23 Chapter 21

    Kira have placed all the Good Treasure like Weapons, Armors, Jewels, Gems, Accessories, and Other stuffs that will be a good worth to be converted to System Points. His whole Inventory was now filled with Rank A and Above Treasures.

    Then he asked Hina, "Hina, can you convert all the Treasures except for my Meals and Time Passing Pearl."

    [ That's no Biggy. But, it would take 30 minutes to convert all the Treasures to System Point. ]

    "I can easily wait." Kira calmly said as Hina started to convert all Treasures into System Points. Kira can't wait on how much he will get today, since he was expecting a big amount of Points.

    Kira started to find Alice and easily found her sleeping on one of the corners that was filled with S Grade Herbs and some Fruits. Some of the Fruits were bitten by Alice, she is probably absorbing the Effects of the Fruit she just ate.

    He didn't woke her up or sleep with her, he is trying to find a good spot to make his second Shelter, of course his Shelter will be outside the Treasury and will be a carve by him.

    "Oh Yeah. Hina, how much longer do I have to stay on this form." Kira said as he noticed that his [Hell Mode] is still active.

    [ Approximately 2-3 Days, Before it would be over. ]

    "Hais. Hina show me my Status right." Kira said in a normal tone, then a status screen showed up.

    [ Status ] ( Hell Mode Active )

    | Name : Kira | Sex : Male | Age : 19 |

    | Race : Kaiju ( Godzilla ) | Lifespan : Immortal |

    | Title : Bringer of Destruction, Reincarnator, Mate of the Black Void Dragon Queen, True World Calamity |

    | Level : 25 | Experience : 8000/60000 |

    | Power : Rank XX ( Middle ) | Defense : Rank XXX ( Middle )

    | Speed : Rank SS ( Peak ) | Energy Control : Medium

    | Energy Power : 12.500 | Intelligence : 23 | Luck : 22 |

    | Height : 50 Meters | Weight : 18.000 Tons |

    | HP :  25.000 | HP Regen : 450/Per Minute |

    | Energy Shield : 12.500 < 6.000 > | ES Regen : 300/ Per Minute |

    | Stamina : Endless | Stamina Regen : None |

    | Relationships : Alice ( Wife ), Ophelia ( Upcoming Wife )

    | System Points : 395.000 ( Increasing ) |

    | Skills : |

    * Exploding Atomic Breath, Tailed Atomic Whip, Indestructible Body, Fast Regeneration, Evil and Calamity God's Blood, 2 Layers of Energy Shield, Hell Mode, Human Transformation [LOCKED], Destructive Body Explosion, Sphere of Embodiment, Raging Atomic Pillars, Destructive Charge

    | Inventory |

    * Tons of Meals, Time Passing Pearl, ( Other Treasures are being converted )


    "This is my Status when I'm on [Hell Mode]. But, it's still not enough for me to beat those Heavenly Dragons." Kira said as he clenched his teeth, then Hina have announced something.

    [ All of the Treasures have now converted into System Points. ]

    You have gained a total of 18.000.000 System Points...

    Your other 395.000 System Points was also included...

    You can now easily buy [Final Nuclear Nightmare], Will you buy now?

    "Damn. I'm only expecting 10 Million or below. But, I didn't expect this." Kira said in surprisingly tone.

    "I will buy it later." Kira continued as Hina waits for him to buy the skill that Kira wanted.

    Then Kira quickly think what to do or what to buy on the shop that will help him gets stronger since he will fight those who are trying to eliminate him. But, he took out [Time Passing Pearl] on his inventory, appearing on front of him as a Blurry Big Size Orb floating in mid air.

    Kira used [APPRAISAL] on the Big Orb on front of him.

    | Name : Time Passing Pearl

    | Type : Time Treasure

    | Rank : Ranked X+

    | Description : As the name goes, This is a Treasure that will only Appear on the Person who has a Title called [True World Calamity]. It is a Heaven Defying Treasure. When the Person used this, then he will be send inside the Pearl to help himself stronger while inside.

    < The Time Inside the Pearl is 10.000 Years. While, the outside world is only 5 Years. >

    Warning : If the Person who used this had been Interrupted, then the User will be forced to be send out the Pearl and it will have a Cooldown of 1500 Years. So, the person will be have to be careful when to use it and needs a good spot to be used.


    "What a heaven defying treasure indeed. This must be also the reason why those Heavenly Dragons wanna eliminate me so bad. This is probably the one they only wanted to get." Kira said in a low tone and sighed.

