2 All of these Questions

    I am overjoyed

    For the first time in a while my mind was clear and I can finally assess my situation thoroughly.

    You see, in my past life, I was hailed as a child prodigy, due to my great memory and comprehension. I always thought I was way more fit to join a cultivation world, than the world of science, although I excelled in it. To be honest my old world was boring. There wasn't any real action and almost everything was straightforward. But in this life, I have a plethora of ways to be entertained. I have geniuses like Stark, Pym, and Reed to learn from. I have martial arts specialists like Shang Chi to learn from. And most importantly there is magic and a colorful expansive universe for me to explore. How could I not be excited.

    I sit in a criss cross and start to meditate more. As my ki circulated all through my body. I start to notice my baby fat melting away.

    'Wait... did they circulate ki in dragon ball. Realistically, how did they even use energy. What am I practicing then. All these damn questions and no answers'

    I start to circulate my ki again and think

    'Well I guess I should stress control of it right now. There is no need to try to grow my power yet.'

    I create a ki ball in my hand then try to make it orbit around my body.

    'I wonder why they never tried this in Dragon Ball Z. They are shown to have the power to control there ki waves in the show. Why did they never train it more. Theoretically they could have made an abundance of cool abilities. Technically, couldn't they make an energy version of unlimited blade works. They were able to make swords.'

    The ki ball, with a lot of mental focus, started to gravitate around my body.

    'It's going to take a while for me to get used to this, but this proves my point.'

    "AKORE!!!" My mother bursts into the room yelling my name


    My ki blast flys off and causes a small explosion on a dresser.

    I stand up With the help of my cribs bars then look at the damage. It's only a dresser of my clothes. I then look at my mom

    'This woman'

    *bang bang bang*

    [stop with all that ruckus down there] our landlord says from above us

    We both look up then look back down. I stare at her and she stares back. We are currently staring at each other. We both bust out laughing. My baby laughs and her not so womanly laughs echos inside the apartment.

    *bang bang bang*

    [I won't tell you again] our landlord says

    My mother then picks me up. She begins to smile at me and says "your eyes gain a gleam of intelligence in them every day."

    I smile at her

    'If only you knew'

    'You may need some new clothes Akore" she says as she looks at the exploded dresser

    We head out the apartment and I immediately realise where I am.

    'I'm in New York City.... Why was Angela in New York City? This god forsaken place where crime is rampant.'

    *5 hours later

    We are walking home and my mother sees a woman being surrounded by two smiling men in an alley way. My mother puts me and the clothes down and I stand up while she goes to confront them

    "You dare do evil deeds in my presence." She says as she kicks one of them against the wall

    The other guy try's to run away but is chopped on the back of the neck. My mother looks at the woman and doesn't notice a guy coming for me.

    "Hey there little one" a person says maliciously

    I ki blast them to the wall.


    We make our way home and my mother takes my clothes to the room and then brings me and her armor to the roof. Every day she trains up here. Something about keeping an edge.

    'Since She is a god. Why would I care if she notices my power. She'll just think I'm a prodigy.' I think to myself

    I start to circulate my ki as well as start to rotate my ki ball around me. After 10 minutes I notice there isn't any more sounds of my mother training. I look up and notice my mother staring at me.

    "What is that power" she questions

    I look at her and squint my eyes

    'I can't talk you ginger'

    "Ahhhh... baby. It left my mind in my surprise."

    I have realized something over the past few months. My mother is nothing like the Angela I know. First off, she is straight for some reason. Second of all she acts ditsy sometimes and it makes me completely forget the fact that she is a powerful god. Lastly, she has completely blended into human society. Besides her obviously wierd accent, she can pass as a human. Which leads me to believe she has been here for a long time. But this epiphany leads me to even more questions. How long has she been here? How did she fall in love with a war dog, instead of Sera? How did my parents even meet?

    'All these damn questions and no answers. I can't even ask. Ughhhhh'
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