27 Chapter 24

    "Let's fight into our Heart's Content."

    "Shall we."

    Said Kira in a very imposing manner, while his body was itching for this fight that he wanted, even though it was only a few days that he wasn't able to fight. His own body was itching for it.

    "Puny Creature, then I'll take your head!" Said Treant Emperor while he made his wooden arm into a Lance.

    "Pathetic Lizard, I will bite that pathetic body of yours!" Said Three Eyed King Turtle while revealing its huge sharp teeth on its mouth.

    Seeing these two big mouth figures, Kira can't help but sighed and charge an Atomic Energy into his horns revealing a dazzling golden blue lightining on it.

    "Corona Beam." Kira used it towards the King Turtle to test it's defense and resistance to his new skills.

    "Let this King take that puny attack of yours!" King Turtle said and just stand there basically allowing himself to get hit by the unknown attack.


    -4.000 Damage on Three Eyed King Turtle, 41.000 HP Remains...

    The King Turtle groaned in pain while trying to hold its throat to not screamed, he didn't expect that such attack did such an unbelievable damage on his hard body. It even left a burn mark on it.

    "Vast Torrent!" Shouted King Turtle making a huge water torrent below Kira making it a good hit on him.

    -5.000 Second Energy Shield Reduced, 4.000 Second Shield Energy Remain...

    The Last Energy Shield will be waiting for the Second Energy Shield to be broken...

    Kira was surprised by how much damage that King Turtle on his Energy Shield. But, it wasn't enough to reach his skin. He gaved a evil smile at King Turtle.

    "You come out unscathed by taking this King's Attack!" Shouted By King Turtle himself, every opponent he have faced by using his Vast Turrent will be given a huge scratch or injury. But, this opponent was a lot different than the past opponent he have faced.

    The Treant Emperor was shocked that the Unknown Creature have come out from receiving from an attack of the King Turtle, if it was him in the Unknown Creature's place then he would still get some scratches after receiving it, even though he was a wood Treant he could still feel other types of water attack that can harm him such as the Vast Turrent of King Turtle.

    Kira ignored the King Turtle and just levitate in Mid Air, The Two was confused why it flew towards on the High Place.

    "Your trying to Escape in this King's Pressence?!" King Turtle shouted angrily.

    "Stupid Turtle. You think I'll escape after finding a suitable test to try my attacks." Kira ignorantly said, then he used one of his new skills.

    "Crystal Formation."

    Then another two pair of huge crystals pop out from the ground making the Eyes of the two filled with greed.

    Kira felt his power is being boosted by the two new Crystal that he made out of thin Air. The two huge Crystal was also filled with Destructive Energy that can be used to attack any Enemies.

    While the Two are filled with Greed and only thinks on how priceless it was, they slowly walk towards on each Crystals and tried touching it.

    "Attack those stupid fool." Kira ordered and sighed, he can't help but to be disappointed on how greedy they were. He controlled his two other crystals on his back onto the sky.

    The Two Huge Crystals that was on the ground released an attack to the two that was about to it.


    -3.000 Damage on Three Eyed King Turtle, 38.000 HP Remains...


    -5.000 Damage on Treant Emperor, 38,000 HP Remains...

    "Argh!" The two groaned in pain while took three steps back and looked at the Crystals that have attack them surprisingly, then they look at the one who caused it.

    Kira was knowing a lot that his attack is more powerful on the Treant Emperor and less powerful on the Three Eyed King Turtle.

    "Piercing Harden Lance!" Shouted Treant Emperor he released a wooden Lance that was made from his arm. But, it was no big deal him since he can easily grow it back. Then he used his skill [Heal] to bring back some of health to 40.000.

    Kira didn't dodge the coming big Lance towards him and raised his arms revealing a white long sharp claws. The Charging Lance was about to hit him and slashed his claws on the Lance.


    Half of the Lance was destroyed a mere swipe of his claws, Kira picked up the half and crush it into bits making the Treant Emperor furiously mad.

    "You stupid two needs to work together when facing me." Kira honestly said, it was indeed true when they were facing him since he had an unbelievable defense and unbelievable attacks.

    "Don't underestimat-" Treant Emperor and King Turtle was saying the same thing, but they felt another attack landed on their back, it comes out from the Huge Crystal making them interrupted and screamed in pain.

    "Stop Talking or I'll give you Slow Death." Kira calmly said while he ordered the two Crystals to attack them once more.


