28 Chapter 25

    "Let's have another round."

    The Treant Emperor and Turtle King stood firm on their spot, it seems like they were planning something to immediately eliminate this for.

    The whole area within 8 Kilometers are basically devastated due to the Explosive and Destructive Power of Kira, hundred or thousands mountains have been completely devastated due to the colliding attack of the three huge monsters.

    Kira looked at the two while ordering the four crystals to float in Mid Air to test something a little fun, The Two looked at Kira and seemingly to be confused and what is it doing.

    They didn't underestimate his sudden actions now, they quickly get their guard on the highest and kept looking at Four Crystals Floating Mid Air.

    The Turtle King was the first to make the first move this time and yelled, "Storm Tornado!"

    A Five huge stormy tornado appeared on the sky and started heading toward Kira, the surroundings are getting pulled by these five huge tornados and was getting rip to shreds.

    Treant Emperor also made its attack and yelled, "Wood Cage!"

    Thick woods started spurts out on the ground, the area within 4 Kilometers have now completely been caged by these thick woods that was made by Treant Emperor himself.

    Kira and the two were also caged inside the Thick Wooden Cage, it seems like Treant Emperor doesn't want him to escape and wanna kill him with its own wooden hands.

    But it doesn't mean that the four crystals will not be able to destroy the thick wooden that was keeping them stay away from Kira.

    Kira have also made his move and chanted his attack, "Raging Atomic Crystal Pillars."

    Then holes started to appear on the ground making a huge burst of atomic crystals on the ground and headed towards the five tornados that was almost near Kira.



    The moment that the five tornadoes tried to pulled the Atomic Crystals that are bursting on the ground, all of them have dispersed from the moment they come in contact with it and a little explosion have appeared.

    The Turtle King was dumbfounded that his Special Attack was immediately got dispersed by the moment it tough the unknown energy that was bursting on the ground.

    But, unknown to the two, they suddenly felt something piercing their body and they looked at their own body and saw the huge crystals are piercing their body.

    Kira controlled his two other crystals that was on the sky and made it stab behind their backs making the Treant Emperor shock.

    His Wood Cage was one of his trump cards to cage his enemies and was very hard to penetrate, but this opponent that they were facing now, have easily penetrate his wood cage from the outside.

    -6.000 Damage on the Three Eyed Turtle King, 31.000 HP Remains...

    -8.500 Damage on the Treant Emperor, 30.000 HP Remains...

    The Turtle King coughed blood after getting pierced by the huge crystals on its body, The Treant Emperor screamed in pain while slowly removing  the crystals from its body.



    The Two Screamed in pain by the sudden actions of the crystals that quickly disappeared on their body and was floating on Kira's Back.

    The Turtle King looked at Kira with its three berserk eyes and filled with pure anger.

    "You dare to kill us with those despicable moves!" Turtle King angrily yelled at Kira.

    Kira didn't respond and quickly dash towards the Treant Emperor, he raised his tail on the side and swing it towards the Treant Emperor who blocked it with its wooden arms was was completely destroyed from the moment the tail landed.


    The Treant Emperor was send far away and hits the wooden cage that made from himself.

    -3.000 Damaged on the Treant Emperor, 27.000 HP Remains...

    Kira looked at Turtle King and gave a evil smile at it, making the Turtle King shivered and quickly dashed towards at Kira.

    But before the Turtle King could reach Kira, he was blocked by an another two pair of crystals on his way. Kira quickly controlled the two crystals to block the Turtle King.

    ( A/N : He has two original crystals while the other two was made by the Crystals Formation. )

    The Turtle King's Head was completed stuck between the two crystals, it tried to pull its head out of the crystals and failed, it looked at Kira furious eyes.

    Then it used its long tail on its back and swing it towards Kira, but the moment it was about to hit him.


    Kira chomped on the huge tails and started pulling it with his strength, he then finally used his arms to make it easier and finally rip the tail from the body of Turtle King.


    The Turtle King screamed in pain after its tails was rip out from his body, a huge amount of blood started to come out form the place where the tail was ripped off.

    4.000 Damage on the Three Eyed King Turtle, 27.000 HP Remains...

    "It taste like rotten flesh." Kira compliments, then he threw the tails on the ground while the Turtle King was talking trash at him.

    "You Piece of Shit! You **ing dare to pull this King's Precious Tail! I'll **ing kill you and I will keep-" Then Turtle King was interrupted by Kira.

    "I'm completely annoyed on how big mouthed you are, I'll give you a slow painful death." Kira said as he slowly float on top of the Turtle King's Shell.

    "Get off of this king's majestic shell!" Turtle King Yelled angrily as it struggled to pull his head from the crystals.

    Kira didn't respond either got off on the top of the shell and just stood there as he started to charge atomic on its mouth.

    The Turtle King tried to Kira off its body and was no used to make him fell off.

    "Exploding Atomic Crystal Breath." Kira chanted as he released it on the back of the Turtle King.


    It didn't exploded and just gushing on the shell of the Turtle King.

    "What are you doing!" Shouted Turtle King himself while feeling it's shell getting cracked slowly.


    Kira didn't stop and just kept doing what he was doing right now and that was to destroy his whole shell.


    "Stop! Stop this!" Yelled Turtle King as he felt his whole shell was getting crack bit by bit.


    Kira smiled as he saw a lot of cracks on the whole shell and seems to be about to break at any moment, then he stopped using his Exploding Atomic Crystal.

    "Please Stop! Please Stop!" The Turtle King said as tears of blood started to come out from its three eyes.

    Kira raised one of his legs and put some strength on it, he smiled and slowly reached/stomped the shell of the Turtle King.


    The Whole Shell of the Turtle King was completely shattered into pieces revealing its pitiful body on the world, The Treant Emperor who slowly stood up and was completely horrified on what he just saw.

    This Monster that they were facing just completed destroyed the entire shell of the Turtle King, the Shell of the Turtle King was entirely durable on every attacks but now, it was shattered by the Monster.

    The Treant Emperor immediately tried to escape and open a hole on his cage and suddenly heard a terrifying voice.

    "Where do you think are you going? Wood Stick."
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