26 Chapter 23

    "Your name shall be now, Luna."

    After Kira gave her a name, Luna while sleeping responded with a happy growl and move her petite body on top of Alice.

    < The unnamed Space Godzilla have been named to, Luna >

    < Luna will be now connected within your Soul >

    "Hais. I should wake them up later on." Kira slowly stood up and started to levitate in Mid Air, he headed towards outside his shelter and just stayed in Mid Air. Trying to get used with his new Changes.

    The Time Passing Pearl was also inside his Shelter while floating in Mid Air, Alice didn't touch it since it Kira have placed it inside.

    "Status." Kira said then a huge screen of his Status Appear.

    [ Status ] ( Normal Status without Hell Mode )

    | Name : Kira | Sex : Male | Age : 19 |

    | Race : Kaiju ( Godzilla ) | Lifespan : Immortal |

    | Title : Bringer of Destruction, Reincarnator, Mate of the Black Void Dragon Queen, True World Calamity |

    | Bloodline : Space Godzilla

    | Level : 25 | Experience : 8000/60000 |

    | Power : Rank X ( Peak ) | Defense : Rank XXX ( Middle )

    | Speed : Rank S ( Peak ) | Energy Control : High

    | Energy Power : 18.000 | Intelligence : 24 | Luck : 22 |

    | Height : 80 Meters | Weight : 40.000 Tons |

    | HP :  40.000 | HP Regen : 600/Per Minute |

    | Energy Shield : 18.000 < 9.000 > | ES Regen : 400/ Per Minute |

    | Stamina : Endless | Stamina Regen : None |

    | Relationships : Alice ( Wife ), Ophelia ( Upcoming Wife ), Luna ( Step-Daughter )

    | System Points : 2.000.000 |

    | Skills : |

    * Exploding Atomic Crystal Breath, Tailed Atomic Crystal Whip, Indestructible Crystal Body, Unique Regeneration, Evil and Calamity God's Blood, 2 Layers of Crystal Energy Shield, Hell Mode, Human Transformation [LOCKED], Destructive Body Cyrstal Explosion , Seal Presence, Sphere of Embodimental Crystal, Raging Atomic Crystal Pillars, Destructive Crystal Charge, Aura, Corona Beam, Fast Flight, Energy Conduction, Crystal Formation

    | Inventory |

    * Tons of Meals

    | Equipment |

    * Crown of the True King ( Permanently Attached until the host met its Death )


    "I indeed got Taller for the Past Few Days, when I pass out for five days straight. It must be also the effect of the Space Godzilla's Bloodline." Kira said as he noticed that there is a lot of changes on his skills that made him happy since they got even more destructive and the skills of Space Godzilla have also been added into his.

    Then Kira just have to fly around the area that he have unexplored while floating in Mid Air, then he saw Ophelia flying towards him like a angry mob.

    "Who are you and what are you doing in this Dragon Queen's Territory!" Ophelia madly said while she stare at this unknown creature almost like Kira.

    "Ophelia. Just Chill. It's me Kira." Kira said in a nervous tone.

    "Oh... Sorry... What happened to you? You look more cooler than before." Ophelia curiously said while she look at his new form with two crystals levitating on mid air while it's on his back. A Dark Crown floating on his head making him more majestic.

    "It's my other race form..." Kira scratch his head, he knew that he had to lie since he had a system that made him Integrate with Space Godzilla Bloodline.

    "Your whole race must be very special." Ophelia softly said.

    "I emptied all of your Treasury." Kira honestly said since he indeed convert all of the Treasures to System Point.

    Ophelia just sighed and accepted what Kira just did and said, "It's fine. It's not even worth of your Blood."

    "I have to tell you something." Ophelia said in a alluring way.

    "Go Ahead." Kira just quickly reply.

    "The Heavenly Dragons and their kins have now been searching for you all over the places, they might come here later in my Territory to ask me to Find and Eliminate you." Ophelia said seriously.

    "And will you help them to eliminate me." Kira coldly said.

    "No. I will not eliminate you. I don't even plan to help them. Your the only one I have chosen in this world." Ophelia honestly said while blushing, Kira felt relaxed right now.

    "That's good. I also have to tell you something." Kira calmly said.

    Ophelia nodded her head and Kira said, "I have another companion which is the same race as me, she is with Alice."

    Ophelia was surprised when she heard that there is another race the same as him.

    "Where is this little lass?" Ophelia said nicely.

    "She is sleeping with Alice in my new made shelter." Kira said with a smile.

    "Oh... I'll visit them when they wake up, Kira alert me when they wake up." Kira nodded as Ophelia headed back to her den to get more sleep since it was her habit to sleep for years.

    Kira didn't head back to his shelter and just place a Crystal near the Entrance of the Cave to mark the whole place, so he can know where the floating island is, while he will be exploring other vast places.

    "I should use Time Passing Pearl, after I get back." Kira said as he started to fly down on the ground as he see the whole ground covered with huge trees, but he was still bigger than the trees, since he had grown taller.

    After exploring the land of huge trees, he explored more places to get more familiar on every corner of the world. Then he felt his body itching for a fight and blood.

    "I should find some beings that lives here and I'll test them with my new skills." Kira made his Two Huge Crystal to search for other beings that might be suitable for him to test his skills.

    Kira didn't move on his spot and just levitate in Mid Air, while controlling the two huge crystals to find other beings.

    1 Hour Later...

    Kira just kept moving his Two Crystal to Lure other beings that might attractive to it, then finally he found two figures hiding while he watches on his Crystal.

    The moment these two big beings saw the floating Crystal they immediately started to follow it with their might.

    Kira smiled as he the two big figures towards his way and used [APPRAISAL] to know their power.

    [ Status ]

    | Name : Oulge | Sex : Male | Age : 48.570 Years |

    | Race : Three Eyed King Turtle | Lifespan : 95.200 |

    | Title : Ruler of the Oul Lake |

    | Power : Rank X ( Peak ) | Height : 87 Meters | Weight : 60.000 Tons |

    | Defense : Rank XX ( Middle ) |

    | HP : 45.000 | MP :  60.000 |

    | Skills : Hard Shell, Charge, Vast Torrent, Earth Tremor, Storm Tornado, Tail Whip, Berserk


    [ Status ]

    | Name : Tyliof | Sex : Male | Age : 42.785 Years |

    | Race : Treant Emperor | Lifespan : 102.500 |

    | Title : Ruler of the Sacred Forest |

    | Power : Rank XX ( Middle ) | Height :  90 Meters | Weight : 50.000 Tons |

    | Defense : Rank X ( Weak ) |

    | HP : 43.000 | MP : 59.000 |

    | Skills : Wood Cage, Piercing Harden Lance, Earth Spike, Decimating Smash, Heal, Treant Emperor's Armor, Dashing Wave


    "You two will be a perfect test for my new abilities." Kira licked his lips as the two crystals have got back and return floating to his back.

    The Treant Emperor and Three Eyed King Turtle looked at the unknown monster floating in mid air while the two crystals that they were chasing are behind the monsters back.

    "Hand me the Crystal, if you don't wanna die!" Treant Emperor furiously said, the Crystal that he have found was a unknown material that made him curious and made him desire it.

    "Give me the Crown and the Crystal, and I'll spare you!" Three Eyed King Turtle spoke, since he was attracted by the Crown floating on the monster's head and the Crystal behind its back.

    "If you want it, then you'll have to die fighting me!" Kira roared loudly making the two startled and got serious. But, Kira continued.

    "Let's fight into our Heart's Content."

    "Shall we."

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