    The Two immediately dodge the upcoming attack and look at the crystals that were attacking them, they were annoyed by it and decided to break it since they don't want these things to kept attacking them while facing the one who caused it to attack them.

    "Earth Tremor!" Said King Turtle.

    "Earth Spike!" Said Treant Emperor.

    The two released an attack at the same times towards on the crystals causing the whole ground to shake due to the vibration of their attack, and their weight was added making the ground shake once more



    Their attacks have landed on the Crystals and the Crystal wasn't destroyed, but instead their attacks was somewhat deflected and destroyed.

    Even Kira will find it hard by breaking his own Crystals by his attacks, how could they even break his Crystal that he even can't do a single thing at it.

    The Two was dumbfounded when they saw their attack was instead destroyed by the Crystals, they never thought that such a Crystals like this can face an attack without even budging.

    They never faced an opponent such as this, they haven't work together on the past and this was the only time to work together to defeat this powerful enemy.

    "Berserk!" Shouted King Turtle.

    "Treant Emperor's Armor!" Shouted Treant Emperor.

    The King Turtle started to change and grow a little, his three eyes started to show glowing red iris and his whole body started to released a berserk aura, it's she'll started to grow some spikes on it.

    The Treant Emperor have also started to changed, his body was now being covered with thick wooden Armors making him more durable and majestic. He also had grown since some wooden armor have made him possible to change size.

    Kira was now more curious on what happened or change to them and ordered the crystals to continuously attack the two again.


    -1.000 Damage on Three Eyed King Turtle, 37.000 HP Remains...


    -1.500 Damage on Treant Emperor, 38.500 HP Remains...

    Kira smiled knowing that their stats have changed when they transform themselves into a more powerful one. His blood was boiling even more and wanna fight them closer.

    Kira descended on the ground making the Two having a disgusting smile on their faces, the two took a stances that was almost like a bull stances.

    "Charge!" Shouted Turtle King making himself charge towards at Kira making a huge dust left behind and the trees were basically destroyed.

    "Dashing Wave!" Shouted Treant Emperor making his body dash towards at Kira as well while released a strong wind pressure left behind making the surrounding blown away.

    "Destructive Crystal Charge." Kira started to charge at the two while both of them as well are charging towards at him.


    A Loud sound was made after colliding of two beings against one, Kira was slowly being pushed away by the two while holding the two by his arms, he started to pour some Atomic Energy to his legs.

    The Turtle King pushed forward and open its mouth revealing sharp teeths on it, he move his mouth towards Kira and felt an invisible shield interrupted his bite.

    -8.000 Energy Shield Reduced, Second Layer Shield Have Been Destroyed...

    Last Layer of Energy Shield was now activated, 14.000 Energy Shield Remains...

    Kira didn't feel pain because his skin wasn't the one who got chomped but instead his Energy Shield, he can't wait to feel pain.

    "Decimating Smash!" Shouted Treant Emperor while he stopped pushing forward and just raised its two arms into the sky and smashed towards Kira.

    Then the Treant Emperor hits something instead of its body but a invisible shield.

    -14.000 Energy Shield Reduced, Energy Shield have been Destroyed...

    < Warning : You will now receive attacks on your body while the whole Energy Shield will be needed to be fix for 2 Hours... >

    Kira ignored the warning and have finally finished putting a lot Atomic Energy into his legs, he smiled evilly making the Two Startled after seeing that expression.

    "Let's Enjoy This!" Kira said and laughed.


    Kira have launched himself after preparing a lot of atomic energy into his legs making a huge explosion left behind by him.

    He was gripping the head of Turtle King and the neck of Treant Emperor making them follow as he started to fly towards and bashed them to the mountains.




    The Mountains have been completed destroyed from the moment Kira have pushed them into the Mountains, the two were groaning in pain on every mountain they hit.

    Kira didn't let his Crystals Behind and let them follow as well, He released his grip on the two and thrown them on a distance while some of their body have been injured except for Treant Emperor since his wooden body was broken and not injured.

    They Looked at Kira with disbelief, this was the most powerful enemy they have faced, they needed to used all of their attack to defeat him.

    The two looked at each other and nodded giving a sign that they need to work properly if they don't wanna die. Kira just smiled and laughed

    "Let's have another round!"

    ( A/N : Turtle Kings is probably gonna get a bang while Treant Emperor will have a boom. )

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