1 Begin

    *Eyes open*

    'What... where am I'

    "Look at our beautiful child. Wait... is that a tail. You humans and your mutations." A beautiful woman with long flowing reddish hair says

    "Not all of us can be born as Angels, Angela" i hear a man say with an African accent.

    I look around the room.

    'I guess I am in an apartment. Are these my parents. Why do I have a tail. Wait... did he say angel.'

    "I can't wait to teach Akore the way of the sword when he comes of age... oh my wonderful son." She says with a blissful tone.

    "With the both of our teachings he will be a strong man" The African man says

    'Wait... I think I know who this lady is... if i am right then this is Angela the angel or the lost daughter of Odin. Wasn't she supposed to be with spawn. Am I in the... marvel universe. Why Do I Have A Tail!'

    I start to cry.

    'Why am I crying... I'm just frustrated about this godamn tail'

    The beautiful woman picks me up and starts to breast feed me.

    "You mustn't cry Akore." She says as she rocks me side to side

    I fall asleep in her arms and she lays me in my crib.

    *2 months later

    I found out my theory was correct. I am in the marvel universe but not any timelines I am familiar with. I found out my father is a Wakandan war dog and is apparently really strong. He even gave me a tattoo on my lip, so that if I ever do go to Wakanda I would be accepted. I don't know how the lost daughter of Odin and a War dog became a couple though. But they are the best parents I could have ever asked for.

    "So you are heading out?" I hear my mother say "I have a mission from King T'chaka himself. I cannot fail him" my father says "I know" she says giggling "Don't forget to say bye to your son" my mother says to my father sternly "I would never forget my precious Akore"

    My father walks over to my crib And picks me up and hugs me. He then kissed me on the forehead and holds me in front of him.

    "Goodbye, my beautiful Akore" he says to me "D.. da... dada"

    I wrap my tail around him and smile. He laughs and calls my mother.

    'The tail is not so bad'

    "Angela... he just called my name" he exclaims "What... he hasn't said my name yet" she picks me up and says "hey I'm mama... mama" she try's to get me to say it "Mama"

    She smiles and says "see... you're not so special. He said it to me as well." She says taunting my father.

    My father bursts out laughing.

    "Alright, my love... my sweet son. I shall see you as soon as my mission is over."

    He leaves the apartment and I fall asleep once again, since my laughter tired me out a lot.

    *1 month later

    My father returns and I am happy to see him. To be honest I don't know what my father does on his war dog assignments, but I would be devastated if I found out my father died. But nothing could be worse than what my mother would do if she found out her significant other died on a mission. Wakanda would suffer massive damage.

    *3 months later

    I have been feeling a pain throughout my body. It's like an overwhelming pressure on the inside of my body trying to unleash itself. However I have no idea what it is. But, whatever it is, it has started to make me very irritable and angry


    My mother sprints to my room at break neck speeds. She picks me up and cradles me.

    "What is wrong my sweet Akore" She says

    I wince from just the vibrations of her voice. Currently a bunch of information is entering my head.

    'This is... ki training... from dragon ball. Ohhhhhh, I'm a saiyan. I thought I was some wierd monkey mutant.'

    I pictured an old time movie like video that's introducing mutants

    "first we have the fearsome 'Wolverine', second we have the unstoppable 'Sabertooth', last and certainly least we have a monkey... yeah... it's just a guy with a monkey tail... I don't even know why he's here"

    'Fuck yeah I have a tail'

    When my mother left the room. I started to practice using my ki so that I can control this pressure I feel inside me. I think if I wasn't asgardian on top of having some sort of saiyan in me. I would have died by now.

    'If I'm asgardian, does that mean I am the god of something. Especially since I'm a part of the royal family.'

    I put those useless thoughts to the back of my mind as I try to circulate my ki throughout my body. As I do that, my body feels as if it's hardening, my head feels clearer, and my senses become sharper gradually. Overtime, the overwhelming pressure starts to disappear as a calmness enters my mind for the first time in a while.

    "Wow... this is amazing"

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