    ( A/N : Sylvy A.K.A Pure Jade Dragon Queen will not be Kira's Enemy. But, a wife on the future. )

    "I'll have to find a secret spot that no one will be able to find for many years, Ophelia's Floating Island is also good spot to be used on." Kira continued as he goes back walking around the Floating Island Area to find a good spot to make his shelter.

    A Few Hours Later...

    Kira have found a good spot to make his shelter and started to make a huge cave bigger than himself using his [Exploding Atomic Breath] to make a huge hole on the good spot he have found.

    He also made carving on the walls using his claws to carve it making the interior a little majestic to his eyes.

    After making his own Shelter, he goes back to the treasury to get Alice and bring her back to their new made shelter.


    While on the Beast Empire

    Kiera and her Group have went back to their Empires on just 8 hours, since their Empire was secretly close to the Huge Cave that has been untouched by other races except for them.

    Since they were the most familiar on this place/border. They even sometimes visit this place for a sight seeing since it was a good place to see such beautiful sceneries.

    But, they didn't explore the Unexplored Cave since it was too risky for the Beast Kin. Unknown beings have rumored have lived inside the cave.

    After arriving on the Empire, they immediately headed towards the Emperor's Palace to report on base what they saw on their assigned place to investigate.

    Inside the Palace was a Lion Faced Man sitting on a throne, he had a big body that a normal lion kin wouldn't compare to. Beside the Lion Faced Man was a Silver Halberd, it was probably his weapon. This was the Beast Emperor of the Beast Empire.

    He told the Royal Guards to let Keira and her group enter. Kiera and her Group kneeled on ground to show respect. Then Kiera started to talk on what they saw on the Place they were assigned to investigate. The Beast Emperor seriously listened.

    The Beast Emperor was shocked on what Kiera just said and told his Elites to be more alert and keep patrolling outside the border to be highly guarded. Since, Kiera told that the Monster Power have the rank of atleast Rank SS Being.

    ( A/N : It was Kira's normal rank when he isn't on his [Hell Mode]. )

    The Beast Emperor also gaved Kiera and her group by some amount of treasures that are suitable for them. Kiera immediately thanked the Emperor, her group also thanked the kindness of the Beast Emperor. Most of the Treasure were Grade A. It was a good treasure indeed for them.


    While on the Demon Empire

    The Demon Empress immediately told all of her Loyal Servant to gather all Blacksmith that is living on the Empire. The Servants quickly obeyed the Empress and started to asked all of the Blacksmith that is residing on the Empire.

    The Five Powerful Demon who is unconscious for now is residing on the Main Palace and the Demon Emperor is waiting for them to wake up. He was still injured by the Human Empress gave her a huge damage on the previous battle. He was still recovering and will be fully recovered in the next few months.

    A Few Hours Later...

    All of the Expert And Advanced Blacksmith have gathered on Royal Palace, all of the Demon Blacksmith started to talk each other while waiting for the Empress on what she wanna said on why she gathered all of them here.

    Then the Empress entered the Royal Palace and brought all of the Materials she have found on the destroyed territory of Devilas. She thrown all of the Materials on front of the Blacksmith.

    "You must be asking why I have gathered all of you. This is a unknown material that I have found on the Destroyed Devilas Territory." The Demon Empress said in a Royal Tone.

    The Blacksmiths started to analyze the huge chunk of broken black spikes, they even tried smash it by using their Forging Hammer and most of their Hammer have been broken by the moment they smashed their Hammer on the broken chunk of black spikes.

    "Demon Empress, this material is the most highest quality of all we have seen seen." One of the Blacksmith said surprisingly.

    "And that is why I have gathered all of you to the Royal Palace to make a new Spear and Armor for me. I will reward all of you hugely." Demon Empress said.

    "But, this material is the most hardest thing that we have encountered. It will probably took years forge it into a spear. For armors it might take a decade to finish it." Other Blacksmith spoke.

    "I don't care how many years it will take. I want you to forge me the things that I wanted on that Material." Demon Empress ordered.

    "AFFIRMATIVE!" All of the Blacksmith yelled as they started to bring their perspective equipment and their best hammers to forge the materials.


    While on Kira's side

    He successfully brought Alice to his new shelter without waking her up, he have been walking around the Area for a few hours right now.

    While Ophelia was sleeping on her den with a smile on her face, she was snoring very hard with a drool on her face making the ground very wet.

    He was thinking on what to purchase on the shop at this moment.

    "Hina, is there Bloodlines of every Kaiju and other stuff on the shop?"

    [ Yes, there are Bloodlines of the Kaiju you wanted. ]

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