claws to get a grip.

    The Green Dragon felt a warm sensation on its body causing it to relax a little, but it felt something that has penetrated one of her scales.

    But, he used his claws to penetrate on one of the scales to make himself hold on a little longer, then he saw the Green Dragon's eyes are staring at him. Then, he felt a huge claw on his back that pulling him away.

    The Green Dragon caught the Little Guy that was holding himself from not falling down, using her right hand to put it the Little Guy onto her huge Palm.

    "Ara? Are you a friend of the Black Void Dragon Queen over there?" The Green Dragon asked and look at the huge mist that showed a huge shadow of a dragon.

    "Yes. But, not just any friend." Kira said with a smile and look towards Ophelia which is now heading towards their way. While, Alice was starring daggers at Kira.

    Ophelia already know this Dragon Queen is and just slowly fly over to her and greeted her.

    "Pure Jade Dragon Queen, what are you doing on my territory?" Ophelia asked with a faint smile.

    ( A/N : The Dragon Queens only know what their given Title is, so they actually don't know what the True name of of the Other Dragon Queen. Only themselves. )

    "I'm just here to visit you, Old Friend." Jade Dragon Queen softly said.

    "And this Little Guy told me that he was more than a friend of you." Jade Dragon Queen continued  with a teasing tone. She also looked at the Young Dragon that was being hold by the Black Void Dragon Queen.

    "Mind your own Business. I own him a huge favor that I could never repay in my whole Life." Ophelia seriously said making The Jade Dragon Queen surprised.

    But The Jade Dragon Queen had kept talking and had a long conversation that will took a few minutes or even hours to be finished, Kira who was on the right Palm of the Jade Dragon Queen. He used [APPRAISAL] to compare her status to Ophelia.

    Ophelia didn't say a word about Kira's Priceless Blood, since it might bring other troubles on her and for Kira.

    [ Status ]

    | Name : Sylvy | Sex : Female | Age : 220.000 |

    | Race : Ancestral True Jade Dragon | Lifespan : 380.000 Years |

    | Title : Pure Jade Dragon Queen, Heavenly Dragon, Old Virgin |

    | Power : Rank ZZ ( Weak ) | Height : 402 Meters | Weight : 150.000 Tons |

    | Defense : Rank Z ( Middle ) |

    | HP : 140.000 | MP : 180.000 |

    | Relationship : Multiple Dragon Queen ( Friend ), Sea Demon Emperor ( Acquaintance )

    | Skills : ??? ( Skills are all Middle Rank XXX ), Human Transformation |


    'Sylvy. A good name for her.' Kira thoughts as he saw the same Title as Ophelia [Old Virgin], he can't help himself to sighed. I mean they both of them are already above hundred thousands year old and they still remained Pure.

    Her status is a lot weaker than Ophelia, since Ophelia's have dramatically changed when she sucked a ton of his blood that made her a lot stronger and a had a longer life.

    'Don't tell me that every Dragon Queen are all Old Virgin?!' Kira thought. It would be really funny if they are all indeed Old Virgins.

    Then the Two Dragon Queen have finally finished talking that almost took a few hours to get done. While, Alice was sleeping right now on the hand of Ophelia.

    "Can you hand the Little Guy to me, since I have a favor to repay to him." Ophelia asked calmly.

    The Jade Dragon Queen nodded and handed the Little Guy to the Black Void Dragon Queen and said something.

    "I have to remind you that some of Heavenly Dragons have detected a threat that can wipe out the whole race. They immediately went out to search for this Threat and eliminate it at all cost." Jade Dragon Queen said in a serious tone.

    Kira gulped after hearing that. He knew that he was the Threat that can destroy the whole world and every races. But, he was still weak to face the beings such Ophelia and the Heavenly Dragons.

    Then Kira remembered an item called [Time Passing Pearl], the name of it should be really heaven defying since it has the Rank X+ Grade Treasure.

    Ophelia nodded and continued flying towards to her Floating Island. While, the Jade Dragon Queen look at the Little Guy that made her curious.

