25 Chapter 22

    < Congratulations for Finding a Hidden Feature on the Status >

    Bloodline is now added on your Status...

    And you have gained a Bonus of 2.000.000 System Points...

    You have now 20.000.000 Systems Points...

    | Bloodline : < Empty > |

    Kira smiled after gaining à bonus of 2.000.000 worth of System Points, it was a huge amount of System Points for him.

    "Hina, show me all of the Best Kaiju's Bloodline there is!" Kira said excitingly.

    [ Roger that Riku-San! ] Hina yelled excitingly making a huge screen in front of Kira.

    [ Showing the List of the Best Kaiju's Bloodline. ]

    1. Space Godzilla's Bloodline ( From Godzilla V.S. Space Godzilla )

    - Cost : 18.000.000 System Points

    - Grade : Rank X+

    -  Description : You'll be able to gain the abilities of Space Godzilla and your body will change into one of Space Godzilla. But, you will still have the form of your perspective Godzilla. You will gain Two Huge Crystals floating on your back. Will be able breath in space.

    - Bonus : Baby Space Godzilla ( Unknown Growth )

    2. Monster X's Bloodline ( From Godzilla : Final Wars )

    - Cost : 25.000.000 System Points

    - Grade : Rank XX

    - Description : You'll be able to gain the abilities of Monster X. But, you will gain another two pairs of heads that will have a different personalities. But, you will be the only original one not the two.

    - Bonus : Instant Wisps of Pure Destruction [ Skill Grade : Rank X ]

    3. King Ghidorah's Bloodline ( From Godzilla : King of the Monsters )

    - Cost : 40.000.000 System Points

    - Grade : Rank XX+

    - Description : You'll be able to gain all of the abilities of King Ghidorah, you'll gain two pair of huge wings and not the main True Heads of King Ghidorah. But, you'll have another personality that only thinks of Destruction.

    - Bonus : Domain of Darkness and Death ( Skill Grade : Rank X+ )

    4. Shin Godzilla's Bloodline ( From Godzilla Resurgence )

    - Cost : 100.000.000 System Points

    - Grade : Rank Z

    - Description : You will undergo on every stage that you need to transform into, you will have also every skills of Shin Godzilla. After reaching the Stage 5 of Evolution, you'll have an army of Mini Loyal Humanoid Godzilla, they will only listen to you since they will treat you as their Father and a God.

    - Bonus : Wave of the Harbringer ( Skill Grade : Rank XXX+ )

    5. Destoroyah's Bloodline ( From Godzilla vs Destoroyah )

    - Cost : 75.000.000 System Points

    - Grade : Rank XXX

    - Description : A Mutated Kaiju that have been also nuked that made it possible for it to evolved into a more Deadly Kaiju there is, you will be able to gain the abilities of Destoroyah and you will have a huge deadly horn and a pair of wings on your body.

    - Bonus : Heaven's Smite ( Skill Grade : Rank XX )

    6. True King Ghidorah's Bloodline ( From Godzilla : Planet Eater )

    - Cost : 250.000.000

    - Grade : Rank ZZ

    - Description : You'll have Three Golden Head of Ghidorah without a body is surrounding your body, they will be only ordered by you. Can devour any being that was on a bad state.

    - Bonus : Final Countdown of End ( Skill Grade : XXX )

    ( A/N : Sorry, I won't add Kaiju such as Mothra, Battra, Rodan, Gigan, or other Kaiju. Only Shin Godzilla is added since he is more different than other any Godzilla. )


    Kira was speechless and his jaw dropped as he saw those freaking ridiculous prizes, how can afford those unimaginable amount of System Points.

    The only Bloodline that he can buy is Space Godzilla, since his System Points is sufficient to afford it. It also has a good bonus that he will have a Baby Space Godzilla.

    He also can't stop imagining if he bought it the. Integrate with it, his whole body will be a lot different and he can now easily levitate in mid air, it also has huge two crystals floating on his back. How badass can it be!

    "Hina, I'll purchase Space Godzilla's Bloodline." Kira have finally decided.

    [ Purchasing Spaces Godzilla's Bloodline... Kira-San will you Integrate with it right now? ]

    "Hmmmm. How many days will it take to finish?" Kira asked calmly.

