30 Chapter 26

    "Where are you going, Wood Stick."

    When Treant Emperor was about to escape from his own Cage, he saw one crystal heading towards his way and was being pulled back inside the cage to their Enemy.

    Kira controls one of the crystals to pull him back into his way, the Treant Emperor have receive a huge damage and tried to struggle from the Crystal that was pulling him back, it was no use for him.

    "Stop! Please Spare Me!" Treant Emperor said while kept his struggles continues.

    Kira didn't talk and slowly raise his arm into the way where Treant Emperor was being pulled back, he made his hands into a stabbing knife that can pierce everything.


    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" The Treant Emperor screamed in pain and saw a palm that has pierce his body, Kira slowly remove his palm from the Treant Emperor and extend his other Palm into a stabbing one.


    "Ahhhhh! Please Stop!" Screamed Treant Emperor.


    "No! Please! Have Mercy! ARGH!" Screamed Treant Emperor while tears started to fall from his wooden face.


    "Please! Please Spare Me! I'll give you anything you want! Please Spare me!" Yelled Treant Emperor, his whole body was now full of holes due to sharp claws of Kira.

    Treant Emperor is now close to dying if Kira continues to stab more, then it will be done for him and the place that he was ruling will be in chaos.

    Kira pulled back his claw and didn't said anything, he slowly walks on front of Treant Emperor giving him a death glare that can make any beings fell lifelessly.

    The Treant Emperor had a begging expression, "Please spare me, I'll give you anything. Anything that you can ask for!"

    Kira looked at the Pitiful Emperor that is asking for his life to be spared, he smiled, "You said anything right?"

    "Yes! Anything, I can become your slave or anything else!" Treant Emperor nervously said.

    Kira controls the other three crystals and made it into a Gigantic Crystal Sword, then he said.

    "I want your life!" As he commanded the Sword to slash the Treant Emperor into bits, the Treant Emperor widened his eyes as he the Crystal Sword heading towards him.


    The Treant Emperor Body have been slice into halves, but it didn't end there. The Crystal Sword kept slicing his body into many pieces until every part of him have turned into a ordinary wooden sticks.

    You have killed "Treant Emperor"...

    You have gained 2.500.000 EXP

    You gained 500.000 System Points...

    You have leveled UP!

    You have leveled UP!

    You have leveled UP!


    You are now Level 38 and the next EXP Requires 230.000

    Kira felt great for leveling a lot, he already felt his power have increased dramatically. But it wasn't enough for him to be satisfied.

    He turned around and saw the naked Turtle King crawling towards somewhere on the cage, he flew slowly towards the Tutle King and made his crystal sword appeared on front of the Turtle King.

    "Ekkkkkkkkkkk!" The Turtle King made such a embarrassing sound that can make an invisible crowd die on laughter, the Turtle King didn't move forward and just stayed in his spot.

    "Please have mercy! Please! I didn't mean to-" Before Turtle King could finish, he was interrupted by the same terrifying voice he heard while ago, when this true monster said something horrifying to Treant Emperor.

    "Stop talking and become my Exp!" Kira said in a horrifying tone as he made another gigantic Crystal sword from out of nowhere and make it thrust forwards to the Turtle King's Back.

    "Ahhhhhh!" The Turtle King screamed in pain, this pain was the most painful thing that he had experienced in his whole life, his three eyes bled more as his mouth coughed a lot of fresh blood.

    Kira clicked his tounge due to the very loud screamed and made the other Crystal sword shut his mouth by cutting its neck like a tofu.


    The Turtle King's head fell on the ground with its eyes opened while it was bleeding.

    You Have Killed "Three Eyed Turtle King"

    You have gained 2.800.000 Experience

    You gained 750.000 System Points...

    You have Leveled UP!

    You have Leveled UP!

    You have Leveled UP!


    You are now Level 46 and the next required EXP to level up needs 400.000

    Kira smirked as he gained another ton of exp, he was a little disappointed from the exp of the Turtle King, he was expecting it to be more better than the Treant Emperor.

    He flew towards on top of the body of Turtle King as he slowly landed on it, he takes a deep breath and released it with one go.


    This roar was more terrifying than his previous one, but Kira was more happy as he kept roaring on victorious way, the crystals swords dispersed and turned back into a ordinary huge Crystal as it floated back to Kira's back as it dances while Kira kept roaring.

    Those who live on this area trembled on fear and despair as they pray that this being should stop roaring before they die due to its heaven defying roar.

    Some of them have fainted on the ground, some can't take it anymore as their heads into bits making another small exp for Kira.

    While Kira was happily eating the Body of the Turtle King, it was a very good meat for such a turtle species that was able to become a King until it was being eaten by him.

    He kept eating until only bones was left from the body of the Turtle King, he burp on satisfaction as he check his new status as levitate on mid air.

    The Energy Shield have also returned on its full state.

    [ Status ] ( Normal Status without Hell Mode )

    | Name : Kira | Sex : Male | Age : 19 |

    | Race : Kaiju ( Godzilla ) | Lifespan : Immortal |

    | Title : Bringer of Destruction, Reincarnator, Mate of the Black Void Dragon Queen, True World Calamity |

    | Bloodline : Space Godzilla

    | Level : 46 | Experience : 75.000/400.000 |

    | Power : Rank XXX ( High ) | Defense : Rank ZZ ( Low )

    | Speed : Rank SSS ( Peak ) | Energy Control : Very High

    | Energy Power : 25.000 | Intelligence : 25 | Luck : 22 |

    | Height : 81 Meters | Weight : 43.000 Tons |

    | HP :  80.000 | HP Regen : 800/Per Minute |

    | Energy Shield : 25.000 < 12.500 > | ES Regen : 450/ Per Minute |

    | Stamina : Endless | Stamina Regen : None |

    | Relationships : Alice ( Wife ), Ophelia ( Upcoming Wife ), Luna ( Step-Daughter )

    | System Points : 3.250.000 |

    | Skills : |

    * Exploding Atomic Crystal Breath, Tailed Atomic Crystal Whip, Indestructible Crystal Body, Unique Regeneration, Evil and Calamity God's Blood, 2 Layers of Crystal Energy Shield, Hell Mode, Human Transformation [LOCKED], Destructive Body Cyrstal Explosion , Seal Presence, Sphere of Embodimental Crystal, Raging Atomic Crystal Pillars, Destructive Crystal Charge, Aura, Corona Beam, Fast Flight, Energy Conduction, Crystal Formation

    | Inventory |

    * Tons of Meals,

    | Equipment |

    * Crown of the True King ( Permanently Attached until the host met its Death )


    "Not Bad." Kira praised his own new status, he can probably take the weakest heavenly dragon on to a bad state just by spamming his attacks and using his crystals to defend himself.

    But it was still not enough to kill them, he needs more power, he needs a place to use his Time Passing Pearl.

    "I should go on other unoccupied planet and use it as my perfect hiding spot." Kira said as he flew back to the Floating Island of Ophelia.

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