    "What an Odd Energy residing on that Little Guy's Body, it felt that was the most Destructive Energy I have ever sensed. And, I never see such as a Being like him. What a mysterious Little Fella." After talking to herself, she slowly left the Territory of the Black Void Dragon Queen and headed back to her Jade Mountain.

    20 Minutes Later...

    Ophelia have finally reached her Floating Island that was beside her Dragon Den, when Kira saw it he was amazed how huge this floating island was, it was full of life. The Trees, Flowers and plants are full of colors that made the Floating Island more majestic. Alice was also amazed by the beauty of this place.

    Ophelia didn't head back to her den, but instead she head towards to her treasury that only she can be able to enter it. She can also allow other people to enter it just by commanding the seal that was on the Treasury.

    She immediately command the seal to allow Kira and Alice to enter the treasury, while she told Kira that she will go back on her den.

    "You can take everything you want on my Treasury, since I just love to collect treasures and didn't bother using it." Ophelia laughed a little and was about to head back to her den. But, Kira asked something to her.

    "Can I stay on this place. Just even a little?" Kira smiled after asking.

    "Y-Yes. You can stay as long as you want." Ophelia answered. Kira quick thanked her and headed towards the treasury with Alice.

    The entrance of the Treasury is ridiculously huge bigger than the Size of Ophelia. Kira entered the Treasury and started looking around the place and found the exteriors full of dazzling Crystal that have a Grade of AAA Rank Material.

    ( A/N : I'll add a list that how much each grade of material that can be converted to System Points later on. )

    But, it wasn't even the Real Treasure around the Treasury it was only the start. Kira started heading towards to the Treasures and Alice was once again amazed by the scenery.

    Finally, Kira have arrived on the Big Pile of Golden Coins on one Area, it was Bigger than his size almost four times bigger than his size. Then he found a few of scattered weapons that has the Grade of Rank S and some of them are below Rank S, but it's still worth it.

    There are thousands of chest filled with jewels, necklace, gems and even more. It only has the Grade of Rank A and below.

    There are even Grade S Herbs that is growing on the Area, it will greatly help him and Alice for making their growth and power increased. He will not convert the herbs onto system points since it was very useful.

    He will only convert the unhelpful treasures to system points since he needed a lot of it to buy the skill he wanted, called [Final Nuclear Nightmare].

    He will probably buy some other helpful things that will help him in the future, or for the war against the ones who will tried to kill him.

    Alice was exploring the treasury trying to find something that will interest her.

    While checking almost of the Treasury, he found a big ass crown on one of the area. Then he used [APPRAISAL] to know what type of crown it is.

    | Name : Crown of the True King

    | Type : Accessory

    | Rank : Ranked SS

    | Description : This is a Crown that was wear by a Powerful True King. It was made of unbelievable amount of Materials and was forged by the True King himself. The size can be customized and will be changed by the user who wears it. It can make the user to have an aura of a True King.

    < Only if the Person who is wearing dies, then the Crown will be back to { Ownerless } and will be waiting for the person to wear it again >


    "Crown of a True King. What an interesting name." Kira said as he slowly walked towards the big ass crown and touch it by his arm.

    The Big Ass Crown started to shrink and color also started to change to be black with a red gem on the middle of the crown. It was now the compatible size of Kira's head. Then, It started to float towards Kira's Head and just floated on top of his.

    Kira tried to shake his head but, only to found the Black Crown was attached to his head while floating.

    "Since Godzilla was a King of the Monster. Then I will be King of the Whole Race in this world. And that's me! Kira Koharu, I will be the who will stood alone on the Apex and no one else!" Kira roared on the whole place making a loud ear raping sound to be echoed on the treasury. Alice also roared cutely.

    "Those beings who will try to Eliminate me before I got the time to grow in the future, Your whole race will be the first one to cease to exist!" Kira declared seriously.

    While on the Den of Ophelia.

    She had heard everything what Kira just said, she smiled as she slowly lay herself on the soft and warm ground.

    "Yes. You'll be the one who will stood in the Apex sooner or later." Ophelia softly said while she slowly closed her eyes to get some sleep.

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