    [ Probably 5 Days to be finished since it is a very rare bloodline from the Kaiju's Race. ]

    "Ok. Integrate with it right now. It will also finally deactivate my [Hell Mode]." Kira happily said.

    [ Integrating with the Space Godzilla's Bloodline... Kira-San will be unconscious for Five Days Straight and will change after fives days. ]

    As soon Hina finished saying her words, Kira fell down on the ground and had a smile on his face making Alice woke up and walk towards to his side, she just basically slept with him comfortably.


    The Other Heavenly Dragon have now been searching for the Threat after they sensed a dreadful aura residing on the Threat, They were basically looking each corner of the world to find this Threat.

    There are currently 5 Heavenly Dragons that exist until today.

    And they were :

    Sky Cloud Dragon King, Poisonous Aura Dragon King, Bizzare Crystal Dragon Queen, True Golden Dragon King and Lastly Pure Jade Dragon Queen ( Sylvy ).

    The Strongest around the Heavenly Dragon is the True Golden Dragon King and the weakest is the Pure Jade Dragon Queen ( Sylvy ).

    If Ophelia joins the Heavenly Dragon then she would be at the Second Place since her powers have changed thanks to Kira's Blood.

    Some of the Heavenly Dragons told their Kin to find them the Threats all over the place and they will be given a treasure above Rank S. How could they refused, this was a priceless treasure for them, they quickly obeyed and started searching.


    One Day Later ( 4 days Before Kira would woke up. )

    Kira's body is now changing and his body is getting bigger and more majestic, some small spikes started to appear on his body. Alice was sleeping comfortably with him.

    Two Days Later ( 2 Days Before Kira would woke up. )

    Kira's body is showing a lot of changes because between his head is a growing  golden horn, the back of his head started to grow some black spikes on it.

    Two Crystals are being formed on Mid Air besides Kira's back. They grow and grow each day until they reached their perspective size.

    Another Two Days Later

    Kira started to woke up and felt his body have changed and when he look on his back he saw Two Huge Crystals floating besides it.

    He slowly stood up and saw Alice even smaller on his eyes, then he noticed that he had grow even taller than before, there is a very pointy golden horn on top of his head.

    There are blacks spikes around his body and his tail have also changed to become more spiky.

    ( A/N : A picture like this :  https://goo.gl/images/PkhZFK. )

    He saw a Red Gem between on his chest that made him even more cooler, his spikes on his back have changed a lot into a more armored and sharp almost kinda like scales.

    His claws on his hands and feels have become longer and sharper that can shred everything that it touches.

    Then he tried to levitate on mid air and he easily did it, but first he must deal with the new baby space Godzilla sleeping on the ground with Alice.

    Both of them are hugging each other that made Kira wanna hug them as well, but he hold his urges and checked the Baby Space Godzilla Status.

    [ Status ]

    | Name : Unnamed  | Sex : Female | Age : 3 Days |

    | Race : Kaiju ( Space Godzilla ) | Lifespan : 100.000 |

    | Title : Space Disaster  |

    | Power : Rank E ( Middle ) | Height : 75 Centimeters  | Weight : 30 Tons |

    | Defense : Rank D ( Peak ) |

    | HP : 250 | MP : 1.000 |

    | Relationship : Kira Koharu ( Step-Father )

    | Skills : Aura, Corona Beam, Crystal Formations, Fast Flight, Energy Conduction, Crystal Shield, Prehensile Tail Whip, High Regeneration


    "So it was born three days ago, when I was unconscious for five days straight." Kira said softly since he don't wanna wake them up.

    He was a little surprised that it was already powerful while it was even three days old.

    When he saw his status as [Step-Father], he sighed and just had to accept his fate as one.

    Kira started to play with his Huge Crystals that is floating on his back, he can easily control the two huge crystals by his wishes.

    He even tried to damage it by using his [Exploding Atomic Crystal Breath] into it. But, it was deflected by the moment it touches the surface of the Crystal.

    ( A/N : After integrating with the Space Godzilla Bloodline, some of his skills would also changed. )

    After having so much fun with his new abilities he went back to his shelter and bend his body on the ground and look at the two cute sleeping dragons.

    "Oh Yeah. You don't have a name yet."

    "So I will call you..."

    ( A/N : Help me name the new space Godzilla... )

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