3 Some basic things

    6 months later

    *Angela's POV

    "Eyyy yo ma" I hear Akore say "Where did my 1 year old son learn this sort of dialect from" I question him "I'm joking mom... we are in New York. So I thought I would talk the way they talk here." He says "And where did you learn how they talk. We hardly leave the appartment"

    My son points to the computer that He asked for 3 months ago when he first started talking.

    "I would not have bought this box if I knew it would rot your brain like this." I say "Don't say that mom... I learn a lot of things on there."

    I smile at my son

    'He is intelligent beyond compare as well as powerful. Ever since that day on the rooftop I just gave up on being surprised. Even when he started to fly around his room and started to have full conversations with me. I just chalked it up to being a prodigious mutant/god. However, his father and I are so proud of him.'

    *J'kar(Akore's father) POV

    I walk into the room after hearing my love and my son

    "Akore... What did I tell you about learning useless things." I say "Yes baba..." he says "As a man, you should be learning how to protect and provide."


    "No buts."

    'If I'm not strict on him, I don't know what would come of him in the future. He is smart enough already to be the head researcher of Wakanda and is most definitely going to be stronger than even the black panther when he grows up.'

    *Akore's POV

    'Why the ** are they staring at me smiling'

    My parents act wierd for no reason sometimes. And on top of that, they don't even find it wierd for their 1 year old child to be speaking clear articulate sentences.

    'This ** is mind boggling... Wait I have it'

    "Mom, Dad..."


    "Yes my son".                                                      "I saw online that 1 year olds aren't supposed to be speaking clearly. What is wrong with me."

    My parents eyes open wide suddenly.

    "There is nothing wrong with you Akore" my mother says "Your mother is right... you are just special my son." My father says

    "How so" I ask "Well first of all... I am an angel." She says "Does that mean I'm part angel then" I ask "Not only that my son, but there are certain people in the human race that are born differently from others and are able to use special powers. We call them mutants. You are one of those" My father says "Ahh... so what you're saying is I am an anomaly and you guys aren't surprised cause you have no idea what a Normal Angel/mutant baby would act like."

    My mother bursts out laughing

    "Basically" My mother says

    My father walks over and rubs my head

    "You can only be surprised so much" he says


    My parents look at me

    "Will you guys ever take me to your homes" I ask "someday" my father says

    However my mother looks off dejected

    *5 years later

    A black 1995 mcclaren f1 pulls into a school parking lot. A handsome light skinned child gets out of his mothers car. Fresh cut and some new jordans. He is ready to tackle this new adventure.

    "Good luck my love"

    "Alright mom... love you too"

    'I cant believe my mother bought that with the money I gave her'

    *Earlier this week

    "Hey mom... I'm transferring over 10 million from my offshore account."

    "Oh... I've had something I wanted to buy for a while."

    "It better not be another car"

    My mother laughs and walks off

    'It's going to be another car. Why does she even buy them. She can fly.'

    I head over to my computer then try to hack into more hydra bank accounts.

    'Man these guys are making me rich...'

    *back to the present

    I walk into the school and walk through the hallways. I find a large circle of people surrounding a skinny kid with glasses and a rather large boy. I walk through the crowd and grab the large boy by his head. Then sweep his feet from under him throwing him to the ground.

    "Stay out of my way peasant"

    I then walk off with the students looking at me. some of confusion and some of disdain. The boy with glasses breaks out of his daze then chases after me.

    "Hey... you didn't have to hurt him like that."

    I look towards him and say

    "Oh... why not." I ask "because you are strong... you see I have an uncle that always says with great power comes great responsibility. I don't think hurting someone is a very responsible thing to do with your power." He says to me "That's a good saying. I'll think about it next time when you're being bullied."

    I laugh then say holding out my hand

    "My name is Akore Chuzabi"

    He then shakes my hand and says

    "Peter Parker."
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